Discover One Simple Habit to Make Motivation Flow Effortlessly Every Single Morning.

how to get motivated every single morning

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how to get motivated every single morning

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One Single Habit Will Change Your Entire Life

Going from “Blah” to Awesome

Morning Math

Are you negotiating with yourself immediately after waking up trying to figure out how much time you’ve got before it’s too late? Or maybe you are trying to solve a mathematical equation to find out how long you can stay in bed without risking being late for work. Tell me, is doing the math the first thing you do in the morning? If the answer is yes, your real “morning” problem is not tiredness or exhaustion but a lack of motivation.

Just think about it. If you can barely keep your eyes open but your brain is already taking on serious math problems you’re not as sleepy or tired as you think. What you’re really dealing with is slightly different. Because if you’re waking up desperately trying to find a legitimate reason for staying in bed instead of immediately getting up and moving forward to the day, you just lack motivation and enthusiasm. If that’s what you’re dealing with every single morning, finding a solution is easier than you think. All you have to do is to develop one simple habit that will immediately improve your entire life. I’m sure you already know what I am talking about. But, to be sure, the one thing you need to do to get insanely self-motivated every single morning is to Plan Your Day The Night Before. In other words, prepare yourself tonight for a productive tomorrow! How simple is that?! 

It ALL Starts the Day Before...

prepare tonight for a productive tomorrow

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prepare tonight for a productive tomorrow

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Prepare Tonight for a Productive Tomorrow

with these simple steps

Set Yourself Up For Successful Day (The Night Before)

💠It’s time for making decisions and specifying your daily goals to give your life direction.

💠It’s time you enter a specific location of your today’s destination on your life GPS to be able to get there by nightfall. 

💠It’s time to set yourself up for success. 

💠It’s time to set the schedule up so that you have the day you want. 

  • Plan Your Day According to 3 x 8h rule (8h of work, 8h of productive “me time”, 8h of quality rest. Split your day into 3 parts and you will create a sacred equilibrium, a perfect balance of your mind, body, and spirit. 
  • Set 3 Priorities (You can use the 20/80 Pareto Principle to set your priorities, eliminate your distractions and focus on personal and professional growth. 24 hours a day can be enough to get the most important things done if you eliminate distractions and time-wasters (in every area of your life). 
  • Set realistic but challenging daily goals (and deadlines
  • Break down your goals into more realistically achievable steps
  • Create a reasonable plan of action to accomplish your goals 
  • Create motivation through intentional action (I cannot stress this enough)
  • Rember that being busy doesn’t necessarily mean being productive. So be productive!

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Create a Powerful (Tomorrow's) To-Do List

Every single evening make a powerful, productive and exciting to-do list and set yourself up for a successful day. Remember that a to-do list it’s not only about work but also about productive free time. So plan and schedule not only the things that have to be done at your work but also activities and hobbies you would like to do in your free time. Life is not only about work. You don’t live to work but you work to live. Keep that in mind.  

Plan for an ultra-effective day the night before. Create your schedule and make a powerful to-do list that will help you get through the next day in a productive and exciting way!

Most of us wish that there were more than 24 hours a day. But if there were 30 or even more hours a day we would plan, schedule and organize even more activities. The truth is, a longer day wouldn’t make you any more productive and any less anxious. Your daily success depends on a solid routine and your commitment to your goals. So instead of wallowing in sadness about not having enough time to accomplish everything you have on your to-do list plan your day properly. If you want to make your day Ultra-Effective you need to manage your time more efficiently. How can you make this happen? Try the following approach. Split your day into three 8-hour parts:

1.Work (productivity)

Dedicate 8 hours a day for work. Of course, you don’t have to obey these 8 hours religiously. Just make sure you’re not over scheduling your work. Being busy doesn’t necessarily mean being productive.

Remember about The Pareto principle!

2. Relax (mindful relaxation)

Dedicate 8 hours a day for relaxing activities. But don’t spend 8 hours laying on the couch and watching TV. Instead, find your ways to relax productively, for instance, go to the gym, develop your skills, learn something new, gain inspiration or spend quality time with your loved ones.

3. Sleep (quality rest)

Dedicate 8 hours a day for a quality rest. Don’t sacrifice your sleep to accomplish more work in a day because it won’t make you any more productive. Compromising sleep will negatively affect your mental and physical performance. So make sure that you get enough quality rest.

Develop a Powerful & Positive Morning Ritual

Start your day with a positive morning ritual. Do something that feeds your soul and makes you feel alive soon after you wake up. Engage in an activity that you love doing and you know it will put you in a positive headspace. It can be anything from making a delicious cup of coffee to going for a morning run. But it has to be something that inspires you, motivates you, and makes you feel good about yourself. So if the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is reading the news with terrible and depressing headlines you should probably avoid that unless you want to feel depressed, anxious, and just awful. Instead, develop a positive morning ritual that will help you start your day in a positive way.

My favorite morning ritual is my morning coffee. Honestly, coffee is the best thing ever. I go to bed and I cannot wait for this cup of coffee in the morning. I wake up and I cannot wait to take that first sip of my morning coffee that puts me in a good mood. Is it an addiction? I don’t know. Maybe. Even if, it’s the greatest addiction ever…

I highly recommend you create a morning ritual that will help you to start your day with a positive mindset. In case you need some inspiration here are other activities I love to do in the early morning, soon after I open my eyes.

Trust me, a positive morning ritual will change your entire life!

  1. Make yourself the perfect cup of coffee
  2. Achieve peace of mind with morning meditation
  3. Journal for morning self-reflection
  4. Set intentions for the day
  5. Practice positive self-talk looking in the mirror
  6. Write gratitude notes and put them in your Gratitude jar
  7. Cultivate relaxation  to reduce morning stress
  8. Practice self-care for healthy mind, body and spirit
  9. Practice Mindfulness exercise
  10. Do a short or long exercise session
  11. Go for a run
  12. Go for a morning walk and connect with nature
  13. Read or watch an inspiring content
  14. Unleash your creativity through contact with nature
  15. Prepare a nutritious breakfast
  16. Enjoy a hydrating drink

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Stay Positive

Be Mindful

and Develop this one single Habit to Make Motivation Flow Effortlessly every single Morning!

xo Kate  

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2 thoughts on “Discover One Simple Habit to Make Motivation Flow Effortlessly Every Single Morning.

  1. Amaaaazing tips as always! A good reminder too about not living to work, but working to live. And breaking the day into three 8 hour parts; it seems so simple, yet it’s incredibly powerful to break it down like that. Being more prepared and planning can really ease anxiety for me and definitely makes me more productive too.
    Caz xx

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