The Ultimate Self-Care Planner: From Surviving To Thriving - Pink Version - 3 sizes!



We are extremely stressed and overwhelmed with work, family responsibilities, financial challenges, everyday choices, and too much completely irrelevant information that our brain cannot even process properly. When someone asks us when was the last time we were at peace we struggle to remember.

Maybe it’s time to break free from this negative life pattern and feel good again? What do you think? Do you want to feel more like a human BEING than a human DOING again? If your answer is yes, it’s time to implement a consistent self-care routine into your daily life!

And to help you with that I created “The Ultimate Self-Care Planner: From Surviving To Thriving” - 100-pages workbook that will help you to address 8 dimensions of wellness, create a powerful self-care routine, develop positive habits, build a strong relationship with yourself and achieve your goals faster because when you’re treating yourself like someone you LOVE everything is possible.








Workbook INCLUDE:

  • The Importance Of Self-Care Routine
  • 8 Dimensions Of Wellness
  • Monthly Wellness Projects Mind Map
  • Mind Map of Your Self-Care Goals
  • Self-Care SMART Goals Checklist
  • Holistic Wellness Goals
  • Address 8 Dimensions Of Wellness
  • Wellness Challenge ideas
  • Holistic Wellness Habit Tracker
  • Wellness Habit Tracker
  • Monthly Wellness Planner
  • Daily Holistic Wellness To-Do List
  • Monthly Self-Care Planner
  • Daily Self-Care Planner
  • Daily Self-Care Journal
  • Weekly Self-Care Planner
  • Morning Self-Care Routine
  • Night Self-Care Routine
  • Self-Care Activities Types
  • Self-Care Activities Ideas
  • Self-Care Daily Plan Ideas
  • Self-Care Habit Tracker
  • 30-Day Self-Care Challenge
  • DIY Spa Projects
  • Relaxing Home Spa Projects
  • I’m f*ckin’ PROUD of myself list
  • Achievement Of My Self-Care Goals
  • My Daily Gratitude Journal
  • My Gratitude Practice Ideas
  • A Little Bit Of Gratitude List
  • My Natural Remedies Recipes
  • Seasonal Natural Remedies Checklist
  • Relaxation Planner
  • Rest & Relax Plan
  • 30-Day Rest Challenge Examples
  • My 30-Day Rest Challenge
  • Life Happens In The Here & Now
  • Mindful Moments Ideas
  • Monthly Mindful Moments Planner
  • Weekly Meditation Planner
  • The Importance Of Positive Self-Talk
  • Positive Self-Talk Practice
  • Positive Self-Talk Tracker
  • Quality “Me Time” Ideas
  • Self-Love Ideas
  • 30-Day Self-Care Challenge
  • Powerful Positive Affirmations List
  • Daily Intentions
  • Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs Tracker
  • Healthy Eating Goals
  • Fitness Goals
  • Buiding Strong Self-Relationship Tracker
  • Food Journal
  • Healthy Eating Diary
  • Healthy Grocery Shopping List
  • My Healthy Grocery Shopping List
  • Weekly Active Relaxation Planner
  • Healthy Breakfast Planning
  • Healthy Lunch Planning
  • Healthy Dinner Planning
  • Productivity & Balance: Daily Planner
  • Productivity & Balance: Weekly Planner
  • Monthly Holistic Wellness Planner
  • Holistic Wellness Day Plan
  • Good Habits Examples
  • Start Doing Good Habits
  • Bad Habits Examples
  • Stop Doing Bad Habits
  • Self-Care Habit Tracker
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Monthly Mood Tracker
  • Monthly Self-Care Calendar
  • Happiness Is An Inside Job
  • Happiness & Unhappiness List Examples
  • My Happiness & Unhappiness List
  • Enjoyment List
  • Daily Skincare Routine
  • Switch Your What If’s
  • Switch Your What It’s from negative to positive
  • Day-Off Planner
  • Self-Love Planner
  • Move Your Butt Planner
  • Weekly Fitness Planner
  • A Bucket List
  • Letter To My Future Self
  • A Self-Contract
  • Feelings Journal
  • Self-Compassion Journal
  • Self-Care Journal
  • Notes
  • Get Inspired - quotes


- Entrepreneurs
- Business Owners
- Remote Workers
- College Students
- People Currently Struggling With Setting Their Life Goals
- People Searching For Their Life Purpose
- Dreamers
- Procrastinators
- Overthinkers
- & more!

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