10 Questions To Unlock Your Creative Potential

Find the motivation and Unleash your creative beast with these powerful tips, trocks and hacks!

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Unleash your creative beast

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Simple Ways To Reach Your Full Potential

  • Unlock your potential and evolve in the best version of yourself!
  • Discover your hidden natural talents and evolve in creative genius!
  • Find your life purpose and create life from your dreams!


Seems great, but how can I achieve that?!

First of all, considering the number of methods and materials on this subject it must be one of the most important human concern of our time. But even if there is all kind of staff from coaching books to youtube videos about unlocking your full potential and finding a key to self-mastery it all appears to be some kind of secret knowledge, an asset for only a select few. But what if there is a simpler solution to unlocking your creative potential that will save you time, effort and frustration during this whole process? I may know something about this… And the best part is that you can do it here and now without special preparation or spending your money on books or online courses. Just take out a pen and a piece of paper and answer to my 10 “Unlocking your creative potential” questions. But before you get started here’s my tip:

Don’t try to come up with so-called perfect answers. Just listen to what your intuition tells you and write it down without stressing out or thinking too much about it. Make it a fun, positive and pleasant experience!

So good luck and have fun!

10 questions to unlock your potential and release your creative beast!


1. If your life was a book what would be the perfect title of your life story?

Imagine that you’re writing an autobiography the whole world has been waiting for. What would be the perfect title highlighting your personality, best achievements, some spectacular failures, wrong choices, life-changing decisions and some epic staff you have done so far? There’s no time to be shy. Free your creativity and write down the perfect title of your life story.


2. What would you do if you were invisible for a day?

Imagine that you wake up one day and you discover that you are invisible. You have no idea how this happened and how long this experience of having an invisible body will last, but there’s no time for analyzing that. Every second counts because things can go back to the way they were and you will lose your chance to use your superpower and do something unusual, crazy and completely unexpected so you act fast. So what you decide to do and why?  


3. What would your superpowers based on your personality be?

Imagine you woke up one day with a superpower based on your personality traits. If you have no idea what would it be just write down your core personality characteristics and find the common denominator! If you’re shy and public speeches trigger your anxiety a superpower based on your personality would be being invisible. Or maybe you’re chaotic, easily distracted with a noticeable tendency to procrastinate and being able to time travel would help you to overcome your life dilemma?  Use your creative side and write down the first thing that comes to your mind.


4.What was the best mistake you ever made?

It is said that mistakes are our best teachers and I completely agree with that. No one is perfect we all make mistakes in life. Sometimes it’s just one, small misstep and repercussions are almost imperceptible. While in other cases it’s a more complicated issue that can be compared to “The forbidden fruit effect”. Nonetheless, the deed is done. You can’t turn back time and make things undone so maybe turning a negative situation into a positive one and learning some valuable lesson from it the best choice? You may call it a “failure”, I call it an “opportunity” to grow. Besides is there any better way to embrace your mistakes than by using a negative outcome of your past decisions to your advantage? It’s not how learning process should look like? Now, tell me what was the best mistake you ever made?


5. If you could be an animal what would it be and why?

Another great question that reflects your personality. Honestly, if I could be an animal in my next incarnation I would have a hard time deciding between a dog (a guide dog) and bird (most probably a Hummingbird).

The first option reflects my love for helping others.

Being a well-trained, well-fed and a happy dog with a purpose to guide their owner’s through life would be a great opportunity to help and fulfill someone else’s life. Besides, do you know a better way to increase oxytocin levels than by helping others?

The second option reflects my inability to sit or stand still and love for travel (in a high-speed way)

Being a free, fast, insanely colorful and eating flower nectar Hummingbird would be a dream come true. Just imagine being a free spirit, savor delicious nectar and have a lot of fun flying above the Earth.

What about you? If you could be an animal in your next incarnation what would it be and why?


release your creative beast

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how to unlock your creative potential

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6. What would you tell a 5-year-old self who wanted to be an adult?

Kids love to play pretend and imagine they are adults. They have this incredibly genuine idea of an adult world that unfortunately in most cases has nothing to do with the reality. When I was a kid I dreamed about starting a foster-based animal rescue organization because I wanted every homeless and hungry animal to have a warm house and bowl filled with food. I remember to collect my pocket money on my piggy bank for that hoping this childhood dream would become a reality someday. I was so focused on planning the biggest project of my adult life that I wasn’t even playing and doing all these “kids’ staff”. I was such a serious kid that couldn’t wait to be an adult fully responsible for my life. Oh my gosh, I hated being dependent on my parents. Now after all these years if I had a chance to talk to my 5- year old self I would tell her to play more, laugh lauder even if someone has a problem with that and just be a kid. Because you have only one chance to be a kid. And you, what would you tell to a 5-year old yourself?  


7. If you were capable of anything what path would you decide to take in your life?

Imagine that you have the power to do anything you want, achieve everything you desire and no limits regarding the time frame what would you do? Would you rather focus on your personal gain or create lasting positive social impact? No judgment. Close your eyes, free your creativity and write down your answer!


8. If you could time travel what would be the first place you would visit in the past or future?

Imagine you have a time machine or ability to time travel what would be the first place you would visit and why? What year or era in the past or in the future you would choose? Would you rather see with your own eyes one of the most important historical events that completely changed the world or discover how far we could go and what are the limits of human civilization?

9. What has to happen for you to make you say that you’re permanently happy?

Achieving a state of permanent happiness seems extremely difficult if not absolutely impossible considering capricious, erratic and paradoxical human nature. But let leave that emotional inconsistency and self-contradictory reasoning aside for one moment and think about a hypothetical situation in your life that would make you feel permanently happy. What would have to change in your life that you could say aout loud that you are in a state of permanent happiness? Or maybe you already feel that way?


10. If you had to choose only one word to describe your personality what would it be?

Imagine you have only one word and one chance to describe your personality, what would you chose and why? What is the most significant characteristic of your persona? How would you describe yourself to someone who has never met you using only one word? But before you even start thinking about it remember that you can choose any word, in any language so don’t limit yourself to the most commonly used adjectives. It can be anything from panacea to idiosyncratic. Think outside of the box. Be creative, extravagant or even pretentious and find the perfect word!


I hope  a lot of you’ll have a lot of fun answearing these 10 questions! 

Be Mindful

Stay Positive

and Unlock Your Creative Potential!

xx Kate 

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16 thoughts on “10 Questions To Unlock Your Creative Potential

    1. Thank you, Karen! I had a lot of fun writing this post. And I don’t know if it’s just me or everyone, but I love asking and answering my own question 😁 How strange is that?! Anyways, have a great day and have fun answering these questions! And let me know how it goes! 😉

        1. I can totally relate to that because I talk to myself all the time. Besides who understands me better than I understand myself?! 😂 There are disagreements, disputes, and altercations sometimes but I guess it’s also quite normal 😁

  1. My creative side seems to have packed a suitcase and left without me a little while ago. I need to call it back. These are great prompts, Kate! Will bookmark this page to come back to 🙂
    Caz xx

    1. My creative side did the same thing but got depressed without me… She’s back again standing outside my door and begging to take her back… I guess I’ll take the risk upon me… I love your comments! Caz your the best!! 😀😀😀

  2. Such fun exercises! If I could be invisible is too easy, spend every minute looking for justice for all of the victims in the world ✌️👊

    1. The fact that you would use your superpower to help others speaks a lot about you!! Being a highly sensitive person myself I feel the suffering of people I’m “only “hearing about. Sometimes it’s really hard to cope with it especially when it comes to children…

  3. I am loving these questions. You are so right in so many regards. I chuckled to myself when you asked about what my 5-year old self to do knowing what we know now. I would tell her to keep writing, because I loved to write then. I wanted to be an author, and here I am blogging all these years later. I would tell her to keep dreaming and never let anyone or anything talk her out of them.

    1. Hi! Thank you for your positive feedback! I love your response for “what would you tell to your 5-year old self”. It’s incredible how amazing creative potential and unrestricted imagination we have as kids that in many cases fades over time. Which is kinda sad because our natural talents start to emerge in early childhood and if we grow up in a positive environment where adults help us to nourish our talents and passions they influence our career choices. I truly believe that embracing our inner child is the best and most beautiful way to unlock our creative potential and finding our life purpose. I’m so happy that you keep nourishing your passion for writing because your blog is amazing, creative and incredibly interesting! Keep writing! Take care and have a wonderful day!

  4. Um, I think I have missed the point here! I have answered the questions, but in reviewing my answers they haven’t connected with revealing my creative potential. Maybe I don’t have any, but I guess that’s worth knowing too!

    1. Hi Jane! Thank you for your comment! My intention in writing this post was to encourage others to delve deeper into knowing themselves but in a way that is not extremely serious. I do believe that we all have creative potential but to be able to use it we have to increase our self-awareness and overcome the mental blocks that prevent us from succeeding. Then we can unlock our potential and start creating things. Have a wonderful day and take care!

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