Start Your Journey To Financial Freedom

Start Your Journey To Financial Freedom

Become Financially Independent

It’s time to embark on your path to money mastery!

Take Control Over Your Finances


Set Your Financial Goals


Build Lasting Wealth


how to imporve your financial situation

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how to imporve your financial situation

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10 Commandments Of Financial Independence

  1. Be Honest: Evaluate Your Current Financial Situation
  2. Be Creative: Plan Your Wealth
  3. Be Organized: Budget Like A Boss
  4. Be Smart: Start Saving Money
  5. Be Prepared: Create An Emergency Fund & Money Cushion
  6. Be in Control: Become a Mindful Customer
  7. Be Growth-Oriented: Gain Financial Knowledge
  8. Be Flexible: Establish Multiple Source of Income
  9. Be Courageous: Start Investing
  10. Be Disciplined: Build Unshakable Self-Discipline


“You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.”

– Dave Ramsey Tweet

Pick the option that's right for YOU

Financial Independence eBook


“A Simple Plan for Your Financial Independence” provides essential skills and actionable strategies you can use to improve your financial health and create lasting wealth and abundance.

This eBook is an easy step-by-step guide to go from BROKE to FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT!

Every chapter is a self-improvement challenge that will move your closer to your biggest goal – financial independence.


Choose this eBook if you want to learn:

  • How to evaluate your current financial situation
  • How to set SMART financial goals and create an action plan to achieve them
  • How to create a successful budget (and stick to it)
  • How to get rid of bad money habits that keep you poor
  • How to develop habits for smart money management for building lasting wealth
  • How to save a substantial amount of money on a low income
  • How to create an emergency fund and money cushion
  • How to build multiple income streams
  • How to become a mindful customer
  • How to start investing
  • How to become financially literate
  • How to surround yourself with positivity

Financial Bundle



PURCHASE 2 Products (ebook + financial planner) for ONLY $19,99!!

Choose this Bundle if you want to save money…

120 Pages of FINANCIAL KNOWLEDGE that will help you to achieve your ultimate goal - financial FREEDOM!!

Financial Planner


The financial planner is a bundle that contains 29 pages of printable writing worksheets that will help you to evaluate your financial health, set SMART financial goals, set effective budget, set an emergency fund, get into the habit of saving more money, become money conscious and develop powerful habits for achieving financial freedom.

Choose this product if you want to…

Evaluate Your Current Financial Situation:
Yearly Overview
Yearly Expense Tracker
Net Worth Worksheet

Budgeting & Finance Planning:
Monthly Budget with Categories
Monthly Budget Planner
Monthly Budget Planner with Savings & Debt Goals
Subscription Reminder
Password Keeper

Manage Your Spending:
No Spend Challenge
Expense Tracker
Grocery Shopping List

Set Finance Goals & Challenge Yourself:
Emergency Fund
Top Savings Goals
Savings Tracker
Finance Goals
Savings Goal Tracker Jar

All the Trackers:
Debt Payment Tracker
Savings Tracker
Bill Tracker
Account Tracker
Yearly Expense tracker

Calendars to Track Your Finances:
Monthly Finance Tracker
Monthly Expense Tracker

All You Need Is A Good Strategy

The secret of reaching financial freedom lies in the clarity of vision and well-defined financial goals.

Improve Your Financial Health

Get Inspired

Create Your Financial Plan

Become Empowered

Gain Clarity On Your Financial Goals

Create Motivation

Take Action On Your Financial Goals


“A good financial plan is a road map that shows us exactly how the choices we make today will affect our future.” 

–Alexa Von Tobel Tweet


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“If you want to be financially free, you need to become a different person than you are today and let go of whatever has held you back in the past.”

– Robert Kiyosaki Tweet


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holisticlifebyKate (2)

Kate Creator of Financial Bundle

I created the financial independence bundle to fill a pain point – I set a lot of financial goals, and I never seemed to follow through. I kept wanting to become financially independent, but it just didn’t seem to ever happen. I wanted to live a financially stable life and use money as a tool to make my dreams come true, but  I fought with a “lack mentality” and scarcity mindset.

After years of learning about how to set financial goals that actually work, how to develop an abundance mindset and how to attract wealth – I decided to create a goal-setting, financially independent life system using all of the tools, strategies and techniques that have made the biggest impact.


Money is not the goal. Money has no value. The value comes from the dreams money helps achieve.”

– Robert Kiyosaki Tweet

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