Creative Home Projects Bundle 2020 Flash Sale. My Review + FREE Worksheets!

Creative Home Projects Bundle 2020 Flash Sale


Staying At Home? Be Creative!

We associate home with a comfortable, cosy and relaxing place, where we can unwind, relax and recharge internal batteries after long hours spent working at the office or school. But most importantly, home is our safe haven where we can truly be ourselves without fear of being judged. Or should I say, we used to associate our home with a place where we could rest, play and create happy memories? Because in 2020 everything changed. For most of us, the home became ALSO an office or even a classroom.

This change requires a high level of flexibility, ingenuity and imagination and even home remodelling in some cases. All this, so that we can make the most out of our current circumstances without sacrificing our health and wellbeing.

Because let’s be honest. I mean, when your home, office and school is at the same exact place, you need to get a bit creative and introduce some changes for your own good.

Fortunately, now you can get all the tools to make it happen with the Creative Home Projects Bundle! This curated collection of 64 resources will help you:

  • simplify and organize your home room by room
  • beautify any room at your home on a budget
  • learn graphic arts and useful crafts at home
  • save money by upcycling things in your everyday life
  • spark your (and your kids) creativity
  • and many more

And best of all, you can get the entire package for just $19.97! But before you make any decision, read my review and then you can decide!

Don’t forget to GET your FREE Worksheets (you will find them below)!

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What’s in the Bundle?

The bundle consists of 64 products worth $1280.18 divided into several more specific topics:

  • Home Decor
  • Home Restoration
  • Home Organisation
  • Homemade Crafts
  • Upcycling aka creative reuse
  • Kids Crafts

Bundle Products List

  1. Graphic Arts (4 resources worth $126.52)
  2. Home Improvement & Decor (10 resources worth $185.96)
  3. Inspiration (5 resources worth $126.98)               
  4. Kids Crafts (6 resources worth $84.96)
  5. Knitting & Crochet (5 resources worth $72.98)
  6. Mixed Media (3 resources worth $49.95)
  7. Organization (3 resources worth $53.95)
  8. Restoration & Upcycling (4 resources worth $48.23)
  9. Sewing (13 resources worth $291.26)
  10. Stitching (5 resources worth $83.96)
  11. Vinyl & Paper Crafts (6 resources worth $155.43)

What Types Of Products are in the Bundle?

  •  30 eBooks
  • 14 Tutorials & Templates
  • 11 eCourses
  • 9 Workbooks & Printables

What is the Cost of the Bundle?

The bundle of 64 products costs $19.97. There is an additional option for cheat sheets, which are abbreviated notes versions of the materials. It’s $29.97 with the cheat sheets included.

Refund Policy

This is a strange, uncertain time, and I’m glad Ultimate Bundles offers a 30-day happiness guarantee. You can try the bundle out for a month and if you don’t like the bundle if you need your money back, or for any reason, just email their customer happiness team within 30 days for a full refund.

Pros Of The Bundle

  1. High-quality products covering many areas of home decor & creative home projects that you can and your kinds easily DIY 
  2. Plenty of step-by-step tutorials that will teach you how to transform your home on a budget
  3. Variety of presentation methods designed to help you to simplify and organize your house  
  4. 2 BONUSES
  5. Quality-price ratio (Price $19.97for 64 products worth $1280.18 + bonuses!)

Cons Of The Bundle

  1. Some of the content may not apply to you (ex. Shibori, kids crafts, upcycling)
  2. You’re not interested in home decor, home organisation and DIY projects
  3. Having 64 resources to read can be overwhelming

My Top 8 Recommended Products in the Bundle

1.Your Creativity Roadmap: How To Pursue A Creative Life by Christen Phillips (eCourse) – worth $49.00
The tools you need to pursue your BEST creative life!

2. DIY Home Guide: Creating a Space You Love On a Budget by Randi Hayden (eBook) – worth $12.00
Creating the home you love on a budget!

3. Home and Kitchen SVG Design Bundle by Javeriya Sayeed (Templates) – worth $80.00
Designed for Cricut, Silhouette, and all other cutting machines to create vinyl crafts and 3D layered paper crafts to give as gifts or just to decorate your home.

4. The Craft Room Designers Toolkit: Everything You Need To Build A Joyous Crafting Haven by Claire Donovan-Blackwood (Templates) – worth $39.00
A bundle of tools to help you transform any space into a spectacular creative space without the overwhelm.

5. Easy Refashions for Every Season by Elizabeth Farr (eBook) – worth $19.00
12 step-by-step sewing tutorials in a beautiful Eguide that’ll get you excited about using upcycled fabrics in your everyday sewing.

6. Spark Your Creativity: Nourish Your Soul and Spark Your Creativity by Catherine Wilde (Course) – worth $47.00
Resources to help you nourish your soul and spark your creativity!

7. Just Start Lettering by Viktoria Andersson (eCourse) worth $97.00
Learn how to create beautiful hand lettering art that will help you de-stress and enjoy your new creative outlet.

8. Mastering Furniture Painting 101 by Amy Duyck (eCourse) worth $47.00
Give old furniture a new life.


2 BONUSES Included In The Bundle

  1. Free Trial – First Month from KiwiCo. Worth $19.95
  1. Aromatherapy Inhaler + Blending Pdf. Guide from Puro Co. worth $15

Puro Company specializes in unique aromatherapy blends, artisan soap and skincare products. Every product is handcrafted and formulated by Kristyn Bango, a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Herbalist and Dietary Supplement specialist to provide holistic tools to compliment overall wellbeing and success.

Who Do I Recommend this Bundle for?

  • If you want to restore your home on a budget 
  • If you want to simplify and organize your home room by room (and keep your sanity!)
  • If you search for a guide to different arts and crafts you can easily learn at home
  • If you want to save money on smart home remodelling
  • If you’re interested in upcycling and DIY-ing home decor
  • If you want to develop your child’s interest in art and craft!

Who Don’t I Recommend this Bundle for?

  • You don’t think you’ll use the products
  • You’re not interested in home decor and smart home remodelling on a budget 
  • You don’t want to spend $19.97on 64 products worth $1280.18

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Stay positive, be mindful and boost your creativity! 

xo Kate

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