How To Get Rid Of Negative Energy In Mind, Body & Spirit


Letting go negativity in mind, body, and spirit should be part of our everyday’s routine because it’s crucial to our mental and physical wellbeing. I wish I had been taught this at school… Seriously, I’m not kidding. But, just like many other essential skills in life we just have to develop on our own. That’s why I think, obviously talking from my personal experience, that formal education is just so remote from reality. Usually, we realize this at the beginning of our formal learning experience… and then when we begin our adult life it became more and more obvious that we lack basic life skills… Just think, how many times in life you said to yourself: “I wish I had been taught this at school”… Imagine how many bad choices and mistakes we could avoid if we have learned as kids things like healthy nutrition, mindfulness practices, the importance of physical activity, self-care, the importance of healthy daily routine, healthy habits to stay productive & creative, how to listen and respect other people… I could give you many more examples and I’m sure we would agree on most of them… Don’t you think? But that’s a subject of a different discussion for another time because we’re getting off-topic here.

Cleanse yourself of negative energy

Anyway, we were talking about letting go negativity in mind, body, and spirit, what definitely should be our priority because it affects every aspect of our life. Sometimes we don’t even realize this until we find ourselves feeling down, tired, exhausted and depressed. Furthermore, the physical symptoms of negative energy in your body can be easily mistaken for some health issues or even a serious disease. Negative energy is everywhere not only in some people because you can easily find it or feel it in some buildings, places, letters, in some artworks and in many other places but it’s always coming from a negative person. Just think how many times you had a headache, migraine, breathing difficulty, stomach pain or felt a strange tension in your whole body and couldn’t sleep at night and you knew that something was just not right. You could almost say that the state in finding yourself in is caused by some invisible force but you just couldn’t name it. It’s because we tend to minimize how other people affect our own life. Why? Probably, because of our ego. No one likes to admit that some terrible words, cruel actions or even an evil look hurt us. It’s a natural defense mechanism. We try not to make a big deal of it because we are afraid that it could mean that we gave control of our life to another person. Maybe I’m wrong but I believe that everyone just hates this feeling. Or it’s just me? So what is the biggest mistake we tend to make in these kinds of situations? Well, instead of acknowledging the fact that somebody’s negative energy affected us we pretend that it doesn’t have anything to do with that. We ignore an obvious effect of this negativity on our mind, body, and soul and as a consequence, we feel even worse. Why? Probably because to be able to find a solution to any difficult situation we need to admit to have a problem and address it. There is no other way to do that. We just have to accept this. It takes time, humility, self-awareness and courage.

I myself was suffering from chronic fatigue, headaches, extreme tiredness, insomnia, and chronic pain and anxiety for years and I just couldn’t find the reason why. I just felt as if I run a marathon or training for a one every single day without any rest day in between. It’s not only extremely exhausting but it literally drains your life energy and you start to be like a zombie, in some kind of trance.  That’s why we need to deal with negative energy in a healthy way and minimize the consequences of its dangerous impact.

It is said, that the quality of our life depends on the decision we take and being stuck in a perpetual state of negativity which definitely affects every aspect of our life it’s not a good or healthy choice. If we don’t get rid of this kind of energy every time it affects us later we will have to deal with more serious consequences than simple tiredness.

Let’s get straight to the heart of the matter here. Here are my

10 simple tips to get rid of negative energy and adopt a positive mindset.

  1. Determine exactly what you are dealing with first. Ask yourself a simple question: Am I feeling exhausted because I had a really busy day or there is negative energy surrounding me? Trust me, if you listen to your guts, your intuition you will find the answer without even searching for it.
  2. Respond to the situation you find yourself in instead of reacting on it. Which means that you should choose to stay mindful whatever happens. Don’t let others throw you off balance. It’s just not worth it. Furthermore, there isn’t better revenge than remain unmoved by someoneìs else horrible and disgusting behavior of course if it does not endanger you or other people. Learn about the gray rock method - is the best!
  3. Use mindful techniques to get rid of negative energy to avoid it affecting your life or at least to minimize its horrible impact on your wellbeing. Practice guided meditations for negative energy, use breathing techniques to calm yourself down, try yoga to find your mind, body and soul balance.
  4. Keep a journal - Writing is incredibly therapeutic because it can have a very cathartic effect. Moreover writing a journal is a great way to regain your focus, liberate yourself from overthinking and understand what are your feelings and emotions and what is exactly happening in your life.
  5. Own your reality - wake up from the unconscious state and become aware. Use your 6th sense, listen to your intuition, it’s your inner voice - its ultimate goal is to protect you and assist you in your pursuit of happiness in life.
  6. Don’t trust your fear -  fear is a really bad advisor because it’s anything but a pathological liar that keeps us stuck in negative situations, relationships and of course in the past. Remember don’t let your fear guide you or make life-changing decisions for you because you won’t be happy with the results. In many cases fear is just in your mind, it’s an illusion that has nothing to do with the real danger. However, to be sure what kind of fear you are dealing with (imaginary or a real threat) you have to stay mindful and practice self-awareness. Remember:
    “Courage is not the lack of fear. It is acting in spite of it.”
  7. Learn about assertiveness - Being assertive is one of the most important skills in life because it protects our boundaries, reinforces our values and makes us stay true to ourselves. How to be assertive? Well start with expressing yourself effectively and directly and stand up for your point of view, don’t let others manipulate to make you change your mind which usually goes along with intimidation and gaslighting. You know exactly what is right for you. Intuition never fails, sometimes we just choose to ignore it and we go for things that we know are bad for us.
  8. Remember that you don’t have to deal with someone’s else c**p. Other people mistakes, insecurities or issues are NOT your problems. It’s easy for the empaths to fall into this trap and put someoneìs else needs over yours. And what a big mistake we should all avoid.
  9. Practice self-care on a daily basis. Self-care is crucial for our physical and mental health, that’s why you should never underestimate its importance and how it affects your mental and physical wellbeing. Do the things that make you happy, balanced and relaxed.
  10. Surround yourself with positive energy. Avoid negative people, so-called emotional vampires. Instead, spend time with people who make you feel good - Find your tribe in your “real” life and “online world”. Search for a positive inspiration around yourself. Notice the beauty of nature, the positive vibe of some honest, authentic people. And of course don’t forget that that staying positive first and foremost means to believe in yourself because you are capable of anything you just have to trust in your abilities, skills, and talents. How can you achieve this state? Well, the answer is always the same – By practice!

Stay mindful

Trust your gut

Protect your inner integrity

Don’t try to control things that you cannot control - focus on yourself!

xx Kate

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8 thoughts on “How To Get Rid Of Negative Energy In Mind, Body & Spirit

  1. So impressive how you found your way out of this! Other people’s negative energy is very powerful. I mostly experience it at work so I try to stay as focused on my job as possible. Fortunately, it’s at work and not at home.

    1. Unfortunately, there are many people out there who spread an incredible amount of negative energy. Some of them are unaware of this but others do it on a purpose which is even more disturbing. In my opinion, negativity can literally kill because it is just like a poison that harms our mental and physical health. I agree with you that dealing with negative people at work is incredibly difficult because you cannot just ignore or avoid them. That’s why it is so important to set boundaries and minimize contact with them, of course, if you cannot get rid of these energetic vampires in your life. Self-care, self-awareness and mindful living is my way of dealing with toxic people. Take care!! xx

      1. I agree so much. Avoid gossip and rumors is my number 1 rule at work. I love your blog. It’s so real. I’m glad my comment posted because I was having trouble with it.

        1. THANK you so much for your comment!! I’m so happy you find my blog interesting!😉 And talking about dealing with negative people at work your number 1 rule is great!! I couldn’t agree more! Toxic people just love to gossiping, lying about others and using triangulation because they feed off turmoil and chaos… very disturbing… The best thing we can do is to use a gray rock method and of course, never play their game! Because just like George Herbert said: “Living well is the best revenge.” Take care!! xx

  2. Great post, it’s all too easy to get dragged down by negativity.
    Your tips are brilliant,
    I struggle with assertiveness, standing up for myself often results in crying as I feel helpless and that I’m not being listened to.

    1. Hi Karen! Thank you for your feedback! I am also struggling with assertiveness but I am not giving up because “practice makes perfect”! When I was doing my little research about this extremely important (in my opinion) communication skill, I’ve noticed that assertiveness is often confused with rudeness that’s why many people choose to agree with their interlocutor because they want to avoid being rude… and that’s the problem because if we say “yes” when we really want to say “no” we feel helpless, disrespected and just terrible afterwards… What is even more disturbing is the fact that usually if we do not stand up for ourselves other people (some people - the negative ones 🙂 ) see this as our weakness or lack of character which is really not the case! Assertiveness is an extremely important communication skill that everyone should be taught in the early childhood (I’m not kidding) but unfortunately, many of us weren’t. BUT it’s never too late to start being assertive, it takes time and practice but it’s worth the effort! We should always put ourselves first without feeling sorry for doing this! By standing up for ourselves we preserve our integrity and we protect our boundaries!! That’s why it is so important! Assertiveness is a skill that can be and should be acquired (I’m still learning and I have to admit that some people are really surprised that I am able to say “no” to them :)) I still feel guilty for a short time afterward BUT then I start feeling happy and proud of myself because I don’t want to be a people-pleaser anymore and NO ONE should be!! TAKE CARE! Have a great weekend!! xx

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