10 Simple Ways To Boost Your Immune System During The days Of Coronavirus.

boost your immunity


boost your immunity

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boost your immunity

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Table of Contents

Immune System

If you watched tv, read the newspaper or social media posts you know that almost all the latest news is about the Coronavirus outbreak – the World Health Organization (WHO) name for the virus is COVID 19. You’re probably wondering what you can do to protect yourself. In my personal opinion, one of the best ways to protect yourself from not only coronaviruses but also from other diseases is to enhance your immune response. That’s why my today post is about 10 simple and effective tips for making your immune system bulletproof. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. Ditch Bad Habits

If you want to build a strong immune system, the first and most obvious thing to do is to avoid things that compromise your immune response. Sounds easy, right? Well, the truth is that most of us, don’t even realize how our unhealthy everyday habits negatively affect our health.

We tend to sacrifice our sleep to accomplish more work in a day, we spend most of our day sitting in front of a computer and our physical activity is limited to some simple stretches next to a coffee machine. And the funny thing is, we all know how both a sedentary lifestyle and blue light emitted by the screens of our electronic devices negatively affect our physical health and mental wellbeing but still we continue to live this way compromising our immune system.

It’s time to change this negative pattern, break bad habits and replace them with good ones. So take the time to reflect and ask yourself if you are guilty of some of these bad habits that weaken your immune system:

Negative Habits That Weaken Immune System

💠 Sedentary Lifestyle

💠 Unhealthy Diet

💠 Lack of sleep

💠 Chronic stress

💠 Smoking

💠 Excessive alcohol consumption

💠 Lack of contact with nature

💠 Holding onto negative emotions

💠 Toxic relationships

💠 Loneliness

💠 Lack of work-life balance

💠 Not living in the present moment

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2. Level Up Your Nutrition

If you’ve already been thinking about improving your nutrition, it’s the best moment to do that. So let’s level up your nutrition with an immunity-boosting diet!

Simple Ways To Boost Your Immune System Through A Healthy Diet

💠 Follow a whole-food, unprocessed diet

💠 Discover the benefits of mindful eating here.

💠 Add healthy fats into your diet (raw organic coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, ghee, grass-fed butter, avocado oil)

💠 Eat foods high in antioxidants (blueberries, goji berries, raspberries, pecans, oranges, broccoli, alfalfa sprouts, beans, beets, fatty fish AND dark chocolate!!!)

💠 Incorporate immune-boosting superfoods into your diet

💠 Try immune-boosting herbs and spices to support your immune system (Turmeric, Ashwagandha, Ginseng, Tulsi)

💠Incorporate probiotics into your diet

💠 Reduce your sugar intake 

💠 Read Nutritional Facts Labels before buying food products

💠 Avoid Frankenstein foods (Stay Away from GMO’s)

💠 Prepare your meal at home with fresh, high-quality food products (it’s easy, fun and money-saving!) 

Immune-Boosting Superfoods

💠 Elderberry

💠 Citrus Fruits

💠 Ginger

💠 Ginseng

💠 Echinacea

💠 Oregano

💠 Turmeric

💠 Garlic

💠 Astragalus Root

💠 Myrrh

💠 Colloidal Silver

💠 Bone Broth

💠 Egg Yolks

💠 Shellfish

💠 Probiotics

💠 Green Tea

Best Clean Eating & Shopping Apps

  1. Fooducate - eat better  - Nutrition & Diet Tracker iOS / Android 
  2. Shopwell here - your pocket-sized nutritionist and grocery food scanner
  3. True Food Kitchen - clean eating app here
  4. Nutrifix - Find Healthy Food here
  5. Meal IQ - “Intelligent Meal Planning & Shopping” here
  6. SideChef: Recipes+Meal Planner - healthy eating habits app iOS / Android 

Healthy & Delicious Snacks You Will Want To Try

  1. ParmCrisps KETO snacks (Absolutely Delicious!) Amazon US / here
  2. Wilde Chicken Crisps Amazon US / here
  3. Quest Healthy Keto-Friendly Snacks Amazon US / Amazon UK
  4. Bake City Healthy Snacks & Keto Cookies here
  5. Umcka Cold & Flu Tabs Amazon US / Amazon UK
  6. Minced Ginger (you can add it to your bone broth!) Amazon US / Amazon UK

Download Your FREE Printable Clean Eating Worksheets

3. Improve Your Sleep Quality

There is no doubt that quality rest plays an essential role in our overall health and wellbeing. We all know it but for some reason, we constantly reduce our sleep hours to accomplish more during the day. But the truth is, sacrificing your sleep is not only extremely counterproductive but also harmful to your health.

What many people don’t realize is that sleep loss results in an elevation of cortisol levels the next day. If it happens once in a while it’s a big deal but if you constantly sacrifice your sleep, the amount of cortisol your body produces to keep you awake weakens your immune system. It’s no coincidence that people who suffer from poor sleep tend to get sick more often. Getting quality sleep on a regular basis is crucial for a strong immune system, brain functioning, emotional wellbeing, proper digestion or even personal safety.

So if you are a bad sleeper or you constantly sacrifice your sleep to accomplish more during the day now it’s time to change this! It’s time to adopt a healthy night routine, turn your bedroom into sleep cave and get the greatest benefits from quality rest! 

Improve Your Sleep

💠 Get good quality sleep on a regular schedule

💠 Adopt a healthy night routine

💠 Turn your bedroom into a sleep cave

💠 Prioritize rest and relaxation

Natural Immune-Boosters Checklist

4. Detox Your Wellbeing

We’re living in a noisy and busy world where every moment of silence and peace is worth its weight in gold. We are constantly bombarded by an insane amount of external stimuli that our brains cannot even process, we consume food packed with toxic ingredients and artificial additives and our cosmetic products are filled with harmful ingredients and when we feel sick we just cannot figure out why.

So if you suffer from unexplained headaches, allergies, digestive issues, fatigue, joint pain or back pain you can be almost certain that your health issues are caused by toxins. And yes, the body has its own natural detoxification system but it is not designed to deal with so many toxic chemicals we are surrounded by every day.

That’s why we need to help our body to detoxify itself. And when I say “body” I mean not only our physical body but also our mind and soul. We cannot avoid all of the toxic chemicals but with a little bit of effort, we can drastically decrease our exposure to them. Trust me a regular detox will make your immune system bulletproof! Are you ready to do that? If your answer is yes, here 15 ways to detox your entire life effectively:

Detox Your Life And Make Your Immune System Bulletproof

💠 Hydrate like a boss (water helps remove harmful toxins from our bodies)

💠 Following a whole food diet (buy organic, real-food products)

💠 Use non-toxic, natural personal care products

💠 Avoid Hormone altering chemicals (stay away from BPA, Mercury, Dioxin, Perfluorinated Chemicals, Glycol Ethers, Organophosphate Pesticides) 

💠 Free your home of harmful chemicals (avoid toxic cleaning supplies, toxic food packaging, cosmetic products packed with harmful ingredients)

💠 Clean the air at home naturally (get rid of artificial air fresheners and decorate your house with beautiful air-purifying household plants ex. English ivy, spider plants, aloe vera, weeping fig)

💠 Use non-toxic, natural, green cleaning products (DIY your natural cleaning supplies)

💠 Get a water filter system for your drinking water

💠 Turn off your wifi router at night (wifi router is a large source of emf radiation)

💠 Have a “no shoes” rule in your house

💠 Remove toxic people from your life, they have a problem for every solution

💠 Stay away from negativity

💠 Unsubscribe and unfollow people on social media that don’t add value into your life 

💠 Manage your emotions

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5. Eliminate Bad Stress

Stress can be either a motivating force that pushes you to work harder, think faster and achieve our goals quicker or destructive energy that kills your productivity and compromises your immune system. So as you can see not all stress is bad for you. It’s the dose that makes the poison. While a little bit of stress can be actually good for us because it keeps us motivated and productive, chronic stress is extremely dangerous.

Because if your body produces too much stress hormones making you constantly on alert your physical health and mental wellbeing are put at risk. That’s why it is so important to make a habit of relaxing daily even or especially if you are busy as hell. So make sure you dedicate enough time to de-stress, unwind and relax every single day. This simple change in your daily routine will improve your immune system.

Simple & Powerful Ways To De-stress & Unwind

💠 Adopt a healthy work-life balance

💠 Make rest and relaxation your daily habit

💠 Cultivate Il Dolce Far Niente aka “The Sweetness of Doing Nothing” 

💠 Incorporate a Digital Detox into your daily routine - switch off and live in the moment

💠 Try Guided Unwinding Mindfulness Meditation (guided meditations are fun and easy to follow!)

💠 Use Positive Affirmations to boost your mood and activate your happy hormones

💠 Talk to someone you can trust about your struggles (Talking to someone about your struggles is a great opportunity to release stress and tension from your body, refresh your thinking, gain a new point of view and in consequence look at your problem from a completely different perspective.)

Best Apps To De-Stress & Relax

  1. SuperBetter (Android / iOS)
  2. Shine - Motivational texts (Android / iOS)
  3. Pocket Yoga (Android / iOS)
  4. Calm Meditation and Sleep Stories (Android; iOS)
  5. Happify: for Stress & Worry (iOS and Android)
  6. Happier (iOS)
  7. Headspace (Android; iOS)
  8. Breathe2Relax (Android; iOS)
  9. Anxiety Reliever (Android; iOS)
  10. Self-help for Anxiety Management (iOS)
  11. Sanvello (Android; iOS)
  12. SAM App (Android; iOS)
  13. What’s Up? - A Mental Health App (iOS and Android)
  14. Self-help for Anxiety Management (iOS and Android)
  15. Smiling Mind Meditation for all ages (iOS and Android)

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6. Choose High-Quality Supplements

Ok, I’m all about getting the vitamins and minerals through a healthy and balanced diet but unfortunately, with some vitamins like B12, D3 or Omega 3, it’s almost impossible to get enough amount from food products no matter how healthy and organic you eat. That’s why I take dietary supplements to be sure to get enough vitamins and minerals that are crucial for maintaining a strong immune system. If you’re interested here are my absolutely favorite high-quality supplements.

Best Immune-Boosting Supplements Of 2020

  1. Vitamin D here
  2. Vitamin D3 + K2 (MK-7) Amazon US / Amazon UK
  3. B 12 Vegan safe formula here
  4. Biotin here
  5. Omega 3 here
  6. Omega-3 fatty acid Amazon UK / Amazon US
  7. Vitamin C Amazon UK / Amazon US  
  8. Turmeric here
  9. Lithium Orotate here
  10. Magnesium Amazon US / Amazon UK
  11. Vitamin C (Pure Acerola Cherry Powder Organic) Amazon US / Amazon UK
  12. Selenium here 
  13. Zinc Amazon US / Amazon UK
  14. Ginseng here
  15. Oregano Oil here
  16. Organic Tulsi (Holy Basil) here

7. Boost Your Happy Hormones

Scientific research shows that being happy and thinking in positive terms keep your immune system strong! So make sure you find the time in your schedule to do the things that make you feel genuinely happy. it can be anything but it has to be something that you love doing.

So grab your favorite coffee drink, treat yourself with your favorite snack, do a face mask, have a relaxing bubble bath, have a good laugh, take yourself on a solo date, watch an interesting and uplifting content. Yes, we’re talking about life’s little pleasures that makes us feel good about ourselves. So do something that feeds your soul and makes you feel alive every single day! Engage in an activity that inspires you, motivates you and boosts your happy hormones. So go treat yourself (in a healthy way) and increase your happiness and overall satisfaction with life!

8. Connect With Nature

It is a scientific fact that regular contact with nature enhances immune function, boost mental health and promotes human health. Nature heals us. That’s why there are gardens located in hospitals and other healthcare facilities because even passive contact with nature helps patients with the healing process and drastically increases staff satisfaction.

Even if you live in a highly industrialized country you’re still a human being, a creature of nature. That’s why you should connect with nature every single day. So go out and take a walk. The weather is bad? That’s ok. Don’t get discouraged! Just put on some warm clothes, go outside, boost your happy hormones and make your immune system bulletproof.  

9. Level Up Your Self-Care Routine

Most of us know that we should prioritize self-care but when it comes to practicing it suddenly it turns out that we are too busy. Our schedules are insanely overbooked with things that were due yesterday. Our brains are incredibly overloaded by too much irrelevant information because for some strange reason we need to know what exactly is going on halfway around the world.

We eat in a hurry because apparently, 20 minutes for a lunch break is long enough not only to chew your food properly but also to notice the smell and taste of the food. We constantly sacrifice our sleep to accomplish more work in a day. We talk through messaging because make a phone call or actually meet someone in person would be a waste of time and we don’t have any.

We are extremely stressed and overwhelmed with work, family responsibilities, financial challenges, everyday choices and too much completely irrelevant information that our brain cannot even process properly. And then when we get sick we cannot figure out why did it happen. Well, being overly stressed, overworked and sleep-deprived weaken our immune system.

That’s why you should take good care of yourself and start practising self-care on a daily basis. But hey, don’t limit yourself to taking a relaxing bath or applying a natural face mask. Try to address all 5 dimensions of self-care to cover a full spectrum of Mind, Body, and Spirit. You will find some great tips on how to do it in my Self-Care Workbook or Free Printables you can download below!

Grab Your Free Self-Care Workbook

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Download Your FREE Printable Self-Care Worksheets!

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10. Don't Panic!

So it happened. The thing that you were afraid the most has just happened. You’ve watched the news, you’ve seen twitter trending hashtags,  you’ve read another article trying to convince you that the world is ending and you’re having a panic attack. Catastrophic news has triggered your anxiety. It’s not the first time you’ve read the news but this panic attack is the first one you’re experiencing. 

You really didn’t know what was coming… till now. This all came out of nowhere and it just keeps getting worse. Every second that passes is bad, even worse than a previous one. The adrenaline kicks in like an electromagnetic impulse that just spreads throughout the whole body. Your body temperature just like the sense of disorientation continues to increase. Your stomach is flipping and your heartbeat is abnormally strong. Vision and hearing get heightened. Colours seem more intense and the shape more focused.

Every sound becomes painfully loud and frightening. Both your mind and body are corrupted by the raising anxiety that quickly turns into a panic attack. Your brain switches immediately on a survival mode. But the worst is still yet to come. You can barely breathe. Desperately trying to catch your breath you only complicating things. It’s no longer anxiety but a panic attack that has already left you paralyzed.

The stress you are experiencing reached a dangerous level and you know that you have to do something, anything before it gets really bad. You need to act before fear completely overwhelm you and paralyze you. You need to keep calm and relax. You need to take a deep breath, switch off the news and focus on what you can do to protect yourself. You need to focus on your life, your goals, and your future. Fear is a bad advisor.

So don’t give energy to your fear. Instead, work on a positive mindset, take good care of your mental and physical health and make every minute of your life count. 

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Stay positive

Be mindful

take care, don’t panic and make your immune system bulletproof!

xo Kate

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4 thoughts on “10 Simple Ways To Boost Your Immune System During The days Of Coronavirus.

  1. These are great tips on boosting the immune system. Some of these I never realized. I really love the advice on not panicking. The media has set everyone into such a frenzy and I think we shouldn’t hang on to their every word. This is a great resource!

    1. Thank YOU, Michelle! I live in Northern Italy and most people stay calm but… some panic and behave in an irrational or even dangerous way. If you ask me, I do think that panic mode is the worst one. Not to mention that a high level of stress is the enemy of our immune system. I do believe that staying calm, taking good care of our mental and physical health and thinking logically instead of emotionally is the best what we can do to protect ourselves (and others). Have a great and peaceful weekend!! Take care! 😀

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