Morning Routine To Reduce Stress And Anxiety - Start Your Day With A Positive Mindset!

morning routine to reduce anxiety and stress

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morning routine to reduce anxiety and stress

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The Ultimate Morning Routine

to reduce stress and anxiety

Table of Contents

This is the third part of my January Series: Powerful Routines for a Balanced Life. Today we will focus on creating a perfect morning routine that will help you to reduce morning anxiety, boost your productivity and create a powerful to-do list. I hope you enjoy it!

From Anxious To Mindful Mind

Living with anxiety, depression or any other mental health condition can be tough, exhausting and debilitating but if you read my posts on 20 benefits of Anxiety (here) or 5 lessons I’ve learned from dealing with Depression (here) you know by now that you are stronger than your struggles and you can always turn a negative situation into a positive one. It may not be the easiest thing to do but it’s definitely DOABLE! However, in order to do that you need to be mindful, mentally prepared and organized. You need to adopt the right “I’m f*cking awesome” mindset and develop the right “I rock” strategy and just go for it. You need to engage in some serious positive self-talk, take action, start creating real results, measure your progress in fulfilling your dreams and celebrate your small victories and big accomplishments! You need to think less and do more. You need to create a powerful and productive morning routine and go after the life you want and deserve! 

And if you need some help, here are my tips, hacks, and tricks that will help you to create a powerful morning routine, increase your productivity throughout the day and create a schedule that will keep you calm and focused on your goals! I hope you enjoy it!

I dedicate this post for all the anxious minds, innate overthinkers and recovering perfectionists out there! You rock! You are f*cking awesome! And you’re doing great! You should be proud of yourself for how far you’ve come and never stop pushing to be the best version of yourself!

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Benefits Of Morning Routine

A solid, healthy and powerful morning routine helps you to:

  1. Manage Anxiety & Reduce Stress
  2. Eliminate Time Wasters & Distractions
  3. Remove the unnecessary non-critical Decisions from your daily life
  4. Create Consistency
  5. Create Momentum
  6. Increase Self-Awareness
  7. Improve Focus & Concentration
  8. Increase Productivity
  9. Create Motivation
  10. Increase Engagement Levels
  11. Boost Physical & Mental Wellbeing
  12. Boost Happy Hormones
  13. Enter Flow State
  14. Boost Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem
  15. Feel a Greater Sense of Fulfilment
  16. Improve Interpersonal Relationships
  17. Give Yourself a Reason
  18. Hack Your Brain to Increase Creativity
  19. Create Work-Life Balance
  20. Regulate Emotions
  21. Increase Emotional Happiness
  22. Fight Chronic Fatigue
  23. Increase Self-Love

Morning Routine Manifesto

1. Set Yourself Up For Successful Day The Night Before

Plan, Schedule & Organize Your Day Like A Pro

The secret to preventing yourself to feel stressed and anxious in the morning is to plan for an ultra-effective day the night before. This means that every single evening you should take some time to plan methodically, organize properly and schedule effectively your day for maximum productivity and optimal rest-breaks. Having it all planned out means being less stressed, more productive and mentally prepared for the new day. An effective plan will give you comfort, peace of mind and a sense that you’re doing the right thing. So every single evening take some time to create your schedule and make a powerful to-do list that will help you get through the next day in a productive and exciting way! But remember that a to-do list it’s not only about work but also about productive free time. So plan, organize, and schedule not only the things that have to be done at your work but also activities and hobbies you would like to do in your free time. Life is not only about work. You don’t live to work but you work to live. You’re still a human BEING, not a human DOING! Don’t forget about that while making your to-do list! Most of us wish that there were more than 24 hours a day. But if there were 30 or even more hours a day we would plan, schedule and organize even more activities. The truth is, a longer day wouldn’t make you any more productive and any less anxious. Your daily success depends on a solid routine and your commitment to your goals. So instead of wallowing in sadness about not having enough time to accomplish everything you have on your to-do list plan your day properly. If you want to make your day Ultra-Effective you need to manage your time more efficiently. And this is how you can easily do it:

  • Plan Your Day According to 3 x 8h rule (8h of work, 8h of productive “me time”, 8h of quality rest. Split your day into 3 parts and you will create a sacred equilibrium, a perfect balance of your mind, body, and spirit. 
  • Set 3 MITS - the most important tasks (get them knocked out in the early morning, as soon as you can when your mind is fresh)
  • Set SMART Goals & Deadlines
  • Design an Action Plan for Your Goals
  • Create a Powerful, Productive and Exciting Tomorrow’s To-Do List
The easiest way to create motivation

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The easiest way to create motivation

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Perform Your Night Routine

A perfect morning starts the night before with a powerful night routine. Yes, that’s true! Because believe it or not, we are creatures of habits and we do find comfort in healthy routines and regular schedule. We love to wake up in the morning knowing what to do and in what order. We love to fall asleep confident that we had a productive and positive day. We love balance because it gives us a feeling of having control over our life. And we know, even if only on a subconscious level that balance is the key to achieving goals. So if you want better results and greater fulfilment in your life, creating and performing a healthy and balanced routine is what you should focus on! It’s the most important key to success in your professional and personal life. While a little bit of chaos, uncertainty, and improvisation is what makes life more exciting, inspiring and fulfilling it won’t help you to achieve your goals. If you want to accomplish a variety of professional and personal tasks you need to be organized and stay focus. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time and energy doing the wrong things. In other words, you need a solid routine. You need a night routine to relax, unwind and plan a productive day and you need a morning routine to boost your mood and increase your productivity levels so that you can have a perfect day! Remember a perfect day starts the night before. So make some time for your night routine before you go to bed. Maximize your productivity and reduce stress by planning your day the right way the night before!

💠 Go to sleep early and wake up early every

💠 Eat a light and healthy meal or snack

💠 Engage in evening self-care routine (take a relaxing bath, )

💠 Power down your electronic devices about 1 hour before you go to bed

💠 Listen to relaxing sounds

💠 Do a therapeutic self-massage to release any tension in your shoulders and neck

💠 Stretch before going to bed in preparation for a good night’s sleep

💠 Try calming apps to relax, destress, and clear your mind

💠 Read or listen to an audiobook

💠 Set the3 alarm at a reasonable hour aka early to have enough time to methodically plan your day (you really don’t want to sleep in, miss your bus and be late for work or school)

Best calming apps to relax, destress and unwind

  1. Calm Meditation and Sleep Stories (Android; iOS)
  2. Happify: for Stress & Worry (iOS and Android)
  3. Headspace (Android; iOS)
  4. Breathe2Relax (Android; iOS)
  5. Anxiety Reliever (Android; iOS)
  6. Self-help for Anxiety Management (iOS)
  7. Sanvello (Android; iOS)
  8. Worry Watch (iOS)
  9. Rain Rain (Android; iOS)
  10. Panic Relief (Android; iOS)
  11. SAM App (Android; iOS)
  12. What’s Up? - A Mental Health App (iOS and Android)
  13. MoodTools - Depression Aid (iOS and Android)
  14. MindShift CBT - Anxiety Canada (iOS and Android)
  15. Self-help for Anxiety Management (iOS and Android)
  16. Happier (iOS)
  17. Smiling Mind Meditation for all ages (iOS and Android)
  18. NOCD: Effective care for OCD (iOS)
  19. CBT Thought Diary
    #1 Free Mood & Thought Journal (iOS and Android)

Best books you can get on AMAZON right now!

books for the evening

" data-image-caption="

books for the evening

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  1. City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert AMAZON US /AMAZON UK
  2. Emotional Detox for Anxiety: 7 Steps to Release Anxiety and Energize Joy by Sherianna Boyle AMAZON US / AMAZON UK
  3. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert  AMAZON US / AMAZON UK
  4. Atomic Habits: The life-changing million-copy bestseller by James Clear  AMAZON US / AMAZON UK
  5. Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds by David Goggins AMAZON US / AMAZON UK
  6. Ultralearning: Master Hard Skills, Outsmart the Competition, and Accelerate Your Career by Scott Young  AMAZON US / AMAZON UK
  7. The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life by Todd Herman AMAZON US / AMAZON UK
  8. Emotional Detox: 7 Steps to Release Toxicity and Energize Joy by Sherianna Boyle AMAZON US / AMAZON UK
  9. The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups by Daniel Coyle AMAZON US / AMAZON UK
  10. Man for Himself: An Inquiry Into the Psychology of Ethics by Erich Fromm AMAZON US / AMAZON UK
  11. Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: A Therapist, HER Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed by Lori Gottlieb AMAZON US / AMAZON UK
  12. The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis by Jacob Wilson AMAZON US / AMAZON UK
  13. Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life by Nir Eyal AMAZON US / AMAZON UK
  14. The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure by Grant Cardone  AMAZON US / AMAZON UK
  15. How to Be Yourself: Quiet Your Inner Critic and Rise Above Social Anxiety by Ellen Hendriksen AMAZON US / AMAZON UK
  16. Words That Change Minds: The 14 Patterns for Mastering the Language of Influence by Shelle Rose Charvet  AMAZON US / AMAZON UK

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2. Wake Up Early & Boost Your Happy Hormones

Start Your Day With Mindfulness Ritual

Wake up early enough to have time for your powerful morning ritual, morning self-care and your typical morning routine that will put you in a positive headspace and boost your productivity levels! What is a morning ritual? Well, a morning ritual is the first part of your morning routine, the fun and energizing one. It can be one habit or sequence of habits that reinforce each other you practice right after waking up to start your day in a positive way. It can be anything from making a delicious cup of coffee to going for a morning run. But it has to be something that inspires you, motivates you and makes you feel good about yourself. So if the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is reading the news with terrible and depressing headlines you should probably avoid that unless you want to feel depressed, anxious and just awful throughout the day. Instead, develop a positive morning ritual that will help you set the tone for a positive day.

My morning ritual, the first part of my morning routine is a sequence of acts that have become automatic for me. So what do I exactly do right after waking up? Well, I open my eyes, get out of bed and:

✔️ I start listening to uplifting and energizing music

✔️ I make myself a quick ginger warm lemon water

✔️ I make myself my favorite coffee (long black with a dash of almond milk and coconut oil)

✔️ I perform my morning stretching routine

Then I move on to the second part of my morning routine and I review my do-to list and MITs to make sure that I planned, organized and schedule my day for maximum success according to my 3 x 8 rule (8 h of work & productivity, 8 h of quality “me time” 8 h of quality rest)

I perform this morning ritual every single day right after waking up and it let me tell you something it does wonders on my mental and physical health! Trust me a morning ritual is something that should be included in your morning routine. It will completely change your life for the better! But don’t believe me just try yourself! Wake up bright and early tomorrow morning and start your day with a positive morning ritual that will put you in the right headspace. Do something that feeds your soul and makes you feel alive soon after you wake up. And do it mindfully! Simply place your full focus on the activity you love doing and you know it will put you in a positive headspace.

Powerful Morning Rituals Ideas

  1. Make yourself the perfect cup of coffee or tea
  2. Achieve peace of mind with morning guided meditation
  3. Set 3 intentions for the day
  4. Perform the 4-7-8 Breathing Exercise
  5. Track the past, organize the present and plan for future with a Bullet Journal
  6. Practice positive self-talk looking in the mirror
  7. Write gratitude notes and put them in your Gratitude jar
  8. Practice morning yoga stretch to wake up & stretch out for your best day ever
  9. Get active and boost your endorphins naturally
  10. Go for a morning walk and connect with nature
  11. Read self-improvement book
  12. Listen to an inspirational podcast or watch motivational Ted talks
  13. Listen to mindfulness music for positive energy and stress relief
  14. Listen to Uplifting Music

Engage In Morning Self-Care Routine

Practising self-care in the morning is another perfect way to reduce anxiety, boost your mood and start your day right. That’s why it should be a solid part of your morning routine! Of course, you don’t have to perform the same activities every single day, just do what you feel like doing on a given day. But remember to do the activities that you truly like and you know that they will boost your happy hormones and improve your life satisfaction! If you want to learn more about why a daily self-care routine is important and how you can easily create your own unique one I’m talking about it in my previous post you can read or re-read here.

My Absolutely Favourite Morning Self-Care Ideas:

  1. Start the day with a positive morning ritual
  2. Set 3 positive affirmations for the day
  3. Listen to energetic music and dance like there’s nobody watching
  4. Practice positive imagery
  5. Take time to do belly breathing exercises
  6. Get active and coax your body into making more endorphins 
  7. Do a guided meditation for positive energy
  8. Make time for your hobby (even 10 minutes can make a huge difference!)
  9. Challenge your negative thinking and self-limiting beliefs
  10. Spend quality “me time” (post on how to make the most of “me time” HERE)

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Lower Your Cortisol Levels

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Are you stressed out and anxious in the early morning? Most likely your cortisol levels are high. But wait, before you blame everything on your “stress hormone” you should know that cortisol has many functions in the human body and none of them is designed to hurt you.

Cortisol is a steroid hormone made by your adrenal glands and its responsible for controlling stress response, increasing your body’s metabolism of glucose, reducing inflammation, assisting with memory formulation and many other extremely important functions in your body. In most people, cortisol levels are highest in the morning when they wake up from a prolonged period of sleep because they are hungry and dehydrated. It’s a signal that you should eat a nutritious breakfast and drink plenty of water.

Usually the production of “stress hormone” is at its highest 30 minutes after waking and declines steadily during the day. That’s why you should wait for about 30 - 40 minutes after waking to brew that first cup of coffee. But if you feel that your cortisol levels are too high in the morning try these simple and natural ways to decrease them: 

Simple Ways To Lower Your Cortisol Levels Naturally

  1. Get the right amount of sleep (go to bed early and get up early)
  2. Get active and coax your body into making more endorphins 
  3. Eat some delicious dark chocolate
  4. Eat more Omega 3 rich foods
  5. Drink green tea
  6. Laugh more and worry less
  7. Listen to uplifting music and dance like nobody’s watching
  8. Connect with your tribe
  9. Limit Alcohol
  10. Drink Caffeine in moderation
  11. Practice guided meditation
  12. Listen to ASMR content
  13. Connect with nature 
  14. Try adaptogenic herbs such as Ashwagandha, Holy basil, Rhodiola, Panax ginseng, Licorice root, Chamomile, Skullcap, Lemon Balm)
  15. Do a quick breathing exercise

3. Unlock Your Creative Potential

Enter The Flow State

A Flow State “It is when we act freely, for the sake of the action itself rather than for ulterior motives, that we learn to become more than what we were. When we choose a goal and invest ourselves in it to the limits of concentration, whatever we do will be enjoyable. And once we have tasted this joy, we will redouble our efforts to taste it again. This is the way the self grows.”

― Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Tweet

Achieve a heavy sense of concentration, increase your sense of clarity and tap into your motivation through intentional action. Stop thinking and start doing. Seriously put yourself in motion and start producing real results. Overthinking and overanalyzing not only prevents you from taking action but also makes every situation much more complex than it ever needs to be. If you want to achieve your goals you need to stop creating worst-case scenarios and start taking action towards your goals! Seriously stop thinking and start doing! Stop negotiating with yourself, instead, eliminate all external and internal distractions, put the right kind of music (I usually listen to mindfulness music for deep focus and concentration with binaural beats) and start working towards achieving your goals. Enter into that hypnotic state where creativity flows effortlessly and start achieving your goals!

“If you are interested in something, you will focus on it, and if you focus attention on anything, it is likely that you will become interested in it. Many of the things we find interesting are not so by nature, but because we took the trouble of paying attention to them.”

― Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Finding Flow: The Psychology of Engagement with Everyday Life Tweet

Create Motivation & Start Producing Results

At this point, you should be already insanely motivated and more than ready to start producing results! If you’re still waiting for motivation and inspiration to strike you it will not happen. You need to stop waiting and start taking action!

There is this huge misconception about the motivation that creates action, but it’s actually the other way around. It’s an action that creates motivation. Furthermore, the more you do the more motivated you become. It happens because the moment you start noticing your accomplishments your appetite for success grows. And what happens? Well, you start producing real results! So grab a cup of coffee, tea or any other hydrating drink of choice and get your MITs knocked out! And then once you’finished with your top priorities you will be able to execute your to-do list. Don’t multitask! Focus on one activity or project at a time. Set clear deadlines and start producing real results! You will quickly notice how ticking off the things you’ve already done make you insanely happy, satisfied and immensely proud of yourself and your accomplishments. 

  1. Stop thinking and start doing - Put yourself in motion and get inspired by your own actions
  2. Adopt anti-procrastination strategies and boost your productivity levels (post about how to become a highly productive person HERE)
  3. Use the Pareto Principle (According to the Pareto Principle, 20% of your work produces 80% of the result. This means that if you manage to identify that 20% correctly you will spend more time doing the right things that will produce the greatest outcome.)
  4. Unlock your creative potential (The best way to do it is through observation, connecting with nature, interacting with others and fueling your passion. Personally, I like to train my creative mind through journaling and communicating with my inner child because I really believe that our inner child is our source of creativity and infinite potential.)
  5. Manage your time wisely and efficiently (Be productive, NOT Busy) - focus on making steps to move forward with your goals

Download Your Free Printable Self-care Workbook by clicking on the photo below!


Stay Positive

Be Mindful

and create a morning routine that will help you to prevent yourself to feel stress and anxious. 

xo Kate

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