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The Complete Guide To Stress-Free Trip - overcome your pre-travel anxiety and enjoy your holidays!

Coping with anxiety while traveling is quite challenging but it can be done in a healthy and effective way. Where a “healthy way” means not using alcohol, sedatives or any other drugs of choice to numb your emotions. Of course, if you are already on therapy because of your anxiety disorder and you were prescribed anti-anxiety meds it’s a completely different discourse.

12 Common Mistakes Or Sins To Avoid Traveling in Italy - eat, love and embrace your Italian experience.

What springs to mind when you think about traveling in Italy? Well, let me guess… beautiful art-filled cities, gorgeous landscapes, majestic beaches with perfect sand and delicious authentic Italian food? If that’s your answer, you’re certainly right! Well, without any doubt Italy is the perfect choice for a memorable and spectacular holiday. But to be able to enjoy your trip to Italy to the fullest, indulging in delicious cuisine, exploring incredibly fascinating and rich in history places you need to prepare yourself. Here are 12 common mistakes tourists make while traveling in Italy you should avoid . Eat, love and embrace your Italian experience.

Top 10 Italian Gelato Flavors (a subjective guide)

Gelato is an Italian word for an ice-cream. This iconic Italian dessert is not only delicious but also a healthier vesrion of typical american ice-cream. This frozen delight perfectly satisfy your sweet tooth and doesn’t make you feel guilty afterward. Bwìelieve me there is no better way to spend a hot summer day than by eating gelato. This post focuses on differences between typical American ice-cream and Italian artisanal gelato while describing the best Gelato flavors like stracciatella, tiramisu, pistacchio, dark chocolate or zabaione. But talking about gelato flavors without trying them is like talking about the music in a complete silence. That’s why if you have never tried gelato next time when you will be traveling in Italy you have to do it! Otherwise your Italian holidays won’t be completed.

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