Words of Wisdom about Social Media. – The Way You Use Social Media Platforms Says a lot about You.

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The Potential of the Social Media

A Tool for positive growth or self-destruction?

The Comparison Trap

Scrolling through social media wondering why everyone’s living their best life, except you? Constantly beating yourself up for not being like someone else or not having a fabulous vacation experience that some “influencer” (I hate that word!) you follow has been documenting for about a month? Hating your life because everyone seems to have more fun than you?
If you answered Yes to any of these 3 questions, you’re not the only one. We’re all experiencing this awful feeling of not being enough after spending too much time scrolling through social media profiles filled with photos of perfect or perfectly photoshopped bodies and insanely positive beach summer vibes. Isn’t that strange how toxic this positive culture really is?
Social media like any other thing has both good and bad sides. It all depends on how you use it. The choice is yours and yours alone.
If you use social media platforms mindfully, it becomes a great tool for connecting with like-minded people, building your tribe, creating new life opportunities, spreading awareness on an important issue, gaining creative inspiration, gaining a new perspective on something you thought you had already figured out, learning new skills or just relaxing and having fun. In other words, social media is a great tool for self-improvement and personal development BUT only if you use it wisely.
In contrast, if you continue to mindlessly scroll through social media profiles comparing yourself to others and wondering why everyone’s living their best life, except you, you’re hurting your health and self-sabotaging your own happiness.
The act of mindless scrolling through social media profiles of top influencers (I really hate how this world is used these days…) it’s self-destructive. Why? Because it’s really hard not to fall into a comparison trap which is probably the worst one. It sucks you in like a black hole creating this awful never-ending feeling of not being good enough.
Comparing yourself to others is in general extremely unhealthy, damaging and devoid of any sense for many different reasons. But probably the most obvious one is that if you compare yourself to others, especially to those who appear to have their life together and perfect makes you feel REALLY bad about yourself. Because your life most probably is NOT perfect just like the life of any other person but for some strange reason, we forget about that scrolling through social media accounts of pretty, happy, wealthy people.
If you keep comparing yourself to these fake personas created for social media glam you most probably feel like cr*p about yourself. Because how you supposed to feel if you’ve just seen thousands of photos of ridiculously good-looking people (by today’s standards), beautiful beaches with perfectly silky sand, yachts, expensive cars, and all of that Instagram worthy staff.
It’s dangerously easy to forget that life is not about Instagram glam, wealthy lifestyle, new designer item… #life is not a hashtag. Life is not a vibe. Mindless consumption leads to severe depression. Why? Because mindless consumption is an addiction and like any other addiction it’s nothing else than creating an inner mental prison… and it’s really not a fun place to live in.
The truth is, there is much more to life than money (and having a perfect beach-ready body). The most valuable things in life cannot be bought (or gained with a perfect beach-ready body) and we all know that. You cannot buy happiness, love, health, AUTHENTIC human connection, consciousness or truth… people tend to forget about it.

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Picture Perfect

Social media is of our OWN creation and it reflects PERFECTLY what human nature is like. We create this false/distorted representation of what the world really is and now this false reality filled with fake measurement and personas is starting to take over. We created an online world, an illusion of reality and as soon as we realized that it does not correspond with real-life we feel betrayed, disappointed and confused. It’s like believing in your own lies and then when they come out feeling betrayed. That’s insane and so real at the same time.

Social media accounts represent only a small piece of someone’s life documented in usually carefully selected and heavily photoshopped photos. Instagram glam has nothing to do with real life. Nobody is always happy and nobody looks good all the time. Most people only want to show the good stuff making their lives appear picture-perfect. So they highlight all the positives while trying to hide all the negatives. The truth is, we all do it on a daily basis but to differing degrees. Does that make us a fake generation? I don’t think so. What I think instead is that we should use social media mindfully as a tool for creating and sustaining positive social change 

Life is not a vibe. Life is not a hashtag. And using #reallife under the latest social media post does not make it more real. Social media alter our perception of reality making us believe that having a beach perfect body or a new designer item is what we all should aim to. It’s not. It’s really not. Or at least it shouldn’t be.


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Perfection is just an Illusion of Mind

As a society, we have become lost in a fake world of our own creation. We created this false representation of how the world really is and now this false reality filled with fake measurement and personas is starting to take over. It’s kind of fun and scary at the same time. Maybe it’s time for a reality check? Before this fake online world sucks us up like a black hole… 

Social media is a great tool for meeting new people, creating new life opportunities, spreading an important social message around the globe or unlocking your full creative potential but only if you use it WISELY and MINDFULLY.

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Stay Positive

Be Mindful

Use Social Media Platforms as a Tool for Positive Growth!

xo Kate


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Child Of God
October 12, 2019 6:22 pm

I stay away from facebook and twitter, learned a long time ago that is all fake. People are fake not honest a lot of times, not showing their real self. We are all important to God’s eyes. You are fine!

Child Of God
October 14, 2019 3:19 pm

Thank you for not dismissing my opinion and thank you for the kind reply.

October 14, 2019 12:11 am

(Standing ovation)

October 14, 2019 1:27 pm

Thank you! You too! I go back to work today, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be a great day.

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