How To Stay Healthy While Traveling In Italy

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling In Italy

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5 Simple Ways To Stay Healthy While Traveling In Italy

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VAcation is Italy

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sicily palermo

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What springs to mind when you think about traveling in Italy? Well, let me guess…  beautiful art-filled cities, gorgeous landscapes, majestic beaches with perfect sand and delicious authentic Italian food? If that’s your answer, you’re certainly right! Well, without any doubt Italy is the perfect choice for a memorable and spectacular holiday. But to be able to enjoy your trip to Italy to the fullest, indulging in delicious cuisine, exploring incredibly fascinating and rich in history places you need to prepare yourself. Otherwise, you may miss the incredible possibility to have a truly memorable experience and instead of returning home at peace you will feel extremely exhausted, defeated and just tired. Which I assume is the opposite of why you wanted to go on vacation in the first place.

So, if you’re looking forward to the perfect vacation experience here is my personal guide for staying healthy while traveling in Italy.


5 simple and powerful ways to stay healthy while traveling in Italy:

traveling in Italy

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stay hydrated while traveling in Italy

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1. Stay Hydrated

My first advice for staying healthy while traveling in Italy is to stay hydrated. I know that it may sound a little cliché, but let’s face it we all tend to forget about this. And when it comes to the summer holidays in the Italian Peninsula proper hydration is the key to survive extremely hot weather and high temperature that in the hottest month (July in the north and August in the south) can easily reach 38–42 °C. So before you go on a charming walking tour to explore the beautiful landscapes (always in comfortable shoes!) and architecture of Italian cities make sure you brought the bottle of water with you. Otherwise, the combination of heat, exhaustion, and dehydration can have serious consequences to your health that at the same time can be avoided so incredibly easy. Of course you can always buy a bottle of water in a grocery shop or bar (A liter of water is only .30 to .50 cent euro if you by your water at the supermarket or in a little grocery store and not in the bars.) but still it’s better to have something to drink always with you to avoid being thirsty or dehydrated.  

But probably the most helpful information is that it is safe to drink the tap water in Italy. Furthermore, you can even drink water from public fountains that can be found almost everywhere in big cities, town and even in small villages. So if you thought that public fountains are only for decoration you’re wrong. Because Italian fountains contain fresh, cold and clean water that is completely free! And because this free drink water is readily available everywhere locals drink it too especially in the summer when the temperature is extremely high.

To find public drinking fountains in Italian cities use:

  1. Google maps

  2. WeTap Drinking Fountain Finder App

(Other important and very useful Travel Apps that will make your Italian trip a successful one here


Best drinking water apps that can help you stay hydrated by tracking your water intake:

  1. Waterlogged 

  2. Daily Water Free (Android/iOS)

  3. Nudge Health Tracking

  4. WaterMinder


Water Intake Calculator:




2. Sleep & Relax

Sleep deprivation and extreme exhaustion can ruin even the best holiday experience. So don’t forget to schedule downtime in your vacation calendar. Yes, I’m serious and my advice wasn’t slip of a tongue. Because if you are like me as soon as you reach your holiday destination, you want to see and experience everything without leaving some time for actual rest and recharging batteries. And as far as I completely understand your willingness to be hyperactive on your vacation you need to understand that you will never have time to see and experience EVERYTHING. Especially in a place like Italy with its rich culture, a spectacular history stretching back to ancient Rome, plenty of beautiful spots and of course, insanely delicious food. So plan your vacation mindfully. Make your Italian bucket list, see as much as you can, eat as much as you want but find some time for sleep and rest because this way you will be able to fully enjoy your Italian vacation.

holidays in italy

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cinque terre italy

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3. Avoid Fatigue

Vacation is a time to recharge and restore your body and mind, relax in breathtaking areas and taste some local cuisine. And summer in Italy is the best place for doing all of these things! So without thinking twice indulge in dolce far niente!


The Italian ideal - Il dolce far niente - is, in fact, alive and well. The concept translated onto The sweetest of doing nothing has nothing to do with procrastination. So if you thought that is a celebration of being lazy, unmotivated and lethargic you’re wrong. Because the real meaning of this saying is in fact completely different. Il dolce far niente means experiencing the authenticity of the present moment whether it’s a mindful relaxation, dinner with friends in a favorite restaurant or charming little chat over morning coffee. It means taking a break from a hectic life and indulging in pleasant activities that give your life meaning. So when you’re on vacation in Italy disconnect from your normal, busy life and indulge in the beautiful experience of mindful relaxation. Switch off all the notifications on your phone, order a delicious authentic Italian meal with a glass of aromatic wine and just enjoy every second of the experience. It’s not about waiting for a moment to be perfect but about being grateful for every single day of your life.

4. Eat Mindfully

Have you ever met anyone who really doesn’t like Italian food? I bet you haven’t. Of course, we’re talking about real, authentic, traditional Italian dishes strongly influenced by local history and traditions, not about Italian-American cuisine. So if you think you will be eating spaghetti and meatballs, fettuccine Alfredo, pepperoni pizza, chicken parmesan, Shrimp Scampi, Hawaiian Pizza or Garlic Bread it’s not going to happen… Unless, of course, you will be preparing your food by yourself but still if I were you I would keep that for myself. Because these popular Italian - American hybrid foods are quite unusual for Italians that actually considered them a crime to Italian cuisine. Which is why it’s not the type of food that is served in restaurants in Italy. Besides this style of Italian cuisine adapted throughout the United States is almost a textbook example of bad food combinations that shouldn’t be eaten together because they cause health and digestive problems. Whereas, authentic Italian cuisine characterized by its simplicity, diversity, and consistency is a synonym of healthy and balanced food regime. This is because Italians place the main emphasis on the quality of the local ingredients and prepare their traditional meals with sophistication and love. That’s why an authentic Italian cuisine is like an art characterized by simplicity, integrity, and harmony. So if you are currently packing for Italy prepare yourself for a real a feast for the palate. 

The only thing that you will probably extremely dislike in an authentic Italian cuisine prepared and served in the Italian Peninsula is that you won’t be able to try everything. This is because every Italian region has its own distinctive cuisine characterized by different specialties and finest seasonal delicacies what basically means that the variety of food options will probably give you a head rush. That’s why you will probably need some advice on it.

authentic Italian cuisine

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delicious italian food

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So if you want to eat light and healthy during your holidays in Italy here are my tips:

  1. Eat at restaurants that offer traditional Italian dishes
  2. Buy whole foods on local farmers’ markets
  3. Downsize your portions
  4. Drink wine presumably
  5. Limit fried food
  6. Reduce your carbohydrate intake and instead of ordering only pizza or pasta try delicious meals prepared with seafood, vegetables, and legumes
  7. Use olive oil and vinegar for salad dressing
  8. Eat Italian desserts in moderation (find out what are the best Italian gelato flavors here)
  9. Order cappuccino, caffé lattes, and any other milk-based coffee beverages only for breakfast to avoid digestive issues
  10. Take time to enjoy your food

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5. Soak up the sun but avoid Sunburn

Italy with the stunning landscapes, the wine, and the sunshine is truly the Bel Paese as described by Dante. Furthermore this Mediterranean Country with its charming coastal towns, splendid lakes, gorgeous beaches, beautiful limestone cliffs, and soft ivory sand is a perfect place to get your natural vitamin D from the sun. But while sunlight increases your serotonin and endorphin levels, boost your mood and helps you to experience a wonderful feeling of relaxation can also be dangerous if you’re on the sun too long. So whether you are taking a walking tour in one of the beautiful Italian cities or laying on a beach and getting tan, remember to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, use sun protection cream, wear sunglasses and drink lots of water.

mindful time management

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mindful time management

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Emergency Phone Numbers in Italy

  • 12: Telephone Directory Assistance
  • 112: Carabinieri/Emergencies (Police)
  • 113: Emergency Police Help
  • 115: Fire Brigade
  • 116: Road Assistance - A.C.I. (Italian Automobile Club)
  • 118: Ambulance & Medical Emergencies
  • 1515: Forest Service


The number 112 can be dialed free of charge to reach emergency services (ambulance, police, fire, and rescue) from anywhere in Europe. The operator connects the caller with the required emergency service.

Stay Positive

Be Mindful

And cultivate il dolce far niente!

xx Kate

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4 thoughts on “How To Stay Healthy While Traveling In Italy

  1. No.4 Drink wine. Is that an order? 😉
    It’s fab they have an app to find public drinking fountains (and that the fountains actually exist for a start)! Great tips, Kate, it’s important to stay on top of health so you can have the best time possible 🙂
    Caz xx

    1. Haha, that is so true! Considering the fact that Italy is the land of wine I definitely should have mentioned it!! p.s THANK you, Caz for your comments, they always make my day! I hope you’re doing well! Sleep well and take care!😘😘

  2. For me, staying hydrated and eating healthy are the two most important things to do. The list of emergency numbers is really helpful.

    1. It’s not a secret that proper hydration and healthy eating habits are crucial for our health and wellbeing. And even if we all know it, we tend to forget about this and then we have to deal with the consequences… I used to drink a very small amount of water which was causing me various symptoms that, of course, I wasn’t associating with dehydration. How strange is that?! Now when I get a headache the first thing I do is to drink a glass of water and it usually, helps. It’s a paradox that as simple thing as drinking water can be so difficult to do. I guess it’s because most of us are just not used to it and we all know how difficult is to break bad habits but at the same time it’s worth all the effort. Take care and have a wonderful day!! 😘

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