Take A Naked Selfie But First Clean Your Room For God’s Sake…


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'Naked selfie your life away'

Somehow taking nude selfies became a big part of a culture today. Not that I am complaining or something but “listen, naked selfie your life away. Like go, do your thing but clean your room” first, for God’s sake.

Because if you think that a messy room as a background to your nude selfie won’t take attention from what you’re really trying to communicate with your photo you’re wrong. And not that I am an expert or something but I may have seen a substantial amount of naked selfies over the past few years. Besides even if it wasn’t the case there is still a huge case study online so everyone can become an expert in this field… and I mean anyone. You really don’t have to do a lot of sweating to learn that. If you know what I mean.

Anyways, from what I’ve observed people tend to forget about the background of their photos. Which in my opinion, is a huge mistake. And here’s why. If I were a man I would prefer a naked girl in a cleanroom to a naked girl in a messy room. Believe me, I know how it sounds. But before all of the men who are reading this start thinking: “what does she know…” give me a second and I will prove my point.

Let’s start with one question. Have you ever seen a mess in the porn movie background? No? Do you know why? Because there wasn’t any. Otherwise, you would have noticed that, and we both know it. And you know why? The answer is quite simple. And here it is: there is nothing that draws attention away from the foreground than a messy background. I’m sorry but hey, that’s the truth and you have to deal with it.

So if you want somebody to focus on your naked body make the background presentable or at least less messy. Otherwise, this complete chaos that surrounds you will draw attention away from your main message or the sole purpose, if you prefer. Besides, you went through all the trouble trying to get the perfect nude selfie which by the way it’s not quite that simple as one may think and you didn’t have 5 minutes to clean and organize your bedroom? Yeah, right. You just didn’t care about that! A huge mistake.

Anyways, the point is that you spend so much time getting the perfect shot surrounded by a complete mess… Of course, I’m only assuming that you spend a lot of time trying to take a perfect naked selfie because we all know that there are strict rules that you have to follow if you want to take a selfie especially a nude one. hmm.… What I was talking about…? Oh, yes the rules… So, let’s see… according to professional photographers if you want to take a perfect naked selfie you have to find an angle that feels good to you, get creative but not too creative, choose the best lighting, highlight your favorite feature and… SET THE SCENE! Last but not least! Always set the scene aka clean your room. Let’s face it. There is nothing funnier than looking at a photo of a naked girl or boy in a sexy pose in front of a complete mess including dirty laundry, piles of uneaten food, and garbage… Please, correct me if I am wrong but this is disgusting… So if you’re about to take selfies in a dirty room with a dirty mirror looking like you didn’t take a shower that day think twice before you act. Why? Well, because it will produce exactly the opposite effect from the one you intended. Correct me if I am wrong but you really don’t want others who are looking at your photo asking themselves: What is that dirt all over their mirror and what’s with this dirty laundry? Yeah, I’m sorry but that’s one of the harsh realities of adult life…

If you are still wondering why the hell I am using this example of taking a naked selfie in a messy room. Here is your answer: A messy room says a lot about your personality. Furthermore, taking a naked selfie in a messy room says even more about you. So yes, I used this quite bizarre example as an analogy for your possible state of mind and the way you navigate your life. Gosh, I hope it makes sense… But hang on there because it’s about to be even more interesting…

So, here’s the deal, a messy room as we have established, says a lot about your personality. Because your external personal space is the reflection of your internal world. You may not be aware of this, but it’s actually true. Furthermore, people feel this “messy and chaotic vibe” subconsciously and it’s not the type of energy someone wants to attract. That’s why we all tend to avoid someone else’s mess… Besides, considering that life is incredibly unpredictable and we all have to find our way to embrace our own chaos and learn to move forward in uncertainty most of us have neither the time nor the desire to clean up other people’s mess. Everyone has to do it by themselves internally and externally. Everyone has to clean their messy field of being by themselves if they want to be taken seriously.

Besides, if you think that you can effectively navigate your life while being surrounded by a complete mess, you’re wrong. Why? Well, for many different reasons. But in order to explain this, we should stop for a second and think about what a messy room aka your chaotic external personal space says about you. In my humble opinion, 

your messy room aka chaotic external personal space indicates at least these things:

1. You confuse the difference between destructive chaos and constructive one.  

Solution: Learn to embrace chaos and benefits from “creative chaos”

2. Your priorities are mixed up.

Solution: Map out your entire life. Set your micro & macro goals

3. Your procrastination isn’t productive.

Solution: Procrastination can be a superpower when you look for inspiration, try to boost your creativity, fight with a lack of motivation, struggle to prioritize or you just have to get your sh*t together for some reason. So if you want to procrastinate do it right!

4. You haven’t established yet what are the things you can and can’t control in your life.

Solution: Ask yourself a question: What can I do to improve my life here & now? And do it immediately.                       

5. You haven’t realized yet that your external personal space is the reflection of your internal world.

Solution: Clean your personal environment and look at how it affects your physical and mental wellbeing. It’s not a secret that organizing your life begins from cleaning your external personal space.

External Manifestation Of Your Internal World

So as you can basically see, the act of cleaning your external personal space is actually the act of getting yourself together. Because your internal world and your external personal space together represent the field of your being. If you’re still not convinced just take a step back and look at this representation of your being from a wider perspective. And ask yourself a question: What the place I live in and things I possess tell me what kind of person I really am? Am I: Messy or Organized? Focused or Procrastinating? Goal-oriented or Disoriented? Minimalist or Materialist? Pragmatic or Idealistic? Positive or Negative? And the list goes on…

So if you’re still trying to work things through and find your way to navigate your life you should start small and smart. Just start where you can start but start for a God’s sake. Don’t wait for the perfect moment because it may never come. Life is so perfectly imperfect that you never know what is going to happen next. That’s why if you wait too long you may lose your last chance. Sometimes “later” means “never” and we all have to realize that. Don’t make this mistake. Because worse than regret failure is regret not trying at all.

So if you are halfway finished cleaning the disaster of your room or you are just starting thinking about it you’re making small steps in the right direction. Because cleaning your external space means getting your sh*t together. It may not be so obvious but sometimes the small things you do are those that make a huge difference. So start small, but start now. Start where you can start but start. And start from your external personal space and you will experience how cleaning and organizing benefit your physical and mental wellbeing. But hey, don’t take my word for it, just try it. Do it on your own. Make your environment more presentable and see how it impacts your state of being. If your place is a complete mess you may need more than 5 minutes but the result it is worth both the time and effort.

However, the first thing to do is to understand that your room aka your external personal space is the externalization of your mind. This basically means that if your external personal space is a complete mess your mind is drowning in chaos. And let me tell you something, it is definitely not constructive chaos. I mean don’t get me wrong here. I am not saying that you should switch on “pedantic cleaner” mode because that would be moving from one extreme to another. Besides, there is nothing good, creative, innovative, interesting or sexy in obsessive cleaning. What I mean is that you cannot effectively navigate your life if you are surrounded by a complete mess. It’s just impossible. Because if you are not organized you are disorganized and if you’re not oriented toward something you are completely disoriented… Furthermore being disorganized and disoriented leads to nowhere… It’s just a waste of time…

So, get rid of unnecessary stuff aka leave behind the things you don’t need. Straight up what you can straight up and improve what you can improve right here and right now. Do it. Yes, you can. Everyone can. All the ingredients you need to add to your life salad are persistency and consistent and it will not only taste better but also it will give you the strength to move forward straight to your goals.

get quality rest

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get quality rest

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Know what the best part about it is? That you know exactly what you have to do to make your life better. But if you are a bit confused just sit and look around. Look at your external personal space aka the manifestation of you and ask yourself these questions:


  1. What can I do to make me feel better, less anxious and more positive?”
  2. What does ‘Be the best version of yourself’ mean to me?
  3. What are the things that make me distracted?
  4. What I am aiming at?
  5. What did I do today to improve my life?

And start doing the things that will lead you to your “life improvement” goal. Be persistent and consistent because everything begins with the right mindset. Start doing your mental housekeeping from cleaning and organizing your external personal space.

And then when your room will be clean, organized and presentable you can finally take your perfect naked selfie!

Good luck 🙂


Stay positive

Be mindful

And clean your external personal space!

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6 thoughts on “Take A Naked Selfie But First Clean Your Room For God’s Sake…

  1. I’ve seen a couple of things in newspapers and such of awful photos people have taken of glamorous shots and Insta selfies and all sorts without thinking of their surroundings. Messy rooms is a big one. Heheh makes me chuckle. My room is a mess at the moment as I’ve been back in hospital and it’s all gone to pot where I’ve had to thrown things down, but I can’t wait to tidy up again, can’t stand messy surroundings at all.xx

    1. Hi Caz!! I hope you’re doing better! Every time I see that you left a comment on my blog I know that it will make my day! But talking about a messy room… I am a very chaotic person so if my surroundings are messy and chaotic I’m going insane. So for me cleaning my house is the only way to survive 😁 Just like they say: You got to do what you got to do! Take care Caz and clean your room!! 😀😘😘😘

  2. Hahah I love it, that’s a good kick up the bum. I’ve been cleaning around a bit (albeit incredibly slowly) today. It’s a joy for me too, I’m totally with you on wanting things tidy but I also kind of like how things can mount up just so I can organise them again (weird?)!
    Kate’s clean-up bootcamp : Get your space into shape & sort your sh*t out!

    1. “Kate & Caz clean-up boot camp: Get your space into shape & sort your sh*t out!” We should organize our first boot camp business launch and make good money. ooooh I know, we should start running an escape room but it wouldn’t be about escaping the room but about cleaning the room! Imagine that!! 😁😁😁 We could lock messy people in the room and let them out when the room would be fresh and tidy… Oh, my gosh I love this idea!! What do you think about that Caz?!! 😘

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