How To Create A Healthy Mind, Body & Soul Balance.


Life is incredibly challenging. There is no doubt about that. When things turn out the way we expect them to, we usually lower our guard. But when life puts us in a very tough spot we tend to panic. Certainly, it is a quite normal and natural human reaction, but if we manage to create a balance between mind, body, and soul it would be easier to face difficult times and get through struggles. You may ask why is it so important. Personally, I believe that balance is kind of our “life immune system”, which not only protect us but also make us stronger in this extremely confused and chaotic world we live in.

Benefits Of Holistic Approach To Your Daily Life.

Therefore, if we want to live our life to the fullest we need to rebalance our energy through the mind, body, and soul to create perfect equilibrium. From my personal experience, I can tell you that, we can boost this “life immune system” in a very similar way we do it with our immunity which protects us from pathogens and infections. If you are interested in creating this perfect equilibrium, I highly recommend you to try various balance exercises and techniques which I am describing below. Don’t forget that conscientiousness and consistency are the keys to success. But first, let’s talk about some logical reasons why creating and maintaining a healthy balance is so beneficial to us. From my personal experience, I noticed that Living with the integrity of mind, body, and soul helps us to:

  • Create a healthy relationship with ourselves
  • Control our life and confront efficiently the chaos of everyday life
  • Find our inner peace
  • Find our identity
  • Discover our basic self & connect with our inner child
  • Live a mindful and conscious life
  • Helps us to connect with our higher self
  • Develop self-awareness
  • Awaken our intuition
  • Believe in ourselves
  • Stop negative self-talk
  • Build confidence
  • Prioritize our life
  • Fight procrastination
  • Improve our concentration and focus
  • Increase motivation
  • Master our fear & overcome an anxiety
  • Develop self-respect
  • Improve sleep
  • Find happiness

Now, let’s talk about natural and healthy methods that help us to achieve a dynamic equilibrium state of mind & body & soul.

Here are balance exercises and techniques I use on a daily basis and in my opinion, are the most efficient and beneficial:

For the mind:

  • Law of attraction - it is one of the most powerful laws of the universe based on the assumption that we have an ability to attract both positive and negative things into our life. Don’t hesitate, just put your focus on things you want to achieve and take action.
  • Use positive affirmations & thoughts as a motivation for your actions. Always try to turn negative beliefs and thoughts into positive ones!
  • Practice mindfulness meditation & breathing techniques to improve your focus & connect with your higher self
  • Improve your Personal development - focus on your talents and your potential
  • Adopt a positive mindset - It is crucial because our attitude guides us all of the time
  • Observe & describe your emotions - train your brain to respond instead of reacting to things
  • Practice Yoga to improve your health, balance, focus, and breathing
  • Adopt healthy strategies to release your Anger - try simple exercises to release anger, frustration & stress (you can find them online!)
  • Read & Learn new things you are interested in on a daily basis because it contributes to our personal development
  • Create a daily routine that works for you - a healthy routine improves our wellbeing & focus
  • Set your goal structure (both micro & macro goals) - if you want to achieve something, first you have to schedule it!
  • Try a Therapy - talking to a therapist is an extremely beneficial and purifying experience. From a personal point of view, I can tell you that the first time I felt heard and understood without being judged was during my therapy session.
  • Write Daily Journal - it is a great way to forge a deeper connection with yourself

For the body:

  • Find the natural rhythm of your body. Work with your body not against it (sleep well, eat healthily, nourish your body, exercise, connect with nature, get some natural light and treat yourself in a healthy way)
  • Adopt a healthy diet and nutrition plan - create a healthy relationship with food & eat organic
  • Detox your body - clear your body of toxins and boost your metabolism naturally (try detoxifying drinks, herbs, and cleansing foods).
  • Boost your Immunity system naturally (the best ways are: healthy nutrient-dense foods, working out on a daily basis, relaxation techniques, supplements & probiotics, get enough sleep, catch some sunlight)
  • Work out regularly/go for a walk every day - sport improves our mental and physical health
  • Adopt a holistic approach to health - we should always respect a healing force of nature
  • Try Natural medicine - in many cases alternative medicine is more effective and what is even more important it has no or fewer side effects than the conventional one (if used in an appropriate manner)

For the spirit:

  • Find a life Purpose (listen to your intuition it will always tell you the truth about yourself)
  • Find and fuel your Passion (find out what drives you)
  • Engage yourself in Creative activity - find your authentic creative voice  
  • Connect with nature - observing & experiencing the beauty of nature makes us grounded and grateful (do outdoor activities, go for a walk, feel the earth beneath you)
  • Practice being Grateful - don’t take anything for granted and express your gratitude
  • Practice Forgiveness in a mindful way - don’t force yourself to forgive somebody who hurt you only because it is the right thing to do, be true to yourself and surround yourself with positive energy
  • Listen to your Inner voice & trust your Intuition - the inner voice is our guidance
  • Practice positive self-talk - use positive affirmation on a daily basis
  • Be more kind, helpful and respectful person - Karma is real

Remember that your life is in your hands!!



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