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Powerful Ways To Kill Procrastination And Become A Highly Productive Person


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The Habit Of Procrastination

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Will Durant

There is a huge difference between BEING and DOING. The former means “the state of existing”, the latter means “the act of performing or executing”. So be careful of how you are talking to yourself because you’re actually listening to your own words and the more you hear something the easiest is to believe it. So don’t try to convince yourself that you are a PROCRASTINATOR because you are NOT

What is really happening is that at some point when you were a bit distracted, your brain took the path of least resistance – like it always does when you are not paying enough attention to the present moment. In other words, you left your brain to decide for you and it chose to slow down and relax a bit. Because it’s its natural impulse to choose the easiest way to continue. Besides, why should your brain push itself to the limits of why it can just slow down and relax? 

“Our brain tricks us into believing the low-hanging fruit really is the ripest”

, said the lead researcher, Dr. Nobuhiro Hagura. This is because we, as humans have this tendency to avoid the effortful decision and see a more challenging option as a wrong choice. We are all comfort-seeking creatures, therefore, we prefer the solutions we are familiar with. And there’s nothing wrong or strange with that. But if you want to reach your full potential and go beyond imposed limitations you need to challenge yourself otherwise you won’t develop new skills and learn new ways of thinking. 

You know what they say:

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is one step outside your comfort zone”

And the only way to get there is to find the courage and challenge yourself.  

So let’s say this loudly and clearly: 

You’re NOT a procrastinator, you’ve just adopted the HABIT of procrastination. And now it’s time to break it. 


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So, you’ve adopted the habit of procrastination...

As we’ve already established, you’re NOT a procrastinator, you’ve just adopted the habit of procrastination and now it’s time to break it. But before we get to this let’s think about how that happened. 

So we know that the moment you were not paying attention your brain took the path of least resistance and in consequence, you’ve adopted the habit of procrastination. But hey, don’t beat yourself up for that. It just happened and now it’s time to change this “state of being”

So be kind to yourself and give up this irresistible urge to declare your brain guilty of taking advantage of your momentary lapse of attention. Your brain most probably had a legitimate cause for doing that. Just like you had a legitimate cause for procrastinating. Sounds bizarre? Maybe a bit. But the truth is that there are some scientifically proven causes of procrastinating. 

The most common causes of procrastination are:

  1. Fear Of Failure
  2. Lack Of Confidence - Article on how to boost confidence HERE
  3. Getting Overwhelmed
  4. Stress
  5. Unrealistic Expectations & Abstract Goals - Article on how to set SMART goals and achieve them HERE)
  6. Lack Of Clarity
  7. Lack Of Motivation - Article on the science of motivation HERE  
  8. Lack Of Inspiration
  9. Distraction - Article on distractions HERE
  10. Perfectionism

These are, in my personal opinion, the main causes of procrastination. As you can probably see, I didn’t mention “laziness” as a cause of procrastinating. I did it because I don’t believe that procrastination has something to do with being lazy. From my perspective, procrastination is situational while laziness is a character trait, a vice for those who instead of challenging themselves prefer making excuses, period. But that’s a subject of a different discussion.

The truth is that you don’t procrastinate because you’re lazy but because you’re struggling with one of the emotional states I mentioned above. Laziness is this state of having absolutely no interest in doing anything at all, while procrastination is one of the most common defense mechanisms people use when they find themselves in a situation that brings uncertainty. Just think about what is the main cause of procrastination for you. Just name a couple of them. I bet that there will be one of the reasons I mentioned earlier. Am I right?

Procrastination is a defense mechanism that is being activated to protect our ego when you’re struggling to get things done for some reason. And this defense mechanism if not being control becomes a habit. And when it becomes a habit it consumes our productive time. As a result, we’re doing a lot of stuff except the exact thing we should be doing at a given moment. We’re still on the move, we’re just not doing what we are supposed to be doing.

Latin Roots

Did you know that Procrastination comes from Latin prō (“in favor of”) + crāstinus (“of or belonging to tomorrow”)? Which means that when we procrastinate we postpone an urgent task in favor of another that does not require as much mental and physical energy that the original assignment. And it all becomes clear now. 

Ok, but what to do to kill the habit of procrastination?

Well, in my personal opinion the best way to break any bad habit is to replace it with a good one. So if you want to kill your procrastination habit the most powerful and effective way to do that is to adopt habits of a productive person. That makes sense, right?

So basically you need to choose a different path. Or in other words, train your brain to make better decisions and reprogram your mind to become a productive person. 

daily habits

The Power Of Habit

“As it is not one swallow or a fine day that makes a spring, so it is not one day or a short time that makes a man blessed and happy….”

“…these virtues are formed in man by his doing the right actions.” 

 — Aristotle, (for real)

6 step Action Plan To Kill The Habit Of Procrastination And Develop Habits Of A Productive Person

  1. Step ONE: Acknowledge that you’ve adopted a procrastination habit
  2. Step TWO: Take charge and make a conscious decision to break this habit
  3. Step THREE: Get outside your comfort zone and take an action
  4. Step FOUR: Start developing habits of a productive person
  5. Step FIVE: Master habits of a productive person
  6. Step SIX: Kill procrastination with kindness and become a productive creature!

Braking The Habit Of Procrastination

“Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.”― Zig Ziglar

✅ So, you’ve been procrastinating and you admit it. - it’s time for self-reflection

✅ You want to regain control of your time.- it’s time to practice self-awareness

✅ You’ve decided to break a procrastination habit and become a productive person. - it’s time to start your self-improvement journey 

YOUR Goal: Become A Productive Person

YOUR Motto: Doing the right things is the KEY to your success!

8 Habits Of A Productive Person:

These habits will help you to achieve your GOAL and fulfill your MOTTO

  1. Create A Powerful Morning Routine 
  • A successful day starts with a powerful morning routine.
  • Article on insanely powerful morning routine HERE
  1. Declutter Your Mind - A clear mind is a productive mind.
  • Meditate - find calm in your life
  • Journal - get rid of negative, unwanted thoughts
  • Go for a walk - ground yourself
  • Engage in physical activity - energize yourself
  • Declutter your external personal space -read HERE
  • Take an energizing shower
  1. Set Clear Goals & Priorities - use your TIME wisely
  • Setting clear goals is critical to your success.
  • When everything is a priority, nothing really is
  • Learn about mindful time management HERE
  • Set Realistic Goals For The Day
  • Set the deadline for any goal - set time blocks for your every goal - it will motivate you, but a healthy amount of pressure on you and save you from the sin of PERFECTION
  • Prioritize Your Tasks
  1. Create An Action Plan To Achieve Your Goal 
  • A specific action plan provides the guidance you need.
  1. Create A Calendar & Schedule (that works for you) 
  • Schedule means getting things done.
  1. Identify Your Distractions
  • Distractions are the enemy of your success.
  • Identify and overcome your distractions read HERE
  1. Schedule Time For Relax 
  • Dedicating time for relaxing is critical for high-performance.
  1. Track Your Progress & Celebrate Your Achievements
  • Tracking your progress helps you to reach your goals and increases your sense of purpose.
  • Celebrating your accomplishments will boost your confidence, self-esteem, positive self-talk, and motivation.

MORE Productivity means MORE time to relax - it’s a WIN-WIN situation!

Get Your Free Printable Self-Care Workbook Here!

Don’t forget that:

You are a GOAL driven person because you love this insanely pleasant feeling of having accomplished your goal. We all love it. 

Simple Ways To Avoid Or Decrease Future Procrastination

  1. Stop Overanalyzing
  2. Forget About Perfection
  3. Feeling Overwhelmed? - it’s time for a brake 
  4. Low Level Of Mental Energy? -that’s OK too. If you can’t do a certain task at a given time for some reason just do something else. Move to the next task from your to-do list. Do something that requires less mental and physical energy than an original task. This way you will make your things done and avoid procrastination. 
  5. Schedule Time For Relax - to avoid being overwhelmed 

Remember that:

 If you think that you won’t be able to achieve your GOAL it means that you are over thinking. 

So stop OVERANALYZING and start DOING 

Last BUT NOT Least…

Ultimate Productivity Bundle

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Resources I love the most:

  1. Personality Based Time Management© by Susie Glennan

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  1. Start Finishing Your Projects: Boost Your Productivity, Effectiveness, and Creative Momentum by Learning to Finish the Projects that Matter Most by Charlie Gilkey

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  1. Life Management Binder by Heather Moritz

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  1. Balanced Life Guide by Lauren Cecora

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  1. The Personal Productivity Toolkit by Paul Minors

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Is It Really Worth $49?

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I mean, hello, for just $49 you get access to a complete eBook and eCourse collections on PRODUCTIVITY!

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Stay Positive

Be Mindful

And Unlock Your Full Potential



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