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Irrecoverably Lost

We tend to take everything for granted completely forgetting that life can change in a second. That’s why it is so important to practice gratitude , be kind and thankful for every moment of our life, everything we have, every good person we know and every experience life gives us. Life is a gift and we should never forget about this. Changes are built into the human existence

Mindfulness Equals The Sense Of Humanity.

We should practice mindfulness and develop self-awareness not only for our personal growth but also for being able to live in a moment in the most authentic and sincere way possible. We are so busy with our work, plans, ideas for the future that we just don’t pay enough attention to what is happening now, at this particular moment. Constantly struggling with concentration and attentiveness we waste time and opportunities in life. Instead we should learn to embrace the perfection and imperfection of every moment of our life by focusing on its authenticity and uniqueness. Without expecting more from life or others.

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