Do You Believe In Unicorns?


Today is a really great day. I’ve had some important appointments in the morning and each of them went really good. Even better than I thought. What definitely set the tone for the rest of the day. Which is kinda surprising because I was so stressed out in the morning about how things would turn out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a pessimist but a realistic optimist. Even if I try to adopt a positive mental attitude every single morning I always stay realistic. Maybe because I’ve been struggling with depression for many years or maybe because I just hate to be disappointed. And as we all know, life doesn’t always turn out the way we expect it. That’s why even if I am not a pessimist, I am definitely the master of planning for the potential worst-case scenarios. Of course, I don’t expect them to happen but I just want to avoid great disappointment in case something goes wrong. This way I would be able to shape up, deal with the consequences and find a solution very rapidly. It just makes more sense to me than being an incurable optimist, who in my opinion fails to see a potential danger lurking around the corner. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry. Right?

Call it a contradiction if you want… I call it a healthy balance…

I’m perfectly aware of what you may think about me being a realistic optimist. You probably think that I contradict myself because I strongly believe in the power of positive thinking especially in the law of attraction and now I am saying that I always plan for the potential worst-case scenario. But there is actually a simple and logical explanation for this. Here it is… I worked out a very satisfactory and well-balanced compromise to be consistent and at peace with myself. Because why not? It’s all about creating a healthy balance and listening to your intuition. And it’s exactly what I am doing right now. Besides, I am the captain of my own ship so I make the rules on board. Since I guarantee the rights of passengers and I provide a high standard of their safety it’s my prerogative. Sorry, not sorry… However, it’s always better to be positively impressed than unexpectedly disappointed. Is anyone with me on this? I really hope so.

Fully present… Mindful af…

Anyway, to get back to the point; my today’s mood. I am glad, happy and satisfied because of the outcome was even better than expected. It doesn’t happen often. Usually, I have to come up with a plan “B”. But not today. I’m not going to lie, it definitely turned me on a bit. I feel so high in dopamine… and it definitely shows… because I’ve been asked more than 15 times today is everything ok. Hahaha, it’s better than ok… it’s GREAT! Knowing fully well that this state of mind won’t last forever I just want to indulge in this pleasant and contented mental state. I am truly experiencing this moment with all my senses. Fully present. Mindful as f*ck. So happy I could cry. Hence my ear-to-ear grin. I could stay like this forever… Only forever and a day

Fully convinced that nothing and no one can spoil my mood, I’m going on with the rest of my day with this giant smile plastered on my face… because I’m in high spirits… because everything went according to plan… ‘Cause what could possibly happen… what? Well,  something interesting can always happen… for instance… sh*t happens… sometimes… But not today…

At some point, I can figure out that people are giving me this strange look like I’m some kind of nut… or worse high on something else than dopamine… like it was something strange or socially unacceptable to be in high spirits… ok in very high spirits… a state of incredible joy that may in some circumstances resemble some kind of mania… so it’s fair enough BUT up to a point… But still who cares? No one cares. I DON’T care. So I continue to ignore how my attitude is perceived by random people who clearly don’t participate in my quasi-oneiric experience.

“Your vibe attracts your tribe”

Since one of the top rules of my life is “Your vibe attracts your tribe” when I see people who don’t get me, my personality, my attitude and of course my jokes I move on. Cause, being completely honest I can live with that. No offense. Each of us radiates some kind of energy that may or may not attract others. People are or aren’t compatible. And it’s ok. There is nothing wrong with that. Some people like to spice up their lives with craziness, unpredictability and some reasonable amount of chaos and others prefer tranquility, predictability, and regularity in life. And that’s totally ok. The fact that everyone is different for me personally make living in the society more interesting. Besides, is there any better way to expand your horizons than learning from others? Kind of rhetorical question

Where did you leave your unicorn?

Anyway, getting back to my story… what happened next… Well, at some point I noticed that people were giving me weird looks probably because of my a bit bizarre behavior that could be described as “being high on life” but I choose to ignore that. Until one thing happened that made me realize that maybe I was a bit too happy to be accepted by society. But, wait a minute, can you be too happy? Is there some kind of limit of happiness and joy? I admit, that some time ago I’ve read a scientific article about happiness titled “Too much happiness can make you unhappy”… seems a bit absurd… or quite ironic.. but maybe it’s true… anyway I didn’t take it seriously. Maybe I should have done it. I wouldn’t be so surprised today.

But, moving on, I continued living my life to its fullest, being on a cloud nine until I went into a UPS headquarters to pick up my package. Still with this giant smile plastered on my face… and I am pretty sure that I was humming one of my favorite songs of all times “The show must go on”… When one of the UPS employees came to me and asked me this question: “Where did you leave your unicorn?” and he just laughed. A little confused but still in my happy bubble I said to him: “Okay, but what’s going on here? And he told me that that I look like some character from a fairy tale or cartoon but he just couldn’t figure out from which one… and the Queen’s song misled him a bit. That’s why he chose, in his opinion, a safe option which was a magical, fairy tale about Unicorns… well… considering my high on dopamine mood I just cannot blame him for his interpretation… So, I laughed and he offered himself to help me finding my unicorn…  he definitely got my vibe 😁

That was definitely the highlight of my day… 

The punch line, Kate?

The moral of this story is that happiness is a state of mind, chemical imbalance, a temporary high, a natural phenomenon, and a just a feeling. It’s not a permanent state. Happiness is a journey, not a destination. Happiness is a choice. So when it happens to you, don’t overanalyze it. Just embrace this fleeting moment… Don’t be afraid of embarrassing yourself. Be fully present. Just go with it. Be authentic. Find your tribe and live your life to the fullest! No regrets!

Take care

Have fun

Be mindful

Xx Kate

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2 thoughts on “Do You Believe In Unicorns?

  1. “I was a bit too happy to be accepted by society” - I think this can be true, you see people that seem too happy and it’s just not a ‘done’ thing, like there’s something wrong with them. Pretty crazy when you think about it! So glad your appointments went well and a great post, Kate, very inspiring and encouraging! 🙂
    Caz x

    1. Hi Carol! Thank you so much for your kind words!! Yesterday I must have been really high on dopamine and I think that I reached my limit for this week because today I am calm and kinda exhausted 😁… or maybe it’s because the equilibrium of the world must be maintained… everything is possible, I guess. Whatever that it, I decided to continue my “comfort food Friday” and I am about to order my favorite pizza with double mozzarella cheese… Take care Carol! Have a great weekend!! 😘

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