Irrecoverably Lost

life is unpredictable


Life is uncertain and unpredictable. You never know what is coming next. And the best part is that it surprises you all the time. When you think you have figured it all out everything changes in the blink of an eye. Without giving you time to prepare. Sometimes you cannot even take a deep breath. You’re too busy trying to stop a panic attack but with each passing second, it becomes harder and harder. “What is happening?”, seems to be the only legitimate question. But still remain unanswered.

face your reality

An alternative reality

Suddenly, you feel like you’re standing at a crossroads in your life not knowing what path you should take. So you’re just standing there because what else you could do? You’ve never felt so confused, scared and lost in your entire life. I’m so sorry but I forgot to mention that from that moment on you’re really on your own. And you have to figure everything out again. Why? Well, because suddenly, you find yourself in a different reality. Nothing looks exactly the way you remembered it. The colors are different, shapes are distorted… and then all of this voices and faces you’ve never heard and seen before. You start asking yourself, “What the hell is going on, Did I cross into some kind of an alternate reality, a different dimension? Is it a parallel world? Am I still alive? Is this a dream?” All these questions are going through your mind. Still you don’t know the answers but at the same time you definitely don’t want to give up. So you’re trying your best not to get frustrated. But it’s not so easy since it’s a fight against yourself…

You still try to convince yourself that everything is real but it just feels a bit “strange” and “off”. But you slowly stop believing in that. It really looks like you’re on your own. Whether you want it or not you have to face the unknown. So you’re trying to think rationally about all logical possibilities you have… or irrationally about all illogical possibilities… Okay, it’s not so obvious, to be honest… I’m confused…

Anyway, you try to convince yourself that everything would be fine if you weren’t flailing around in the dark without a plan. If only your vision wasn’t blurry… it could be easier to keep moving… Yeah, it would be but it’s not… So the honest thing for you to do is to grit your teeth, accept your situation and face your new reality. You’ll figure it out one way or another. You will make up your mind to carry on even if the situation is very difficult. Sometimes it’s best you don’t think too much. The answers will come to you somewhere along the way. Be patient. Stay mindful. And keep going… Accept the uncertainty of life and move forward anyway.  Take action despite not knowing how things will turn out. Trust me, you’d better go before you think about it too much. Start before you feel ready. Otherwise, the complicity of the situation will overwhelm you. If you are afraid of the unknown it’s because you already anticipating a disaster or predicting a potential failure… but it’s the road that leads to nowhere… and you know that… To avoid that you should get your sh*t together, stop imagining the worst-case scenario and just grit your teeth and move forward… You really feel you’re not ready? Well, I will tell you a secret, you will never feel 100% ready. No one will. This is the very essence of human existence.

Until you step into the unknown, you don’t know what you’re made of. – Roy T. Bennett 

start before you are ready

Start Before You Feel Ready

Life is a kinky role-playing game. You keep playing even if you don’t know the rules. Even if nothing makes sense anymore. Well, especially then. But whether you like it or not everything happens for a reason. You should never forget about this especially if you need to cope with a difficult situation. Well, it’s not a secret that sometimes life doesn’t give us what we want. But it happens not because we don’t deserve it but because the universe wants to teach us something much more important than we could ever think. You may not see it immediately but at the right time, you will understand…

Tough times shape your character and show what kind of human being you really are. Why?Because you can choose to face your new, tough reality with courage and humility or with cowardness and arrogance. It depends only on you. The first option is for the winners while the second one is for those who want to live their lives with the immersive sense of injustice…. Don’t play the role of victim in your life’s performance. Be smart, make a good decision.

fear is a state of mind

Fear is nothing more than a state of mind

If you’re scared you shouldn’t be ashamed of that. But don’t forget that your fear is nothing more than a state of mind. In most cases, it’s not even real but only imaginary. And you know what? Almost always fear can be expelled with knowledge. But you have to make the first step. Fear can easily overwhelm you but only if you are not paying enough attention to it. Fear can drive you to irrational acts but only because it fuels your imagination. That’s why you should do all your best to prevent it. It’s easier than you think. You just have to stay mindful instead of preparing yourself for the unknown. Learn about your situation. Get some perspective on this. Talk to a trusted person about what you’re going through. Don’t isolate. It won’t help you to survive. Step out of your comfort zone and face your fear.

But don’t fight with it. Accept that you are scared. Accept the uncertainty and unpredictability of life and move forward anyway. Take action despite not knowing how things will turn out. Face the unknown with courage. Accept that you will have to lose something to gain something else. It’s how the universe works. Sometimes we need “to sacrifice something precious in order to achieve something priceless.”

Changes are built into the human existence. Whether you accept this or not. Every time something disappears it’s complemented by something else. Because “emptiness” in the universe doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as “the nothing” in the natural world. It’s an essential life lesson… If you lose something you always gain something else… usually something better… sometimes something quite similar… but there is always “something”. The world doesn’t end even if you feel this way for a short period of time. But you see this only when the future becomes past. And you see it clearly that all these wishes you had were fulfilled at the cost of these unfulfilled. It’s a transitional state. You’re going through changes that will turn you into a different person… that’s called a “personal growth”. It’s called living an authentic and mindful life…


Don’t be afraid of changes. Accept them as an inevitable part of life. Accept them as your chance to grow mentally, physically and spiritually. Accept them as your chance to become a better person, the best version of yourself!

Stay positive

Be mindful

Accept changes

x Kate

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6 thoughts on “Irrecoverably Lost

  1. We can be so resistant of change, so wary of the unknown. “The answers will come to you somewhere along the way. Be patient. Stay mindful. And keep going… Accept the uncertainty of life and move forward anyway” < If we can remember this (wise words, Kate!) we could do away with so much worry and anxiety. I do think we could probably all use a little more trust, patience and belief in ourselves to cope with what happens to us. Fab post! xx

    1. “I do think we could probably all use a little more trust, patience and belief in ourselves to cope with what happens to us.” – That’s a powerful conclusion!! That should be the last sentence of this post! Again, Carol, you’ve got this talent for explaining complex concepts in simple ways and with clarity! I love that! That you so much for giving me a different perspective ALWAYS! Take care!😚😘

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