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Grab FREE Self-Love(r) Planner And Indulge In Self-Care.

Table of Contents <h3>Are You Struggling To…</h3> <ul><li>rest</li><li>relax</li><li>recharge your batteries</li><li>build a strong relationship with yourself</li><li>give yourself the love that you need & truly deserve</li><li>change the tone of your inner voice to a more positive one</li><li>set powerful intentions that will motivate you to become the best version of yourself</li></ul> If your…

The Ultimate Self-Care Planner: From Surviving To Thriving Is Finally Here!

Table of Contents <h3>The Ultimate Self-Care Planner For The New Year!</h3> We are extremely stressed and overwhelmed with work, family responsibilities, financial challenges, everyday choices, and too much completely irrelevant information that our brain cannot even process properly. When someone asks us when was the last time we were at…

Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle 2020. My Review + FREEBIES!

Table of Contents <h3>Essential (Oils) in Your Daily Life</h3> Here’s a fact: no one will ever care about your health or your family’s health as much as YOU do. That’s why it’s imperative that you arm yourself with knowledge and resources that will equip you to be the most effective…

How To Truly Rest And Recharge Your Mind, Body And Spirit: 7 Types Of Rest

Give Yourself A Rest That You Deserve <ol><li>Do you feel tired on your off days?</li><li>Do you feel completely rest, refresh and recharge after a vacation?</li><li>Do your relationships nourish your emotional health?</li><li>Do you usually wake up happy and on time?</li><li>Do you feel at peace with yourself?</li></ol>We live on the run and…

Too Busy To Fit Self-Care Activities Into Your Daily Schedule? Try These 12 Wellness Practices For Busy Entrepreneurs!

If you’re struggling to fit wellness practices into your daily schedule, then continue to read this post to find out the best, easiest and most effective wellness practices that you can easily fit into your busy schedule. 

Top 9 Self-Care Activities For Busy People.

Most of us know that we should prioritize self-care but when it comes to practising it suddenly it turns out that we are way too busy. Our schedules are insanely overbooked with things that were due yesterday. Our brains are overloaded by an insane amount of information that it cannot even process. 

We eat in a hurry because apparently, 20 minutes for a lunch break is long enough not only to chew your food properly but also to notice the smell and taste of the food. We constantly sacrifice our sleep to accomplish more work in a day. We talk through messaging because make a phone call or actually meet someone in person would be a waste of time and we don’t have any. 

We are extremely stressed, anxious and overwhelmed with work, family responsibilities, financial challenges and that never-ending to-do list that was supposed to help us but instead it’s making us feel even worse. When someone asks us when was the last time we took a day for ourselves we are unable to answer. 

It’s time to break free from this negative life pattern and start taking better care of yourself! To help you with that today I’m sharing with you 9 simple self-care practices for extremely busy people. I hope you’re like it!

Staying Sane During The Pandemic: 10 Self-Care Ideas To Thrive During Challenging Times.

Thrive, Not Just Survive kinda mindset</p> <h4>Table of Contents</h4> <h3>Staying Positive During Difficult Times</h3> <p>Before the Pandemic hit, most of us could hardly find time in the day to rest and relax, not to mention having a life outside work. We were always on the run, desperately trying to manage…

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