Anxious about Christmas? - 7 Simple Ways To Overcome Christmas Anxiety.


Make yourself a Christmas present and spend quality time with yourself!

Oh, sweet December. The most magical time of the year. The Christmas vibe is everywhere and it’s contagious. You really can’t escape it. Of course, you can try to ignore it, avoid it or hide from it by staying locked up in this house for the rest of the year. Yes, you can and maybe you will but what if there is a better option? If I tell you that there is a simple way to embrace the Christmas spirit without going crazy? And I don’t mean booking last minute flight to Gran Canaria or any other non-Christmas destinations. There is a better and cheaper way to have a peaceful Christmas anywhere you are. Christmas is not a competition in overspending. Trust me, it doesn’t have to be a hectic and stressful time. You can have fun however you want and still have the most wonderful time of the year. Even if you spend Christmas alone. What by the way, has happened to me before and you know what? Not only I survived, but also I had a really good time. So before you rush to explore the best last-minute offers in one of the top Anti-Christmas destinations wait a second. Ok? So put away your suitcase and your payment card and get ready for some serious tips, tricks and healthy hacks to survive all of this Christmas madness in a peaceful and mindful way.  

But first, a little background on all of this Christmas madness

Everything begins the day after Halloween. As soon as the tricks, treats, and customs of Halloween turn into memories all of this Christmas madness begins again. How does it manifest itself? Well, I think we can safely say that it’s quite obvious. Unless you’ve got a serious problem with all your senses… But if it’s not the case you can find the Christmas vibe everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE.

Because, you can hear Christmas songs just about everywhere you turn, every single retailer has launched their campaign and then there is this wonderful smell of gingerbread cookies and cinnamon hot chocolate that floods your nostrils… It’s irresistible! Just, tell me: Is there anything better than Christmas season filled with love, great happiness, joy, fun, delicious food, beautiful memories, dream gifts, cozy evening? Well, if you suffer from anxiety and depression this so-called ‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ can easily turn into a nightmare. Maybe I will delight and amaze you but Christmas can be very triggering for many different reasons. Well, from my personal experience I can tell you that not all families are able to sit around the same table, not all animals speak a human voice and definitely not all shooting stars grant wishes… but it still does not mean that the Christmas season has to put you in a depressed mood. It really doesn’t have to be a stressful and hectic experience. Those who love Christmas and start preparing themselves for December at the beginning of the year probably won’t understand what and why I am writing this post. But if you are not part of this group you might find these simple ways to avoid anxiety and panic attacks during the Chrismas season quite effective and reasonable.

7 simple ways to overcome Christmas anxiety:

1. Get quality sleep

Getting enough sleep is essential for our mental and physical wellbeing. Sometimes when we feel stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted it may be a sign that we are “only”sleep-deprived. Knowing that the Christmas season can be a stressful and all-consuming time you should really get quality sleep. That’s what I do these days. I train myself to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier to be more relaxed and productive at the same time. Yeap, I highly recommend you to do the same. You won’t regret it!  

2. Prepare your comfort food

Feel free to create your own ‘The Best Christmas Recipe’. And we are not talking here about typical Christmas dishes but about highly personalized, delicious, quick to make and completely satisfying meal.

Need some inspiration:

Savory tooth:

  • Spaghetti bolognese
  • Healthy burgers
  • Sweet potato chips
  • Nourish Buddha bowl
  • Caprese garlic bread
  • Tuscan soup
  • Greek salad
  • Breakfast burrito
  • Vegan taco

Sweet tooth:

  • Banana chocolate muffins
  • Chocolate covered frozen bananas
  • Double chocolate brownies
  • Gingerbread pancakes
  • Chocolate peanut butter smoothie bowl
  • Cinnamon hot chocolate
  • Cheesecake filled chocolate cupcakes
  • Raw vegan cheesecake
  • Healthy homemade granola bars

(check out the recipes on my Pinterest account!)

3. Netflix

I don’t have to explain it, do I? We all have our favorite Netflix series, movies, and shows. Am I right? And we all binge-watching them sometimes. Why? Because it’s relaxing, entertaining and so enjoyable!

4. Keep journaling

Journaling is an incredibly powerful tool for anxiety and stress relief. It not only helps you to gain clarity of mind and thoughts but also helps you to avoid getting stuck in negative thought patterns. Of course, it’s completely normal to have pessimistic thoughts but once you get stuck in negative headspace it can be difficult to get out. Trust me I’ve been there and it’s not a nice place. To avoid that I choose to act on principle: prevention is better than cure. That’s why I always keep a pen and paper next to me, just in case. I want to be prepared when some strange and confusing thoughts come to me and act before they start overwhelming me. Besides, journaling is a powerful tool not only for emotional regulation also for self-reflection and personal development. Don’t wait any longer! Start writing a journal!

5. Practice mindfulness

Life is “here and now” – don’t live in the past and stop thinking too much about the future. The present moment is truly the only thing we have. Focus on what you can control and leave what you can’t. Make every moment count. Trust me you can choose how you want to experience every single situation that happens to you. And you can also do it during the Christmas season! Start right now! Bring mindfulness into your daily life through some simple activities like cultivating self-care or indulging in a mindful relaxation.

6. Feed your passion

Christmas season it’s the best time for feeding your passion for many different reasons. The most obvious is that we usually have more free time during that time of the year. So why not spending your free time so that it’s fun as well as productive? I don’t see why not! It’s all about having fun and enjoying your own company!

7. Engage in guilty pleasures

Oh, it’s so good to feel guilty, doesn’t it? And we’re not talking here about committing a crime or engaging in socially unacceptable public behavior… We’re talking here about indulging in some classic guilty pleasures like enjoying another piece of chocolate, eating a pint of your favorite ice-cream without feeling guilty, binge-watching this tv show no one knows and should know you like or any other  pleasurable and emotionally satisfying activity that gives you this natural high we all love so much.

Stay positive

Be mindful

And have a great time this Christmas season!

xx Kate

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4 thoughts on “Anxious about Christmas? - 7 Simple Ways To Overcome Christmas Anxiety.

  1. Important post, Kate. I’ve been separated geographically from a lot of my family for years. It’s very difficult. I’ve really focused on trying to create new memories each year because the only thing to do is to face one’s new reality.

    Enjoy the holidays, my friend.

    1. That’s so true! I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes all you can do is to face your new reality with courage and humility. Tough times shape our character and speak a lot about what human beings we really are. Sometimes we don’t know what’s best for us or what’s truly meant to be until it just surprises us… Besides real happiness happens when we least expect it… Take care and enjoy the Holiday! xx

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