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Italy On A Budget - Best Tricks to Experience Luxury Travel on a Budget Trip

What springs to mind when you think about traveling in Italy? Well, let me guess… beautiful art-filled cities, gorgeous landscapes, majestic beaches with perfect sand and delicious authentic Italian food? If that’s your answer, you’re certainly right! Well, without any doubt Italy is the perfect choice for a memorable and spectacular holiday. But if you want to travel to Italy on a budget you have to choose the places you want to go wisely. Don’t fall for every tourist attraction because it will cost you an insane amount of money.

Let’s face it you don’t need to visit every museum, buy a thousand souvenirs, eat at top 5 Michelin-starred restaurants or Explore the waterways of Venice on a gondola ride to have an authentic and memorable Italian experience.

Verona In One Day

Don’t skip trip to Verona in order to spend more time in Milan or Venice. This small but incredibly beautiful Italian city with incredible atmosphere, full of architectural delights is the best place to spend a summer day during your holidays in Italy. This post will help you to prepare and organize your walking trip in order to see the most beautiful places in Verona like Verona’s historic center, Juliet’s House, Romeo’s House, Il castello and spectacular monuments.

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