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Everything Starts In Your Head - 12 Healthy Rules For a Strong Mental Health.

Everything starts in your head. If you want to transform your life you need to focus on your mental wellbeing first, then you can reach your full potential and abilities. Hard work is not enough to succeed. So if you place the main focus on being productive and self-motivated while you’re ignoring your mental health you won’t be able to reach your long-term goals. These two ingredients are extremely important but not enough to create a life that you want. To be able to tap into your full potential and gain the most of this crazy journey we call life you need to build and maintain strong mental health.

15 Powerful Sunday Habits for a Successful Week

If you’re struggling to create your Sunday routine that will help you to squeeze the most of your weekends and set yourself for a productive week, here are my powerful Sunday habits you can adopt to make the upcoming week more manageable, enjoyable and productive!

Time Alone With A Purpose - Best Ways to Make the Most Of “Me Time”.

You may not always have the privilege to choose your time alone but you can always choose how you’re gonna spend it. You can just sit and get bored or spend your alone time with a purpose and make the most of it.

Feeling Stuck? Try These Smart & Powerful Tips to Get Unstuck Immediately and Start Living an Epic Life.

So you reached the dead-end of the maze of your life. You just sit in your room looking at the wall and trying to suppress this awful feeling of being stuck but it’s not working. Have you considered that maybe it’s time to look at the big picture and create a vision for your life?

The Science Of Motivation - 10 powerful ways to stay insanely motivated.

So, what is the best approach on challenging yourself and finding a motivation? Well, in my personal opinion first thing to do is to establish your life priorities and set a goal structure but in a realistic way. What does it mean? It means that we should find our mind-body-spirit balance in order to work hard and rest hard (you know what I mean).

Mindfulness - The art of savoring the present moment.

Mindfulness means acceptance. Being mindful means this particular use of attention and awareness on purpose with the goal of experiencing the authenticity of the present moment. It’s a personal journey to learn the mystery of human life. It’s a path we choose to understand the real meaning of human existence. And finally, mindfulness it’s the way to connect with your higher self. A particular state of consciousness that can change your life forever. This is the mystical experience of absolute trust and radical acceptance.

5 Steps To Success In Achieving Your Goals.

There is something magical about setting new goals in life. Probably because goals announce a change, a personal transformation. Because whether you’re chasing a new direction in life or making only a small adjustment of your current lifestyle you’re going to transform and grow from this experience. And this is probably the best part of a goal-setting process and the journey towards achievement.

9 Powerful Mindfulness-Based Time Management Tips And Skills

Simple and powerful tips to mindful time-management. Manage your time mindfully. Set a healthy rutine, create an effective schedule, eliminate unnecessary decisions, focus on your goals, set smart goals, organize your time and schedule mindfully, stop overthinking, boost your productivity, improve your focus and eliminate your distractions. Align your goals with your life’s purpose.

Forgiven Not Forgotten - Why Forgiveness Is For You Not The Other Person.

Have you ever heard that forgiveness is for you not for other person? It’s true. Furthermore, forgiving doesn not mean forgetting, excusing unaxeptable behavior or minimizing your pain. Actually it’s the opposite. Forgiveness means acknowlege your suffering and using it to grow as a person. Forgiveness means freedom and being able to move forvard with your life. It doesn’t mean that you have to forgive lightly and forget all the bad someone caused to you. Being able to forgive means being able to use suffering and hurt into your advantage and grow from this difficult feelings. Just like letting go of resentments helps you to find your peace of mind and create a healthy balance. Forgiveness is freedom.

The Art Of Learning From Mistakes - Why Making Mistakes Is Actually A Good Thing.

Making mistakes it’s essential part of learning process. But to be able to learn your life lesson first you need to admit that you’ve made a mistake and figure out what this situation tells you about the person you are and how you can use this particular mistake into your advantage. This post explain why we shouldn’t see our mistakes as failures and how we can grow from these wrong decisions and evolve into the best version of ourselves.

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