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Let’s Support Each Other: 9 Ways to Support Others & Give Back To The Society During Difficult Times.

Focusing on the problem instead of searching for a solution is definitely much easier and kind of alluring especially for overthinkers. But at the same time, it does not help in any way. Not to mention that overthinking usually accompanied by overanalyzing every single thing can easily make us feel stuck in a situation that we’ve never wanted to be in the first place. A better approach is to focus on the solution, not the problem.

Problems are a part of life. We all have them. Some people just know how to deal with them a lot easier. They do it because they have mastered the art of leveraging problems to create opportunities – opportunities to grow, learn and improve in a way that leaves them much better off than before the problem existed.

That we are living through hard times is quite clear for all to see. With everything that is happening right now in the world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, depressed, overly stressed and extremely anxious. But only if you focus on the problems. However, if we focus on searching for the solutions we can all wake up in a better world tomorrow.

How To Deal With Fear Successfully: 6 Steps

Fear is just an emotion. And like any other emotion, it can build up if you indulge in it or it can drop in intensity if you use it to your advantage. It’s all a matter of choice and all the choices are yours. But to be able to make the best possible choices you need two things; knowledge and strategic approach. Without it, you will not be able to understand what message your FEAR has to offer to you. Because there is always a reason why you’re scared. You just need to figure out that reason. Just like any other emotion fear provides valuable information to you, a coded message that you need to understand.

Smart and Powerful Ways to Deal with a Panic Attack in a Public Place.

So you’re having a panic attack. 

Everything started with a brief thought, scent, sound, touch or gaze. You are not sure yet what has really caused this extreme emotional state. All you know is that your brain instantly switches into survival mode. You are scared of making any move because the real danger can come from every angle. So you need to be careful and keep a sharp lookout. You need to be extremely alert and attentive… one false move and the consequences could be disastrous. But is that really true? Is your life in real danger? Maybe it’s your mind playing games with you. Have you thought about that?

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