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Welcome to the Holistic Life by Kate! A fun, informative, unfiltered and real blog run by Kate – a blogger from Italy that shares her passion for the holistic benefits of a mindful lifestyle. If you are interested in living a more mindful life, celebration of the Italian concept of “dolce far niente”, embracing the authenticity of the present moment, healthy ways of dealing with anxiety this platform is definitely for you

My goal is to inspire others to live a life truly present and create a healthy mind, body and soul balance. Nourishing and treating my mind, body and soul is what gives my life meaning and purpose.

My motto in life is: Mindfulness is not a destination, it’s a way of life. This is my mindset, my idea of life, my way of thinking and behaving in my daily life.

And what I truly believe is that:

The sense of meaning is an orienting reflex  - Jordan Peterson

Just like my favorite clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology Jordan Peterson always says.

Because I truly believe everything we do matters because we are part of a social network based on human contact. As a result, every choice, decision or action we take, affects others, even if we don’t realize this. You have certainly heard several times in your life that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. But in my opinion, it’s way more complex than that. By this, I mean that everything we do matters. Because even the most seemingly meaningless thing or event has a significant impact on the overall situation. Moreover, we all know this, sometimes we just choose to ignore this fact, even if the consequences are pretty obvious.

We tend to divide things we do in two different categories according to their importance. The first group is made up of things we consider crucial and valid and the other one is some kind of bottomless box where we put all the rest labeled as “less important or meaningless stuff”. It is just delusional. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that prioritizing tasks and goals are equally wise and important because it provides meaning in our lives and in consequence, defines who we really are as individuals. But, at the same time, it is dangerous to think that some things we do or say are meaningless. If it was true we could get away with anything and continue to live a pointless life. The truth is that it is the responsibility that provides meaning to our life. What is more, the sense of meaning determines our existence in the present moment. If you adopt this mindset and the responsibility that comes with it you will draw out your own pathway to personal growth and success.

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and severe anxiety. Unlike many people think, I didn’t choose this illness, this illness chose me. Honestly, I didn’t even notice when it started but I remember I’ve been fighting with my demons since early childhood. Constantly dissociated from the reality I just wanted to vanish, disappear and numb all the pain I was experiencing. It took me many years to find a way to get through this. Everything changed when I discover the concept of mindfulness. Since then, it was and it is still my savior.

I created my platform to share my passion for mindfulnessholistic living, and life balance. The message I want to spread is that through mindfulness you can build a healthy relationship with yourself because:

 Happiness is a choice, not a result

This is the mindset I chose to adopt some time ago and from that moment on, I started to surround myself with a positive energy

If it is what you are passionate about, your source of inspiration and your curiosity is piqued you can already feel as a part of this community.

If you want to contact me, share your experiences, ask me some questions please do not hesitate! I will be more than happy to talk to you!

Contact me: my e-mail is [email protected]

Follow me on my social media:

Instagram: Kate(@holisticlifebykate) https://www.instagram.com/holisticlifebykate/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.it/holisticlifebykate/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HolisticByKate

Tumblr: https://holistic-life-by-kate.tumblr.com/


Take care

Stay positive

Be mindful



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    1. Hi!! Thank you so much for the kind words and positive feedback, you’ve made my day!! P.S. Your blog with high-quality content and beautiful photography is an inspiration for others! And let’s just take a second and talk about your ginger salmon recipe! Oh my gosh, it looks SO insanely delicious, now I know what I will be eating for a dinner today! I wish you all the best. Have a beautiful day!! 😀

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About Me

Hey, I’m Kate. I create content about a holistic approach to a meaningful life. On this platform, you will find resources on reaching YOUR goalstime management,  personal growth, & living your best life. 

(particularly for procrastinators, self-doubters, and dreamers!)

If I am not here it’s because I’m enjoying my creamy cappuccino in one of my favorite coffee shops… 😎

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