How To Make The Most Of A Difficult Situation: 12 Things To Focus On During The Coronavirus Pandemic.

how to find positives in a negative situation

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how to find positives in a negative situation

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Focusing On The Good

12 Simple Ways To Turn Negative Situation Into A Positive one

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With the COVID-19 outbreak now a pandemic, the world has become incredibly chaotic. We are all experiencing something that has never happened before in human history. All of the things that are happening right now are completely out of our control. But we STILL have a choice! We can focus more on the bad than on the good. I choose the second option. (remember that I’ve been living in total lockdown since 8th of march!) That’s why today I am sharing with you 12 simple ways to use THIS situation to your advantage. I hope you will find my tips helpful. But before you start reading, I just wanted to say THIS situation is temporary. It WILL pass. We will get through this together and we will be stronger than ever before! So keep your head up. You got this!


focus on the good

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focus on the good

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1. Focus On The Good

The glass can be half empty or half full. It depends only on you how you chose to look at things and live your life experience. Seeing the glass half empty will make your life even harder, more complex and definitely less satisfying. So train your brain to be more positive, start looking at problems as opportunities and turn your negative energy into a more positive one. Focus on the good. Focus on things you can control, change or fix right now to make your life better and more fulfilling. Use the power of your thoughts, words and actions to create a meaningful life experience. 

appreciate what you have

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appreciate what you have

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2. Appreciate What You Have Already

Have you ever thought that the things you take for granted are the things others are praying for? Can you imagine that you wake up in a completely different world where your basic human rights are taken away from you? Suddenly you cannot go for a walk, meet your friends in your favourite café, visit your family on the other side of the country? Well, it’s exactly what is happening right now. The Coronavirus Pandemic has turned our lives around by 180 degrees. I don’t know about you but I feel like I entered another dimension in my sleep. Our daily lives have changed. Everything seems so chaotic and uncertain. It’s hard to predict what will happen next. That’s why we should focus on what we can control and start appreciate more what we have already. It’s time to make a list of fundamental things that we should be grateful for but we failed to notice them until now. 

3. Reprioritize Your Life

We live on the run. Our schedules are insanely overbooked with things that were due yesterday. Our brains are incredibly overloaded by too much irrelevant information that we cannot even process. We eat in a hurry. We listen instead of reading. We write instead of talking. We literally don’t have time for anything besides work. We live a sedentary lifestyle far away from purest nature. The last time most of us had a family dinner was on Christmas day. That’s completely insane. Now, when we are forced to social distancing we freak out but the truth is we have been social distancing for years we just were too busy to notice that. Now, when countries are put on lockdown and most of us stay at homes we have finally time to self-reflect, reevaluate our life and re-prioritize our values. It’s time to focus on what’s really important and move toward a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

stop labeling people

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stop labeling people

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control what you can control

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control what you can control

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4. Focus On What You Can Control

I know that watching TV news 24/7 is so tempting and addictive especially during the Coronavirus Pandemic we’re experiencing right now. But is it really helping to stay calm, focus and well-informed? I highly doubt it. In my personal opinion, watching mainstream media news all day long can only cause extreme stress and trigger panic attacks. And this is what I am trying to avoid since the Coronavirus has labelled a pandemic by the WHO. 

The coronavirus pandemic is one of those situations that we cannot control and that’s the fact. But what we can STILL control how we respond to this dramatic situation. We can calm our nerves and stay cool even during these difficult times. Furthermore, staying calm and focus is the only way to get through this without going completely insane. So take some time to self-reflect, identify the regular stressors in your current life and find an effective way to deal with them so that you can prevent stress overload and the health consequences that come with it. Make relaxation an important part of your daily routine. Limit your news intake especially now, during the coronavirus pandemic, find a healthy balance and focus on what you can control. Because I can assure you, that there are MANY things you can CONTROL.

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positive self-talk

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5. Rethink Your Spending

Let’s talk about the recurring charges you completely forgot about but you’re still paying for every single month. Just think about all these companies you gave your bank account number and permission to automatically withdraw money from your bank account to keep your monthly subscription and ask yourself how much money you spend every single month for services or memberships you don’t use. Monthly it might not seem like much money but an annual cost of all these completely forgotten and useful subscriptions can make you feel dizzy. So if you want to stop wasting your money and regain control over your personal finances it’s time to cut off all unnecessary expenditures. Just think about how much money you will be able to save if you stop paying for stuff you don’t want or need! Isn’t that great? It’s time to rethink your spending, create a realistic budget and set smart financial goals. It’s time to become money conscious!  

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Budget Categories

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Budget Categories

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6. Improve Your Planning Skills

How productive are you during these chaotic times? Are you using your time wisely and effectively, or are you procrastinating? Are you moving towards your goals, or are you wasting your time and energy waiting for things to get better? Hard to say? Because even though it seems that the world has stopped, life goes on. The pandemic situation and social distancing will end but before it’s over you should use the current circumstances to your advantage. Just because we’ve been told to self-isolate at home it does not mean that we should spend our days sleeping, thinking (negative thoughts) and watching Netflix. Actually it’s quite the opposite. I am fully aware that some of your long-term goals have to wait BUT in the meantime, you can set for yourself some short-term goals and organize your daily life around them so that you can use your time wisely and effectively instead of falling in the procrastination mode. You can use these less-than-perfect circumstances to learn new skills, DIY some creative stuff, re-prioritize your life, build a strong relationship with yourself. Don’t wait for the future. Build it right now.

improve your organizational skills

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7. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the art of paying attention and living in the present moment without the need to create a perfect experience. It’s about taking advantage of the current situation, observing and getting inspired by what is happening “here & now”. That’s why mindful people listen attentively, observe carefully, make conscious decisions, embrace the current experience and develop the ability to find beauty in little things. Live is here and now, that’s why dwelling in the past and worrying about the future is counterproductive, demotivating and uninspiring. So train your brain to be fully present, use your five senses to experience “here and now” and most of every minute of your life.

8. Focus On What You Can Learn

Sometimes life does not go according to plan. No matter how hard you worked or how detailed your ideal plan was life can unexpectedly change its curse. And when it happens you have a choice. You can start mourning the loss of expectations and indulging in self-doubt because of the failure of your plan A or you can take advantage of the current situation and find the alternative for your original plan. Besides sometimes when things don’t work out it means that the Universe is trying to save your ass. So if your plan “A” fails instead of kicking yourself over it, take a deep breath, get a clean look at the situation and find an alternative for your plan “A”. Take advantage of the situation. Focus on what you can learn. Remember that every life experience, good or bad, positive or negative comes with an important lesson. It might not seem like it sometimes, but there is always something you can learn from every situation of your life. But to be able to do that you have to adopt a growth mindset first. You have to be capable of adjustment. So take a deep breath and ask yourself how you can use this situation to your advantage. 

focus on what you can control
accept failure

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accept failure

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9. Improve Your Character

Consistency means self-discipline. And self-discipline is a key to success. Most people think that it’s the motivation that creates results so instead of taking action towards their goals they waste their time and energy waiting for motivation and inspiration to strike them. But the truth is without taking intentional action no result can be created. In other words, what you really need to achieve your goals is self-discipline, not motivation. While motivation is important it does not guarantee success because it’s not consistent. Of course, you can easily increase your motivation but still, it will be only a temporary boost rather than a permanent state. In contrast, self-discipline is nothing more than a habit of consistency.

It’s not a secret that consistency creates a healthy routine, forms good habits, and builds momentum. And these three ingredients are fundamental in achieving your professional and personal goals. That’s why when you’re not consistent in your action most probably you won’t see results anytime soon, whereas if you are consistent and self-disciplined you manage to get more things done in less time.

Use chaos and uncertainty of the current situation to strengthen your character. Focus on improving self-control, building self-discipline and developing good habits. Embrace these less-than-perfect circumstances, adapt to them and use them to your advantage. Use this “time off” as an opportunity to invest in yourself and focus on self-improvement. Work on yourself. Build consistency and master self-discipline.

10. Connect With Others

As human beings, we are social creatures. We need each other for physical and psychological survival. That’s why even extreme introverts need social connectedness. Especially now, in this difficult time, we should help and support one another because together we are strong. Together we will get through this and emerge stronger. Isolation is hard. Social distancing, staying at least six feet away and avoiding physical contact is not something we are used to. But with a bit of goodwill, we can make this experience less fearful. Besides, we live in the digital era, we use technological devices all day, every day. We can stay connected to those we care about 24/7. You can self-isolating without feeling totally isolated! So if you’re self-isolating right now just remember to stay in contact with others. Call your family and friends, talk with your co-workers, use your social media to connect with like-minded people, share your story, opinions and ideas. Stay connected! Don’t shut yourself off from the world. Make this experience less difficult and more positive. 

connect with others

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connect with others

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control your mindset

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keep pushing forward

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keep pushing forward

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11. Declutter Your Space

Self-isolation, quarantine and life under lockdown are hard but if your house is a total mess, you’re only making the situation much worse. Trust me I know exactly what I am talking about. Your internal world and your external personal space together represent the field of your being. This basically means that if your external personal space is a complete mess your mind is drowning in chaos. And let me tell you something, it is definitely not constructive chaos. That’s why the first thing I did when they put the entire country under a total lockdown was to clean my house (and balcony) and believe me or not, but it made me feel so much better. Now that my place is clean, organized and presentable I can finally fully focus on my goals. So if your house is full of clutter I highly recommend you dedicate this “time off” to clean it up. Make your environment more presentable and see how it impacts your state of being. If your place is a complete mess you may need more than 5 minutes but the result it is worth both the time and effort. Trust me this simple act of cleaning your personal space will boost your happy hormones, increase your motivation and improve your overall health.

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12. Unlock Your Creative Potential

They say that “Necessity is the mother of invention” and what better moment than this to figure out if it’s true. Self-isolating at home it’s not something that we are used, to say the least. Procrastination is so tempting BUT it is also destructive, self-defeating and incredibly unmotivating. That’s why it is so important to adopt an anti-procrastination strategy, unlock your creative potential and start doing DIY projects. Why? Well, because it’s fun, creative, money-saving and so incredibly satisfying. There are so many things you can stop buying and start DIY-ing right now. For instance, you can bring out your inner chef and cook yourself a delicious meal. Or you can use your everyday kitchen ingredients to create your own natural, organic and non-toxic beauty products. The number of things you can easily DIY at your home is almost limitless. The only limit is your imagination. Don’t believe me? Go on Youtube or Pinterest, get inspired, bring out your inner artist and start creating unique pieces of art!

unlock your creative potential

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unlock your creative potential

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Stay Safe

Stay Positive

Be Mindful

And Focus On The Good

You Got This!

xo Kate

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