What to Do When You Have No Motivation & A Lot Of Work To Do: 11 Ways To Regain Your Motivation & Passion.

what to do when you have zero motivation


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When You Lack Of Motivational Energy

Lack of motivation can be one of the greatest obstacles in achieving your goals and creating the life you want to live. It blocks your creativity, slows down your progress, and makes it hard to get anything done, even the easiest tasks. Suddenly everything seems to be unappealing and staying in bed all day long watching Netflix becomes the only option to survive the day. But does it really?

What if I told you that you can increase your motivational energy and stamina in a pretty easy way? Because that’s actually true. So if you feel unmotivated, uninspired and just off, then continue to read this post to discover 11 ways to boost your motivational energy and put yourself back in motion. 

So let’s dive in!

1. Find The Source Of Your Problem

Oftentimes, lack of motivation is just a momentary feeling that that appears, grows and disappears by itself and you can get back to what you were doing as if nothing had happened. At other times, having no motivation is just a little piece of a much larger problem that you’re probably not aware of. At moments like this when you can’t just shake the feeling of no motivation, you need to delve deeper into it and try to find the reason why you’re feeling that way. 

Because here’s the thing, every emotion is a call for action to either change your perception or change your behaviour. And feeling unmotivated is no exception to the rule. Your job is to investigate your lack of motivation and decode the message this particular emotion has to offer. Once you do it, you will be able to use that knowledge to your advantage. To help you with that, here are 5 simple questions that can help you to investigate your feelings:

  1. Identify what is the emotion you feel deep down inside. Is it the lack of motivation you’re experiencing?
  2. What is the possible reason why you lost motivation? Fear of failure? Lack of clarity? Too high expectations? Low self-esteem? Fear of hard work? Unrealistic expectations?
  3. What is the message the lack of motivation has to offer?
  4. How you can use the loss of motivation to your advantage?
  5. Do you need to change your perception or change your behavior to regain your motivation?

2. Negotiate With Yourself

Our whole life is one big negotiation process, we just don’t always notice it. But the truth is, negotiation accompanies us throughout our lives. We negotiate on salary, on rent, on the Facebook marketplace. We negotiate a better price on furniture, a new or used car, or even on real estate. But there’s more. We negotiate when planning meeting or event. We negotiate for more vacation time. Another example? Here it is: When we get a speeding ticket we negotiate to lower the fine with the court. (well, definitely some of us…)

Undoubtedly, negotiation is an important part of everyday life. So why not use your negotiation techniques to trick yourself into being productive when you’re not feeling it? However, it does not mean that you should force yourself into being productive when your mind, body and spirit rebel against it. Because that would only increase your frustration. A much better option is to start with simple tasks and choose a reward for completing every single task. Tacking the easy things on your to-do list first while thinking about a reward will almost certainly trick your brain into being productive. 

3. Define Your "Why"

Simon Sinek in his book titled „Start With Why” talks about how important is to define your „Why” – your life purpose before you take action. He clarifies that only when we think, act and communicate with the outside world from our „Why” we are capable of unlocking our full potential, setting achievable goals that align with our values, and inspiring positive change in others.

By defining your why and clarifying your life purpose you get a powerful tool to connect with your intuition, pursue ambitious goals, face life challenges, and create opportunities for personal and professional growth. But more importantly, you finally have a compelling reason to get out of bed even on those days when you have zero motivation in doing it.

So, if you’re struggling to break from the fog of not wanting to get out of bed in the morning, revisit your „Why” and identify whether it’s valid or not. Ask yourself:

• What’s the purpose of my existence?
• What makes me come alive?
• What motivates me to get out of bed in the morning?
• What’s the reason why I do what I do?
• What is my biggest source of inspiration?

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4. Look For Inspiration

Woke up feeling like you’ve been run over by a truck, and then the driver backed up and rolled over you again? Awesome feeling, isn’t it? No, but seriously, there is one pretty cool way to overcome this awful state and that is dancing! 

Realistically speaking is there any better way to start your day than by jumping out of your bed and start dancing to your favorite song? Honestly, I don’t find any other activity as fun, joyful and self-entertaining and motivating as dancing. Not to mention that if you do a little dance in the early morning you will feel active and energetic for the whole day!  

Motion creates emotion so if you move your body when listening to your favourite jams you create positive emotion, turn negative energy into positive energy and skyrocket your energy levels. But don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself!

5. Take Good Care Of Yourself

Are you getting quality sleep on a regular schedule, nourishing yourself with healthy food and working out on a daily basis? Or quite the contrary, you train yourself to get by on less sleep, you buy only ready meals because it saving you time and effort, you actively avoid relaxation and you struggle to reach 10,000 steps a day? 

If the second phrase describes you best it means that you’re not making your health your No. 1 priority and it’s time to change that. Because if you want to be highly productive, self-motivated, and ridiculously focused on your goals you need to prioritize your health and wellbeing. Otherwise, you won’t be able to reach your full potential, live life on your own terms, or even focus on simple tasks. 

Giving yourself time and space to truly rest, nourish yourself from the inside out and move your body a little bit will not only boost your productivity and motivation o work hard towards your goals but also will significantly improve the quality of your life. 

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6. Write A Better To-Do List

Facing a never-ending to-do list is discouraging, unmotivating and pretty scary. Not to mention that if you a jam-packed schedule and million things on your place chances that you will get everything done are pretty low. So, what is a solution? Is there any way we could get to Beyoncé-Level Productive?

Well, let’s face facts. Reaching Beyoncé-Level Productive may not be attainable for most of us not because we are lazy but because we simply don’t have the whole staff of people around to help us out with getting everything done. This, however, does not mean that we should just give in. 

Staying organized, motivated to take action and ready to smash your goals becomes not only possible but also quite easy when you master the art of creating an inspiring to-do list. So instead of creating a boring to-do list that will kill your motivation early on, plan a day that you actually want to have.

Create an exciting to-do list that includes not only tasks that you need to get done but also things and activities that makes you genuinely happy. Do not limit yourself to work-related responsibilities but make space for your hobby, effective work breaks, powerful rituals, rest, self-care activities or even a morning dance! Plan your day according to the rule of 3!

7. Prioritize & Simplify Your Tasks

Mastering the art of making things much more complex than they ever need to be is something we all do, even if we do it unconsciously. We overthink, over-analyze and overcomplicate pretty much everything as if simplicity was a bad thing. When it’s completely the opposite. Only by simplifying and prioritizing your tasks, activities and ideas, you will boost your motivation, develop laser-like focus and increase your chances of success.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” Even though this famous quote from Albert Einstein was closely referred to the science, it works well in pretty much every sphere of life. Because by simplifying your tasks you avoid confusion, boost your mental focus and increase your efficiency. And isn’t that exactly what we need to make progress in life?

When you overthink and overcomplicate your tasks you not only kill your motivation but also ruin your workflow that is essential if you want to get more things done in less time without sacrificing your health and wellbeing.

So if you want to regain your motivation you need to simplify and prioritize your tasks. Escape the complexity trap, avoid a jam-packed schedule and get the work that matters. 

8. Trick Your Brain Into Being Productive

When you feel unmotivated and sluggish don’t force yourself to be productive because that will only increase your frustration and stress. Instead, be cunning and trick your brain into being productive. Keep yourself busy with less important tasks that don’t require your full attention but still, you need to get them done later in the day. 

This simple method will not only help you to avoid slipping into procrastination mode but most likely will boost your motivation for higher performance. Not to mention that if you choose to complete even a small task such as making your bed, planning your meals, responding to emails, or managing your memberships instead of just laying in bed all day binge-watching Netflix you will feel a whole lot better afterward. 

how to create motivation

9. Take Action & Build Momentum

Momentum is an incredible thing because it enables you to reach your full potential, achieve an absolute focus, and smash your goals 10x faster. By building momentum you enter this almost hypnotic state of absolute focus, zero distractions, insane productivity, and unrestrained creativity.

Productivity momentum is a powerful tool for developing clarity and regaining motivation to pursue your goals. And the best thing is that you can easily build powerful momentum by getting into action. This means that if you put yourself in motion the chances that you will get more energy and increase motivation are pretty high. 

There is a huge misconception that motivation creates action. While it’s actually the other way around. It’s an action that creates motivation. Furthermore, the more action you take the more motivated you become. So don’t wait for motivation to strike you. Start taking action and motivation will follow. 

10. Change Your Energy

Lack of motivational energy can be caused by monotony and boredom. And those two emotional states are pretty common in the workplace. Because whether you work in the office or work from home the chances that you sit in the same exact place, in the same position doing the same thing for several hours is pretty high. This mix can easily cause painful boredom and a lack of motivation.

The solution to that is to take frequent breathers and change your energy during your workday so that you can unwind, relax and recharge your batteries. Our ability to focus is a limited resource. This means that every once in a while, we need to reset, reboot, and restore our mental and physical energy if we want to be productive, focused on our goals, and motivated to finish our work.

There’s a tendency to think that taking frequent work breaks ruins workflow and triggers procrastination. When in fact, the opposite is true. Several studies have shown that taking regular breaks at work is a powerful strategy for increasing self-motivation, boosting productivity levels, and accelerating your results. So don’t be afraid of taking frequent breathers. Remember that effective breaks increase productivity and effectiveness! 

11. Focus On Reward

When was the last time you rewarded yourself for a job well done? Do you really acknowledge your accomplishments? If your answer is no, it’s time to change that!

Oftentimes we expect others to recognize our achievements with positive feedback and when they don’t do that, we feel bad about ourselves. While receiving positive feedback is always beneficial because it increases our confidence, activates our happy hormones and motivates us to continue doing a good job, you won’t be always valued and recognized for a job well done. And that’s ok.

Some bosses people don’t give constructive feedback. And it does not mean that we didn’t do a great job, it means that they don’t give positive encouragement. You know when you’ve achieved your goals. You can recognize and value your own big wins and small victories by yourself. So don’t wait for others to praise you.

Every time when you accomplish your goal give, congratulate yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back, hug yourself or throw yourself a little party. Own your achievements (big wins and small victories) and celebrate your success to feel empowered, motivated and ready to smash your next goal!

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xo Kate

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