The Very Reason Why You Should ALWAYS Listen To Your Gut Instinct - the sound of your inner voice.

embrace your intuition

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Gut Feeling NOT A Wishful Thinking

trust your inner voice

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“Just trust your gut and you will be fine” - this is my best friend’s life motto.


Looking back, it should have been my life motto too, because it would have definitely protected me from making some really bad decisions especially in terms of my past relationships. Don’t get me wrong, I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and we all need difficult life experiences because they shape us but I also believe in the idea of avoiding unnecessary suffering caused by self-sabotage and other forms of acting against our own interests. Which basically means that we create our own unnecessary suffering when we act against our gut instinct, our intuition and our internal guidance system in general. Isn’t this one of the most obvious examples of paradox in human behavior emerges from irrationality, contradiction and incredibly inconsistency of our decision-making process? We want to be happy regardless of circumstances and reduce our suffering at any cost while we create it by deliberately acting against our gut instinct knowing that its aim is to protect us.

It’s hard to admit it even to yourself but it’s actually a proven fact. We love to go against this first “gut feeling” just to know what happens next even if we can easily predict what kind of consequences our “ignoring a gut feeling” behavior will produce. But we do it anyway falling into a trap of our own ego. It’s a fight against yourself, you will never win it. Unless creating more life problems and moving away from your life goals. And the funny thing is that when asked about why we are engaging ourselves in this self-sabotaging behavior we deny it. How clever… But the truth is that we all have some certain amount of hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance in our belief system. And for some reason, we’re good with that.  

Just think about it: How many times you knew that you were acting against your best interests, completely ignoring your intuition but you did it anyway? And then when you had to face the consequences you were extremely surprised? I bet it happened to you more than once. Oh, I hate this feeling… it’s definitely not a pleasant one… but for some reason, I used to act against my “gut feeling” foolishly believing that I could avoid consequences because I am so smart… Oh my gosh…

Fortunately, I am one of those who strongly believe that making mistakes is a great way to learn. So instead of crying over spilt milk I try to turn my mistakes into life lessons.

The Phenomenon Of Denial

So, what’s behind this whole phenomenon of acting against our gut intuition? Why we tend not to trust nor honoring that first “gut feeling”? Why do we choose to go against our best interests even if we are completely aware that there will be repercussions? What drives us to make purposely wrong decisions? Why we try to silence our inner voice instead of trusting and honoring it? It’s completely illogical and makes no sense. Or maybe there’s a reason for that?

Well, I have my theory or more precisely 3 different reasons for that:

1. Hypothesis: Addiction to the adrenaline rush

Explanation: Braking our own rules and challenging our sense of morality gives us this powerful feeling of being all-powerful almost omnipotent.

2.Hypothesis: The combination of arrogance and insecurity

Explanation: Dangerous belief that we can control everything, change the curse of events if something wouldn’t go as we planned and avoid consequences because we are smart enough to do so.

3.Hypothesis: Cognitive Dissonance

Explanation: We refuse to accept the truth and choose to live in denial because who likes to admit they’re wrong?

Intuition As A Precognitive Knowledge

Your intuition whispers and if you ignore this whisper sooner or later it will start screaming. Why? Well, because your intuition or as I like to call it a “gut feeling” it’s nothing other than your internal guidance system, a precognitive knowledge that is being activated every time when you have to make a decision.  Sometimes we’re not even aware of this decision-making process because this precognitive quality comes first before we get access to our critical and logical thinking. That’s why if your instinct tells you to run, you should run without thinking twice. And we all know what will happen if we go against this first “gut feeling”, right?

Well, it’s not a secret that fighting against the instinct of self-preservation which by the way is the strongest in all of us, won’t do any good. So trust your intuition and always honor this first “gut feeling”. Because with complete acceptance and honoring intuition something incredibly valuable will surely come. Whether it is your new relationship, a new job, moving to another city or going on a trip you always know what feels right and what doesn’t. Regardless of the circumstances, if it feels like a no, it’s a no. Of course, when it comes to life decisions the best thing to do is to combine your gut instinct with critical and logical thinking because it will enable you to weigh up all the pros and cons. Because what’s better than knowing all the options and letting your conscience decide, right?

Listen to your gut especially when you don’t like what it is telling you!

Ask yourself a question: When was the last time you didn’t listen to your gut instinct and you regretted it?

Well, last time when I completely ignored that first “gut feeling” was a couple of months ago when I started attending a group therapy because I was struggling to accept my father’s disease. Since the early beginning, I felt that something just wasn’t right with the therapist’s behavior but I chose to ignore all the red flags. Besides I’ve been so caught up with my family situation that I was not paying enough attention to other stuff. But then I started noticing that I felt worse after every session, which I suppose is the opposite of how you should feel after a conversation with a therapist… As you can probably imagine that was the first huge red flag of the bad therapy. But for some reason, I decided to continue attending this “therapeutic” (written in quotation marks because I can tell a lot about these sessions except that they were therapeutic) sessions. (If you are interested in this topic I will be writing a post about signs of a bad therapy in the next few days so stay tuned :))

Then when I finally allowed my intuition to speak I was completely shocked, upset and embarrassed. And to top off everything else, my conscious mind was torturing me by asking the same question: “How could you ignore all the red flags?” until I could find some decent explanation for that. To be frank, I place the responsibility of my poor judgment and denial of my intuition on my, at that time extremely tragic family situation. It may sound like looking for an excuse but it’s just how I feel about this… at least for now… but for some reason, I can’t help this feeling that the first impression is the last impression…  

This “therapeutic” situation I’ve been involved in, made me realize that we should always follow our gut instinct because it aims to protect us and provide us with the guidance we need. Furthermore, trusting and honoring this first “gut feeling” is a form of self-care that if being practiced it will enhance the quality of your life and help you to create a mind, body and spirit balance.

WHY you should always listen to your gut

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WHY you should always listen to your gut

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Signs You Experience Gut Instinct


  1. You feel a peaceful feeling within your whole body soon after taking an important decision
  2. You feel confident with your life choices
  3. You have vivid dreams - yes your subconscious is trying to tell you something…
  4. You feel this powerful invisible force that is pulling you into a particular direction and you’re not anxious about it
  5. You can predict someone’s reaction to your behavior
  6. You become hypervigilant and you start analyzing your safety - that’s a huge red flag!
  7. You just hear the sound of your inner voice with clarity
  8. Your body gives you strong signals like chills, goosebumps, tension in the chest, butterflies in your stomach, you start sweating with “no particular reason”  
  9. You feel the strong urge to do something and you just cannot help it
  10. You feel how creative force is raising within your body and you feel all the excitement, motivation and joy



  • Always trust and honor this first “gut feeling”.
  • Never ignore red flags and body signals.
  • Listen to your inner voice.
  • Be mindful.
  • Embrace the creator role and create the life you want to live.
honor your gut feeling

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trust your gut instinct

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Stay positive

Be Mindful

and embrace your intuition!

xx Kate

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12 thoughts on “The Very Reason Why You Should ALWAYS Listen To Your Gut Instinct - the sound of your inner voice.

  1. Oooo this is an interesting one! I covered a bit of this whole ‘gut feeling’, precognitive knowledge aspect during my psych degree, and it’s fascinating to look at the ways in which we make decisions, partly because so much is subconscious. Like you, I’m a strong believer in trying to learn something from mistakes and see value rather than despair over them. Intuition, gut instinct, is very valuable, and I’ve had times where I’ve gone against it but subconsciously think I knew I was self-sabotaging at the time. Great post, Kate, really thought-provoking!
    Caz xx

    1. Life just never stops teaching and I’m slowly becoming an attentive student. Just like you I’ve had times where I was self-sabotaging my life, happiness and every positive aspect of my existence. It took me many years to finally understand that my mind, body, and spirit aren’t my enemies but my ego definitely can be… Admitting that I’ve made some big mistakes was a hit to my ego but at the same time it was the only way to learn powerful life lessons and growth as a person. Now instead of trying to be a perfect human being I wake up every day, embrace the creator role and slowly but consistently creating a life I always wanted to live, an authentic one! Thank you so much for your thought-provoking comment! Caz, your words (as ALWAYS!) are the best summary of my post! Have a wonderful day! 😘😘

  2. I’m a firm believer in the power of intuition, what other purpose would a bad feeling about something have? It’s a warning, a sign to be careful… even if nothing bad happens we can rationalise it was because we changed our behaviour and hence the risk or outcome. Likewise with a good feeling, if something works out well it reinforces our belief.
    And belief in ourselves is a good thing!
    Have a great day 🙂

    1. Hi Karen!! Thank you for your comment! That is so true! I couldn’t agree more. I’ve noticed that every time when I go against this first “gut feeling” I’m in trouble. Instead, if I chose to trust and embrace my intuition I feel calm and relaxed even if I don’t know why yet. But usually, everything becomes clear after a while. Intuition is a very powerful tool and it always comes first before we have full access to our critical and logical thinking. Of course, the best solution is to combine gut instinct with critical thinking during our decision-making process but let’s face it sometimes there’s no time for that. And in those cases, I tend to rely on my intuition only without even trying to analyze every single detail of a certain situation. Again thank you for your feedback. Take care and have a beautiful day!😘

  3. I believe completely in acting on instinct and I agree that it’s a sign of confidence, you trust yourself. This is a great post, Kate!

    1. Thank you, Aixa!! I truly believe that intuition is our best life guidance. Of course, when it comes to big life decisions the best option is to combine “gut instinct” with logical and critical thinking but what about those situations when there’s no time for analyzing all the pros and cons? Well, that’s the exact moment when we should rely on this first “gut feeling” because it’s trying to save our butt! 😁😉

          1. 😂 That’s hilarious! Oddly, I think I’m the only woman who doesn’t like chocolate

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