Let’s Talk About Shitty Behaviors… Shall We?

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I am a very nice person but if I am a b**ch to you.. you need to ask yourself why…

Well, being honest I wanted to write about a completely different topic but today’s events and people who created them have given me another idea. And I’m so sorry… but I must turn to something unpleasant… and that’s called: shitty attitudes of crappy people. Yep, that’s a tough one. But, please before you judge me you need to hear my side of the story. I have some serious reasons for using these kinds of epithets, and an uncontrollable urge to offend somebody, it is not one of them. What I am trying to say, is that sometimes, some people just leave you no choice. Even if you are non-confrontational, easy going, mild-tempered and amicable person (not really my case… just kiddin’) sometimes there comes a point when somebody really gets on your damn nerves and makes your blood boils.

One thought pops into your head… -Don’t let this person provoke me… just keep calm and chill because “Revenge is a dish that is best served cold”. Yes, tell me this when I am dealing with pretty damn ignorant and all I try to do is to stop myself from hurting him/her badly.

And we are talking about an extreme situation when you have to confront a real maniac who by the way just attacked you for no reason. And I know that life is hard and sometimes really frustrating. Everyone is going through rough times but this is NO excuse for taking out on innocent people who have nothing to do with that. Oh my gosh… it makes me so angry just thinking about this.

Let me tell you something, once in a while I start to believe that I found myself by accident in some kind of freak show or worse that I am an involuntary a protagonist in a dream of some lunatic… This kind of experience I am talking about. I am sure we all feel this way sometimes…

Oh, Human Nature…

However,  sometimes in life, some maniac crosses our path and we just cannot ignore this because it’s just not the case. We are talking here about a situation when you just have to confront that pretty damn lunatic because negotiating or making compromises it’s just not an option. Why? Well, one of the biggest reason for that is that you have to protect your dignity and self-respect. Trust me, if you don’t, no one else will. Whether we like it or not, there are moments in life when the only law that applies is the law of the jungle. Usually, I try to avoid confrontation with nasty people because I don’t like to waste my valuable energy BUT it’s not always possible. Some examples? I’m not sure you want them, but I’ve got plenty of them because today is one of these days when examples show up on their own. Ok, let’s begin with shitty behaviors I really cannot stand:

adopt a positive mindset
  1. BULLIES and aggressive people who are always frustrated and convinced that they can (for some non-existent reason) treat everybody like shit… For those, I highly recommend starting an anger management therapy immediately!   
  2. People who SMOKE in nonsmoking places… gosh, I hate this! If I liked the smoke from the cigarette I would smoke… yes, it’s that simple! Don’t smoke in nonsmoking areas!!
  3. People, who think that they are the ONLY ones in the grocery shop and what they do? They just block blithely the access to the product you want to buy. But when you make them aware of their rude behavior they just choose to ignore you… in these kinds of situations, I always use my bitchy voice 🙂
  4. People who talk too loud on the phone about their PRIVATE life in a public place… like anyone cares… (at least I don’t)
  5. People who are always LATE armed with a ridiculous excuse… and I’m not talking here about 15 minutes late but more than 30 minutes without giving you a call… Why just why somebody should respect your time?! I have no idea…
  6. Reckless DRIVERS who endanger others people’s life… because why on Earth you should respect someone’s life?!
  7. People who judge others based on their looks, assuming that they know EVERYTHING about somebody just looking at him/her…  
  8. Those who take CREDIT for your work… because why the hell not?!
  9. People, who treat waiters/waitresses like their SLAVES – because why not? Shitty people love to treat others like inferiors… again I have no idea why…
  10. People who sneeze and cough WITHOUT covering their faces… Let’s just say that I love when germs are flying everywhere…

All of these crappy behaviors I experienced today… All of them… and please try to understand me I’m not complaining I’m just spreading awareness about shitty behaviors of crappy people…

Take care

Stay positive

And be mindful

xx Kate

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