How To Plan A Successful Week: 7 Steps To Create A Productive & Balanced Weekly Routine.

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The Key To Overcoming Sunday Night Blues

There are two types of people in this world. Those who love Mondays because new week means new opportunities to create the life they want to live, and those who hate Mondays and suffer from chronic Sunday night blues. 

I used to belong to the first group until I learned the secret of turning Sunday night blues into Monday excitement. And it’s actually easier than you think! Because the secret to overcoming Sunday night blues is to plan, schedule and organize the week that you actually want to have!

How simple is that, right?!

You can schedule your professional and personal responsibilities in such a way as to maximize your productivity without sacrificing your personal life. Furthermore, you can create an exciting action plan so that you feel more accomplished and proud of yourself at the end of each workday. And to help you with that here is my formula for creating an insanely productive, balanced, and delightful week (not weekend BUT week)!!

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1 Step: Plan In Advance

The secret to organizing a productive and balanced week is to plan everything in advance. This simple strategy will give you comfort, peace of mind and a sense that you’re focusing on the right things instead of falling into the trap of urgency, or even worse, the trap of procrastination. And that’s what we all want to avoid.

Success is determined by your daily agenda. So instead of waiting for things to happen, take a proactive approach and plan out your work week, day by day, in advance. Take some time on Friday evening or Saturday morning to make an effective schedule for the upcoming week. Write down everything you need to accomplish in a new document (Google calendar, Outlook) on your phone or on your computer. Prioritize your tasks and set deadlines for any of them. But don’t overschedule. Be rational and always negotiate with yourself. Do not be your own tyrant. Design your ideal week and set yourself for success.

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2 Step: Cut Out The Complexity Of Your Work

The next extremely important thing to do when planning a productive week is to simplify and prioritize tasks, projects and activities that you need to get done. Otherwise, you may end up with a jam-packed schedule that instead of increase your productivity and effectiveness will only create too much complexity, confusion and stress. Not to mention that having too much on your plate can easily lead to hesitation that, as we all know real dream killer.

To avoid the hesitation trap you need to develop a strategy to get started. And we all know that getting started is much easier when you cut out the complexity of your work. Simplicity is the key too success.

When it comes to simplifying and prioritizing tasks The Eisenhower Box is an extremely effective strategy. Of course, there are some other methods that are pretty effective, but I personally think that a visual method designed by President Eisenhower is one of the easiest and most effective ways to simplify and prioritize your to-do list.

The Eisenhower Box consists in 4 quadrants: 

  1. DOurgent and important tasks that need to be done immediately (ex. crisis management, pressing deadlines, urgent problems)
  2. DECIDE important but not urgent tasks that aren’t your top priorities (crises, emergencies, hard deadlines) but you should schedule them to ensure that progress is being made (ex. strategic planning, organizing, investing in yourself, prevention, personal development, strengthening your personal relationships, new opportunities)
  3. DELEGATE urgent but not important tasks that need to be done but they can be done by someone else (ex. responding to some emails, meal prep)
  4. DELETE not urgent and not important tasks that don’t add value to your life (time-wasters, distractions, unnecessary decisions, non-critical choices)

3 Step: Set Weekly Goals

Next thing to do when planning and organizing a successful week is to set your weekly goals. However, I don’t recommend you set new goals that would be completely unrelated to your bigger objectives. Because that would create confusion.

What you want to do instead is to translate your yearly goals into quarterly, monthly and weekly goals and tasks that would be easier to achieve. In other words, you want to break your long-term projects into small manageable action items. 

When setting your weekly goals look at the big picture, think about your major, long-term goals and break them down into small achievable steps. Then schedule each of these steps into your weekly agenda so that you know what to focus on. This simple strategy will help ensure you work steadily and consistently to get closer to your success. 

4 Step: Set Daily Priorities

The next thing to do when planning a successful week is to set your daily priorities, your daily Most Important Tasks (MITs) that will keep your key (long-term) goals on track. These key tasks are your must-dos that need to be accomplished by the end of a particular day. 

The MITs are specific tasks that include work responsibilities, daily requirements, or other urgent tasks that require your immediate action. They need to be clearly defined, structured, specific, and most importantly finished by the end of the day. 

When setting your daily priorities focus on choosing 3 to 5 daily activities that lead to your key goal or goals so that you know you’re focusing on the right things and you’re moving toward your main goals. 

5 Step: Use Time Blocking

Time-blocking or calendar-blocking is an effective technique where you define specific time blocks for particular tasks, activities or events. Each block is dedicated to accomplishing a specific task so that you know what to focus on and how much time do you have to get this thing done.

This simple technique will help you build momentum and develop laser-like focus so much needed to get more things done in less time. Not to mention that you will not have time for procrastination unless you block time for it!

We live in a world full of distractions where one lapse in concentration can create a “snowball effect” where if you don’t block time for your key tasks, I can guarantee you that you will find millions of things to do instead. Potential alternatives to your top priorities will pop up out of nowhere like crazy making you think that every task is equally important. To avoid that you need to get in control of your time and attention and time-blocking will help you to do that. 

  1. Get out tasks of your head into your notebook
  2. Add all your tasks to your prioritized to-do list
  3. Decide on specific time slots in your calendar and reserve them for the tasks (you can also schedule your breaks to boost your productivity levels)
  4. Work on your tasks within the prescribed time period
  5. Be disciplined and act on your schedule

Best Time-Blocking Apps Of 2021

  1. Google Calendar
  2. Trello – project management app here
  3. Clockify – Free Time Tracking Software here
  4. Toggl – Easy Time Blocking
  5. Asana –  Manage your team’s work, projects, & tasks online here
  6. Todoist – task management software here 

6 Step: Prioritize Your Health

Are you getting enough sleep, nourishing yourself with healthy food and working out on a daily basis? Or maybe you constantly sacrifice your sleep to get more things done during the day, eat pre-prepared junk food and struggle with reaching 10,000 steps a day? Are you take good care of yourself or neglect your health? Are you making your health your priority? If not, it’s time to change this.

Because here’s a deal: if you want to be highly productive, self-motivated, and ridiculously focused on your goals you need to prioritize your health and wellbeing. Otherwise, you won’t be able to reach your full potential and live life on your own terms.

So if you want to be highly productive and effective you need to start prioritizing your health. You need to stop making endless excuses for not eating a healthy diet, not working out and not getting enough sleep on a regular basis. 

Make yourself your no 1 priority and you will become unstoppable. Slow down and take good care of yourself. Plan your meals in advance, stock your fridge with healthy food, schedule your daily workouts, meditate every day, start journaling, practice gratitude, get quality sleep on a regular basis and start treating yourself like someone you LOVE!

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7 Step: Plan Your Weekly Enjoyment

Most people when planning and scheduling their week focus only on their work completely forgetting about their personal life. They just assume that if they happen to have a little free time they will spend it having fun and relaxing. But the truth is if you don’t schedule free time most likely you will end up working all day every day. And that’s an ideal prescription for burnout. 

Being focus and dedicated to working is crucial for advancing your career and reaching the level of success you desire but at the same time, if you’re not taking good care of yourself, it’s going to be hard to maintain high productivity levels. Not to mention that at some point you will feel overwhelmed, overly stressed and extremely tired. And that can easily lead to serious health problems. That’s why when planning a successful week you need to schedule your leisure time.  

Planning your weekly enjoyment, self-care activities, solo date or a 20-minute coffee get-together with friends will not only create more joy in your life but also it will drastically increase your motivation to work hard. Use your free time to rest, relax, refresh your mind, change your energy and most importantly, to enrich your life!

8 Step: Batch Similar Tasks Together

According to a University of California Irvine study, “it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to the task.” That’s an awfully long time to switch your brain into productivity mode again. Not to mention that waiting instead of doing is one of the main triggers for procrastinating. And once you fall into the trap of procrastination, this momentary lapse of self-control can snowball into hours and hours of wasted time.

To avoid procrastination snowball or vortex, you need a strategy to create momentum. And one of the best strategies to build momentum and laser-like focus is to batch similar tasks together. 

Grouping similar tasks together and doing them all at once will not only skyrocket your productivity but also it will make you feel proud of yourself at the end of your workday. And what better feeling than self-accomplishment, right?

So when planning an insanely productive week don’t forget to batch similar tasks together such as responding to emails, making important phone calls, meetings, doing errands or administrative work. This simple trick will not only save you a lot of time but will also increase your efficiency immediately. 

Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2021

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The transition from a chaotic state to an organized state can be quite thought. But with the right tools in place developing good organization habits is not only simple but also pretty enjoyable. 

That’s why today I’m sharing with you some pretty interesting resources that can help you become a highly organized, productive and effective person. Here they are:

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7. Master Your Gmail by Niki Robinson (eCourse)
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8. Power Over Paperwork by Laura Shaw (eCourse)
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9. Productivity Planner by Emily Bredeson (Printable)
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10. The 2021 Year of Intent by Leslie Lambert (Printable)
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11. The Flexible Planner 2021 by Jami Boys (Printable) 
Your solution to the planner graveyard. A perfect combo of bullet journalling and a traditional planner to organize your life and save time.

12. Trello Tracking Board for PROD2021 by Kristi @ Paperless Boss (Planner)
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  • Get more done in less time by creating smarter systems
  • Develop a motivating mindset so you can be more positive and consistent
  • Overcome challenges and setbacks so you can achieve the goals that really matter

And best of all, you can get the entire package (29 resources) for just $37! But before you make any decision, read my review HERE and then you can decide! 

Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2021

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Stay positive, be mindful and make your upcoming week a successful one!

xo Kate

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