Simply Mindful Autumn Self-Care Rituals.


Embrace the Autumn season

It’s official. Italian’s long, hot summer is over even if none of my friends want to admit this. They just chose to live in denial still wearing shorts and T-shirts even if the temperature has noticeably dropped. And while they are still trying to catch some rays I’ve been already wearing my cozy, extra warm jumpers from about a week. Not to mention about sleeping under a giant winter blanket with socks on… even if it’s not that cold yet. But as a person who still struggles with insomnia, I just need to create a proper true relaxation time to be able to fall asleep in the first place. And speaking about my idea of perfect hibernation night it can be summarized in three words: cozy, warm and dark. So, if my bedroom is pitch-black, scented with essential oils and comfortably warm it means that I can rest assured in the arms of Morpheus. And wake up refreshed and ready to begin the next day of my life.

Being honest, I’ve never really liked autumn so it was quite challenging to find some good reasons to celebrate this rainy, gloomy and freezy prelude to the pale winter. And you know what?! Quite recently I discovered that autumn can be actually quite inspiring. It depends on how we choose to spend this time of the year. Of course, it can be difficult to find a motivation to get up early with positive energy especially if it’s freezing and gloomy outside but it’s possible with the right attitude. Being a person who truly believes that there is always a silver lining I was determined to find the way to actually enjoy this autumn. And you know what? There is and it’s called mindfulness. So, I decided to celebrate this season through self-care rituals. And this is exactly what I’ve been doing for a week now. And I must tell you that I am quite surprised at how beautiful autumn can be. To be able to notice that I just had to stop comparing autumn to the summer what obviously was the main reason why I always got depressed at this time of the year. Instead, I decided to nourish my senses and soul with the beauty of the colorful scenery, delicious taste of pumpkin latte, an amazing scent of a cinnamon candle and nicely spiced, soft gingerbread cookies. Oh, gosh I’m in heaven

The world outside my house seems to transform in a magical garden with colorful leaves and delicious flavor of roasted chestnuts in the air makes me fall in love with this season. This autumn vibe actually inspired me to create dedicated self-care rituals to mindfully embrace this autumn.

Celebrate autumn through self-care rituals  

 5 dimension of self-care

1. Mental - revitalize your mental energy

  • Practice Mindfulness breathing
  • Do Mental housekeeping - focus on your mental wellbeing, develop self-awareness and self-acceptance
  • Create a spa-like home experience
  • Learn new skills
  • Feed your hobby
  • Connect with nature - feel the autumn vibe
  • Connect with your inner child - embrace the tree & jump in a pile of leaves

 2. Physical - celebrate your body

  • Improve your Nutrition - adopt a nutrient dense food and treat yourself with healthy options
  • Try some homemade warm fall beverages
  • Don’t forget about Supplements - especially about Vitamine D
  • Engage yourself in Physical activity
  • Go for a Mindful walking - take your inner child to the walk in the park or forest
  • Get quality sleep - sleep is the best medicine
  • Add essential oils to the bath or shower

3. Spiritual - nourish your soul

  • Implement Meditation in your daily routine
  • Try Hot Yoga session
  • Boost your Creativity
  • Practice Gratitude

4. Emotional - boost your positive emotions

  • Keep a Journal - write to release your emotions
  • Try The Mirror Technique - it’s a confidence-building technique. Stand
  • in front of a mirror, look at your reflection and talk to yourself in a kind way
  • Get some Therapy sessions
  • Practice Mindful relaxation

5. Social - treat yourself

  • Spend quality time with family and friends
  • Take a step outside your comfort zone
  • Engage yourself in positive & pleasurable social situations - go to the theatre, start a new group course, yoga course, organize friend & family dinner to celebrate autumn
  • Find a new favorite coffee shop and restaurant in your city
  • Go for a one day trip with your friends and spend quality time in the autumn air

Autumn bucket list - Set your goals for this autumn

  1. Let the autumn colors inspire you

  2. Adjust a morning routine for autumn - nourish your mind, body, and soul

  3. Watch movies in cold, autumn evenings  - Have you ever seen “Autumn in New York”? Sad but incredibly beautiful movie

  4. Read books in the autumn evening

  5. Create an autumn-inspired photo collage

  6. Create a vision board inspired by the autumn vibe

  7. Take outdoor photos

  8. Treat yourself with healthy, delicious recipes to warm you up

  9. Write yourself a kind letter - tell what you are a grateful for

  10. Get a cozy cold weather pajamas

  11. Get some cozy and warm blankets

  12. Carve a pumpkin

  13. Get some autumn houseplants

  14. Take a walk on a carpet of autumn leaves

  15. Invest in a wake-up light alarm clock

The 6 senses of autumn

Use your senses to mindfully embrace autumn


  • Start your autumn for foodies project - Comfort foods
  • Add herbs in your diet
  • Warm fall beverages - Enjoy your morning coffee, a hot cup of tea and of course delicious cinnamon hot chocolate


  • Make a fall playlist on Spotify
  • Listen to the autumn nature sounds


  • Autumn Leaves - use them to decorate your house
  • Watch a fall sunrise & sunset


  • Use Essential oils in your daily routine
  • Light up a Scented Candles


  • Pick chestnuts
  • Embrace the tree

6. Intuition 

  • Feel the autumn vibe  

Take care

Stay positive

and Embrace mindfully this autumn

xx Kate

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2 thoughts on “Simply Mindful Autumn Self-Care Rituals.

  1. Love this post. I do some of these things already, but I am book marking this page on my phone to come back to other ideas I like here.

    Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. Hi Liz!! Thank you so much for your kind comment! I’m happy that you find my autumn self-care ideas helpful. I’ve never really liked autumn and for many years I’ve been trying my best not to get depressed on the last day of summer 😀 However, earlier this year I told myself that I really need to change this and so far it’s working 😉 I wish you a great week! Take care!! xx

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