A Holistic Goal Setting Method - Improve in Every Sphere of Your Life.

new month, new goals

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Holistic Growth Goal Setting

A practical guide to strategic planning and balanced goal setting for personal growth. 

Monthly Goal Setting for a More Balanced Life

If you want to transform your dreams and goals into reality you need to consistently and persistently align your actions with what you want in life. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time and energy for doing the wrong things that won’t give you the desired result. So make sure you know what you want from life and set goals accordingly. Of course, you don’t need to have everything figured out to the last detail in order to succeed but you need to create a clear vision for your current life and set the right goals that align with this vision.  

It's Time For Self-Reflection

Self-reflection is an essential key to success in creating a healthy balance and feeding your life purpose. 

Cultivating self-reflection and self-awareness is just like adding these fresh, high-quality ingredients to your meal. You can eat for pleasure, not hunger. You can live with a purpose not just “drifting” through it. All depends on you. If you’re ready to take the journey of self-reflection just stand in front of the mirror of your life and explore your consciousness. Take time to delve deeper into yourself. Ask yourself what you need in your life to make it healthy, tasteful and delicious and start adding fresh, high-quality and nutrient-dense ingredients.

So ask yourself these questions: 

  1. What’s your strategic vision for your life?
  2. Are your goals aligned with your life vision?
  3. Are you keeping your priorities in check?
  4. Is the mental picture of your future capturing and inspiring?
  5. How do you want to improve yourself within this month?

Holistic Life Balance

Achieving a holistic life balance requires:

  • balanced planning in terms of life goals
  • developing healthy habits to achieve what you want in every sphere of your life
  • adopting a growth mindset
  • setting SMART goals and aligning them with your life vision and purpose
  • takin intentional action towards your goals

It's Time to Optimize your Monthly Goals for Better Results

  1. Brake down your life in 8 different topics (spheres)
  2. Brake down every of this topic in different milestones (goals) to achieve what you want in every sphere of your life by the end of this month
  3. Create habits to achieve your goals within every area of your life by the end of this month
  4. Track your progress and stick to your journey of self-improvement
  5. Celebrate your achievements

It's Time to Break Down your Life Into Different Spheres

Braking down your lifestyle into different topics (spheres) will help you to optimize your monthly goals for better results.  

8 Dimensions Of Wellness

  1. Emotional  (Mental Health & Wellbeing)
  2. Physical  (Physical Health & Wellbeing)
  3. Intellectual  (Self-development)
  4. Social  (Sense of connection & Belonging)
  5. Spiritual  (Spirit and/or Faith)
  6. Financial  (Wealth)
  7. Occupational  (Self-Improvement)
  8. Environmental  (Social Impact)

It's Time to Optimize every Sphere of your Life

Creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle requires putting time and effort in every sphere of your life. Because if you focus only on some of the areas of your life while completely neglecting the others you won’t be able to create the desired equilibrium. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to put the same amount of time and effort in all of them. But keep in mind that if you want to achieve a whole life performance you need to balance every segment of your life.   

It's Time to Set Specific Monthly Goals within every Sphere of your Life

Set yourself up for a successful month (and future)!

emotional balance

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emotional balance

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1. Emotional

MAIN GOAL: Restore Your Mental Energy

HABITS (Intentional Actions to Achieve This Goal)

Practice Mental Self-Care  

  • Make Yourself your Number one Priority
  • Practice Positive Thinking
  • Practice assertiveness skills (practice self-awareness, pay attention to guilt and shame, be open to new opportunities, listen to your gut instinct)
  • Meditate (Declutter your mind and free up mental space) 
  • Journal (Do you feel hunted by negative thoughts or difficult emotions? Write it out loud!)
  • Track your Mood for better understanding your emotional triggers
  • Feed your Passion (increase your happy hormones naturally)
  • Connect with Nature (best ideas HERE)
  • Plan and Schedule Time Alone with a Purpose (best ideas HERE)

2. Physical

MAIN GOAL: Celebrate Your Body

HABITS (Intentional Actions to Achieve This Goal)

Practice Physical Self-Care

  • Adopt 3 x S daily rule - Sleep, Stroll, Self-love (dedicate an appropriate amount of time on each of them)
  • Apply 3 x 8 daily rule - 8h of Work, 8h of Productive Relaxation, 8h Sleep
  • Apply the Pareto Principle to your task list (According to the Pareto Principle, 20% of your work produces 80% of the result. Which means that if you manage to identify that 20% correctly you will spend more time doing the right things that will produce the greatest outcome)
  • Eat and Shop your Groceries Mindfully (read food labels, plan your meals in advance, make a healthy grocery shopping list before, prepare your food at home, improve your diet)
  • Boost your Endorphins with a Physical Activity
  • Plan and Schedule your Workouts
  • Treat yourself with Healthy Options (it’s not about restricting yourself but about fiding balance)
physical health

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physical health

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holiday organisation and preparation

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prepare yourself for the trip

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3. Intellectual

MAIN GOAL: Embracing Your Uniqueness

HABITS (Intentional Actions to Achieve This Goal)

  • Stimulate Your Brain with Reading
  • Learn a New Skill (every single month)
  • Work on Side Projects to Fuel your Growth
  • Challenge the Self-Limiting Beliefs that are sabotaging your progress (identify root-causes of your self-limiting beliefs and take the responsibility to overcome them - only you can do it!)
  • Create a Space for the New (Take advantage of unexpected opportunities when they present themselves. Don’t let some irrational fear to block you from achieving your dreams.)
  • Cultivate your Creative Genius (try new things, be an attentive listener, expand your interests, be curious, embrace your inner child)

4. Social

MAIN GOAL: Find Your Tribe

HABITS (Intentional Actions to Achieve This Goal)

  • Connect with Like-Minded People
  • Plan Quality Time with your Loved Ones (prepare family dinner, take a family trip)
  • Stay Connected with your Friends in old fashioned (pre-social media) ways (write a handwritten letter, DIY a birthday card, host a game night or dinner party, Netflix & chill)
  • Engage Yourself In Positive & Pleasurable Social Situations 
find your tribe

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find your tribe

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“The soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond, and must be polished, or the luster of it will never appear.”

―Daniel Defoe Tweet
perfection does not exist

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guide your life with mindfulness

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5. Spiritual

MAIN GOAL: Nourish Your Soul

HABITS (Intentional Actions to Achieve This Goal)

  • Keep Self-Reflection Journal (develop self-awareness)
  • Invent your Sacred Rituals and create the meaning behind the person you are (meditate, journal, apply law of attraction, practice Mindfulness)
  • Listen and Honour your Intuition (track your inner dialog)
  • Nurture your Inner Child (simple ways to connect with your inner child HERE)
  • Practice Gratitude (Every day add some “gratitude notes” to your gratitude jar. At least one!) 
  • Practice Il Dolce Far Niente (Learn how HERE)
  • Reconnect with Nature (contact with nature is therapeutic, inspiring and incredibly motivational)

6. Financial

MAIN GOAL: Mindful Money Approach 

HABITS (Intentional Actions to Achieve This Goal)

  • Set Financial Goals for each month
  • Make a Realistic Budget and Stick to it (be in control of your money)
  • Divide your Expenses into different Categories and put the price tag on your expenses (house payment, car payment, bills, food, medication, free time activities, gifts etc)
  • Create an effective spending plan to determine your expanses (spend less than you earn)
  • Create an Emergency Fund (it’s your cash cushion)
  • Be Mindful with Shopping (Before you buy something ask yourself: Do I really need this? And act accordingly.)
  • Save your Extra Money

Learn about Mindful Money Management HERE

mindful money management

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mindful money management

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(...) There's a positive good to be accomplished, not just a negative to be avoided. You have to look around you within your direct sphere of influence, and you fix the things that announce themselves to be in direct need of repair. (...)

Jordan Peterson Tweet
master your craft

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master your craft

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7. Occupational

MAIN GOAL: Set Yourself Up For Successful Future

HABITS (Intentional Actions to Achieve This Goal)

  • Prioritize, Organize and Plan your Work for better results
  • Develop your Craft
  • Learn a New Skill
  • Track your Progress
  • Respond not React - (“life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it”) 
  • Practice Letting Go of what you Cannot Control (journal, scream out loud, punch a pillow, cry if you need it)
  • Fix, Adjust, Change OR Accept BUT quit whining
  • Face your Fears (make a list of your fears, choose one and try to overcome it) 
  • Transform Challenges into Opportunities 

8. Environmental

MAIN GOAL: Be an Advocate for what you Belive in 

HABITS (Intentional Actions to Achieve This Goal)

  • Be an Advocate for what You Believe in 
  • Detoxify Your Life (get rid of toxic people, use natural cosmetics, clean up your digital devices, declutter your space)
  • Reduce the Use of Plastic (plastic harms your health and environment)
  • Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle (reduce your consumption of household energy, walk more, buy organic and non-GMO foods, reduce waste, use natural clean up products)
  • Collect Memories, not Material Things
  • Be a Mindful Shopper (Minimalism is the New Consumerism) 
be more sustainable

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be more sustainable

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Because every Step Forward is a Step in the Right Direction...

set smart goals

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set smart goals

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Monthly Habit Tracker

MAIN GOAL: Track your Progress

Track your healthy habits monthly instead of doing it every single day. This approach will take the pressure off and reduce the amount of stress associated with being “perfect”. Because let’s be real. No one is perfect.

It’s impossible to be highly productive, in high spirits, and in perfect shape every single day. And that’s totally fine. 

It’s important to understand that developing new habits is a process. And like every other process takes time, effort and patience. You need to adapt to a new change. So be kind to yourself. Choose healthy habits that will help you to improve your life and stick to them. Be consistent, persistent and mindful.  

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Stay Positive

Be Mindful

Set Your Holistic Monthly Goals 

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xo Kate

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    1. Hi Zadi!! Thank you for your comment! Being a mom must be incredible experience! Moms are famously good at multi-tasking but working mothers are superhuman! I have so much respect for you!! You should be proud of yourself!! Have a wonderful weekend! Take care Zadi!! 😃

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