You Never Miss a Good Thing ‘Til It’s Gone… -The Importance Of Practicing Gratitude.

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You may have only one life - be mindful 

The truth may scare you. But don’t worry we’re in this together. So just take a deep breath and hold on tight. We’re gonna get through this… I promise… I know you’re scared but you just have to trust me. It’s for your own good. Please don’t hate me for what I am going to tell you because I feel terrible already. But first, there’s something you should know… I am a bit scared too… yeah, I know, I’m sorry, I just can’t help it. It just overwhelms me. Yet still, we have no choice in the matter. We just have to focus on getting the truth. So, I’m only going to ask you this once, Are you with me on this? Yes? OK, I really hope so.

Follow the Noble Eight Fold Path

So tell me what comes after death? Is there really life after death? Do heaven and hell really exist? Is there actual proof of the afterlife? If reincarnation is real, where do new souls come from? What if, there is only an emptiness, complete and utter oblivion. And nothing else? According to the Buddha, we can all reach nirvana and become enlightened… but to attain the end of suffering in life we need to follow the Noble Eight Fold Path… You know that, right? What’s the real price of life? Is there a grace and justice after death? How come you don’t know the answers? What you mean you’re not sure? Well, being honest it’s really not what I expected. I was pretty sure that you knew the answers… at least one of them… So maybe it’s actually true that we all have only one life? Maybe we should assume this and do all our best to live a decent lifestyle… what do you think about this?

Gratitude is the best attitude

When I count to three close your eyes and hold your breath. I’ll just whisper it in your ear so you won’t forget. It is very possible that we have only one life. I get you, we’re not 100% certain, but it certainly looks that way. So we really should assume that it’s true, just for peace of mind. Some may say that it’s a matter of faith. And I respect that but frankly, there are no guarantees. Whatever the truth is, there is certainly one thing we all should do… and it’s called adopting the right mindset. The one that will guide us during times of personal crisis and overwhelming doubt.

Yes, I know, you have every right to be upset, maybe even frustrated but still, there is no better choice than that. I just feel it in my soul. I believe with my whole self that an attitude of gratitude is the best way to live a meaningful and substantial life. Of course, you can assume that it’s all a matter of perspective. But do you really think, that you can find your unique Human purpose in life without taking a responsibility for your actions and words? Do you believe that you can experience happiness without sadness? Really? Are you sure? And then,

“If you’re not grateful for what you already have, why should you be blessed with more…” ― Germany Kent

You never miss a good thing ‘til it’s gone

Did you ever think that the things you take for granted are the things others are praying for? We really don’t pay enough attention to that. We don’t appreciate things that deserve our gratitude the most. We just assume that if we have something, know somebody or experience a certain feeling it will last forever. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try we cannot maintain our pleasant status quo forever. Because the universe has always its plan, and this plan is always in motion. The higher-order running the universe hardly gives us any time to prepare for what is going to happen next. And we all know that sometimes everything changes within a fraction of a second. Without any warning. Without any time for preparation. And if we want to survive we need to adapt to new reality immediately.

There is no time to lose. Every second is precious. This is the exact moment when we realize what is really beyond our control. Then we start to think that we should have been appreciating more all we had. We should have been more self-conscious, self-aware, thankful and grateful for the good things and the lack of bad ones. Life proves us AGAIN that we never miss a good thing ‘til it’s gone… 

Mindful gratitude practice  

We fail completely to be thankful for the many blessings we have. And then we regret not having been grateful for when it’s usually too late. Just think about how many times in life you have said it to yourself that you should have been more grateful for every single thing you had, for every precious second you spend with your loved ones, for every minute of your life. I’ve bet you’ve felt this way countless times… so have I… Honestly, I don’t know what is more frustrating in moments like this: having lost what you’ve had or being disappointed in yourself… And this awful feeling of being completely defeated… I hate it from the bottom of my heart. The last time I felt that way, I promised myself to never experience this awful state of mind again. There is the only way to avoid this and it’s called “mindful gratitude practice”.

Words DO matter

I’ve always been open with sharing my emotions with others even with those who really didn’t deserve my honesty. But at least I’ve been true to myself. Now, I continue to do that but in a mindful and more conscious way. I just love to see people smile because someone has appreciated them. Even if society is incredibly dysfunctional, there are still many beautiful souls out there. And trust me, words DO matter. People Do care about what you tell them and what you don’t. Sometimes one kind word is enough to change or even save someone’s life. Don’t take everything for granted. Don’t assume that you will be able to maintain a pleasurable status quo. Life is unpredictable and everything can change in the nick of time. Be mindfully grateful for every moment of pleasure, delightful joy, incredible satisfaction and blissful calm that comes right after it. Grand yourself in gratitude and you will find the purpose of your life. Today is the first day of the rest of your life and the best moment to start your gratitude journey. Don’t f*ck this up!

Simple ways to practice gratitude

  1. Practice mindfulness - focus on the present moment
  2. Meditate
  3. Mirror technique exercise -  Stand directly in front of the mirror, look straight into your own eyes and give yourself a pep talk. Reflect on your worth and value.
  4. Practice mindful breathing
  5. Keep gratitude journal
  6. Spend quality time with loved ones - celebrate beautiful moments and every small accomplishment
  7. Express yourself  & share your feelings
  8. Be spontaneous - if you feel the need to tell somebody something do it!
  9. Learn to say “thank you” and do it!
  10. Connect with nature - spend more time outside / take a walk
  11. Allow yourself to be vulnerable - don’t be afraid of embarrassing yourself
  12. Help others selflessly without getting something in return.
  13. Don’t give up even if someone won’t appreciate you’ve been appreciating them
  14. Stop taking things for granted - Close your eyes and feel blessed
  15. Cultivate “dolce far niente” - indulge in pleasant idleness

Raise your glass 

Let us all raise a glass and toast (with water or juice) to the new phase of our life - the beginning of gratitude journey. It’s a high time to increase the satisfaction with our lives through mindful gratitude practice. Live your life to the fullest. Transform your gratitude into a concrete representation that will bring passion and substance into your daily life. And never forget that your life is a gift. Just close your eyes and feel blessed… because we all may have only one life

Start practicing gratitude 

Stay positive

Be mindful

and Take care!

xx Kate

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