How I Became A Morning Person: From Night Own To An Early Bird In 8 Simple Steps.

how to become a morning person


From Night Own To An Early Bird

A positive change

Table of Contents

Becoming An Early Bird

  • When was the last time you enjoyed a peaceful sunrise?
  • How could you describe your morning coffee ritual?
  • Are you waking up tired and foggy?
  • Do you want a more productive morning routine?
  • Are you a night own that wants to become an early bird?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s time to give some serious thought to your morning habits. Because whether you are a textbook example of a late-night owl or you just want to wake up feeling fresh and awake, you need to trick your body to be a morning person. And to help you with that here are my 8-step process of becoming a morning person that will not only help you to smoothly start waking up earlier but also fall in love with mornings.

how to create productive, healthy and positive mornings

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how to create productive, healthy and positive mornings

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positive mindset

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positive mindset

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1. Shift Your Mindset

I am sure you’ve noticed that at the time an important decision is taken the level of excitement is the highest. And then once we are in the process of personal transformation usually this feeling of extreme and almost uncontrolled excitement decrease a bit to make space for other feelings. That’s perfectly normal and healthy. Not to mention that being extremely excited for too long a period of time could be quite dangerous. There should always be a balance. In everything. 

So be prepared for experiencing mixed feelings in the process of your personal transformation and don’t let them change your mind (and decision). And if you need a little extra motivation highly recommend you find you “WHY”. Literally ask yourself why you want to become an early bird and write your answer (or answers) down on a sticky note and stick it to the night stand so that you can read it at least twice a day (when you wake up and when you go to sleep). In other words, identify the reason behind your decision of becoming an ealry bird.

Ask yourself:

  1. What kind of morning do you want to have?
  2. What do you want to experience as soon as you wake up
  3. How do you want to feel when your alarm clock rings?

And write your answers down on a post it. Then read them out loud. Use your answers to create your own personal mantra that will provide the needed mental boost to help you overcome any obstacle to achieve your goal. You got this!


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don’t rush the process

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don’t rush the process

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2. Slow And Steady

If you are a night owl who loves to stay up late and sleep in becoming an early bird may take some time but in the end, it’s worth the effort. That’s why you should be patient and trust the process. A massive personal change doesn’t happen overnight. It happens in stages. Some stages are harder than others but each of them is important and needed. So don’t rush the process. Allow yourself to enjoy every step of it. 

Every transformation we go through is a journey towards something new, different and exciting. But you know what’s even more exciting? The fact that we can set the tone for every transformation that occurs in our life. We have the power to take ownership and get full control of our life. We create our reality with our thoughts, words and actions. It’s all about the choice. You choose whether your personal change is a positive or negative experience. 

Therefore, if you want this transformation from a late-night owl into an ealry bird to be a positive process you need to make sure that your thoughts, words and actions align with this intention. But don’t force positive thinking. Instead, remind yourself of your reason why you choose to go through this transformation. Make a gradual change so your mind, body and spirit can adjust. And remember that consistency is better than speed. So opt for consistency. 

3. Peaceful And Pleasant

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who prefer a pleasant alarm clock that provides a delightful morning experience. And those who set their alarm to annoying sounds or aggressive songs to be on high alert immediately after waking up. The problem is, annoying sounds create a negative headspace that you should avoid especially in the early morning. 

To be honest with you, I used to set rage anthems as my morning alarms because I didn’t have enough faith in myself and my ability to get out of bed. As you can probably imagine that wasn’t a good idea. Not only I was irritated soon after opening my eyes but also I had less and less desire to start my day.

Extreme music with negative themes contained in the lyrics is a powerful tool to process your anger and get rid of difficult unwanted energy but at the same time, it’s completely unsuitable for a regular, everyday alarm. Not even when you barely slept. It’s a real big no-no. You should really avoid that.

If you want to start your day on a positive note you should set your alarm clock to positive sounds that will increase your energy and motivation in the early morning. There’s no better way to start your day fresh and energized than by waking up to pleasant and peaceful tunes. So choose your wake up song mindfully so that you can wake up early and avoid hitting the snooze button

peacul and pleasant morning routine

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peacul and pleasant morning routine

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meaningful and inspiring content

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meaningful and inspiring content

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4. Productive & Inspired

Being an early bird is not only about getting up with the rising sun but also about truly enjoying an early, joyful and productive morning. In other words, there is a big difference between crawling out of bed with the eyes shut and being truly excited and ready to start a new day. The first attitude will most likely make you feel miserable while the second one is literally the key to your success. And let me tell you something, you’re aiming for true joy.

But there’s a catch: if you want to start off your morning on a positive and productive note you need to plan it out. Otherwise, you will most likely spend a substantial amount of time and energy on embracing morning chaos. Because let’s face it without a plan there are too many impulsive and thoughtless actions that you would rather avoid.

Strategic planning transforms the morning chaos into daily confidence. Having it all planned out means being less stressed, more productive and mentally prepared for the new day. To achieve that mental state you need (and you want) to invest a half an hour to plan your day the night before. Of course, you don’t have to plan everything to the nth degree. What I suggest is to create a schedule, make a prioritized to-do list, plan some powerful breaks between your tasks and of course leave some space for your hobby and more or less productive relaxation. This simple formula is what you need to set yourself up for success every day.  


  1. Plan Your Day According to 3 x 8h rule (8h of work, 8h of productive “me time”, 8h of quality rest. Split your day into 3 parts and you will create a sacred equilibrium, a perfect balance of your mind, body, and spirit. 
  2. Set 3 MITS - the most important tasks (get them knocked out in the early morning, as soon as you can when your mind is fresh)
  3. Set SMART Goals & Deadlines
  4. Design an Action Plan for Your Goals
  5. Create a Powerful, Productive and Exciting Tomorrow’s To-Do List
  6. Get Quality Sleep On A Regular Basis (Dedicate 7-8 hours a day for a quality rest)   
  7. Create A Healthy Night Routine 
  8. Read a Physical Book For 30 Minutes Before Sleep
  9. Put Phone On Airplane Mode At Night

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move your body for a better mental and physical health

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move your body for a better mental and physical health

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5. Wake Up Your Body

It is scientifically proven that physical activity stimulates the release of dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin and endorphins. These chemicals, also known as “happy hormones” are directly responsible for your mood. That’s why even low impact and relatively short physical activity has the power to drastically improve your mood and boost your energy levels. Not to mention that exercise makes your brain perform better due to increased blood pressure and blood flow throughout the entire body. In other words, regular physical activity not only benefits your body but also your brain.

So if you want to maximize your brain’s performance in the early morning I highly recommend you to add some type of physical activity into your daily routine. It can be anything from simple stretches, morning walk or a solo dance to your favourite morning wake-up song to a full-body HIIT workout. 

Waking up your body with some kind of physical activity will increase your brain and memory power naturally and easily! If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself! Trust me you will not regret this!

  1. Drink a glass of water
  2. Stretch for a better circulation
  3. Do a morning workout
  4. Go for a morning walk

6. Wake Up Your Mind

Waking up your mind in the early morning may not be the easiest thing to do especially if you’ve spent most of your life being a night owl. But it’s definitely doable! It’s all about creating an energy-boosting morning habit that will help you to wake up your sleepy mind, increase your mental focus and make your motivation flow effortlessly.

If you ask me, my absolute favourite morning ritual that I practice since I was a teenager, is making myself a delicious cup of coffee and enjoying it outside (balcony included).

I am a hopeless hopeful coffee addict lover. But what can I do? It’s not my fault that the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is hard to beat. 

Another ritual that I’ve recently added to my morning routine to wake up my sleepy mind is an ice-cold shower. And let me tell you something; that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s incredible how a quick ice-cold shower can boost your energy levels, lower stress, relieve fatigue, increase mental alertness, improves metabolism and activate your happy hormones. All this in a few seconds! It’s the power of morning ice-cold shower! I’m serious! 

If you need some extra inspiration to create your own morning rituals here are some great ideas:

  1. Take an ice-cold shower
  2. Journal for mental clarity 
  3. Read
  4. Listen to an inspiring podcast
  5. Read motivational quotes
  6. Use positive affirmations
  7. Make yourself a delicious cup of coffee
wake up your mind

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wake up your mind

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bulletproof coffee recipe

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bulletproof coffee recipe

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The Ultimate (My) Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

(just in case)


  • 8 oz Arabica Coffee (brewed and hot)
  • 1 tsp Grass-Feed Butter or Grass-Feed Ghee
  • 1 tsp MCT Oil or Coconut Oil
  • 1 Tbsp Heavy Cream or Mascarpone (adds delicious creaminess)
  • 1 Tbsp Collagen protein powder (optional)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)
  • Sweetener of choice (optional)


  1. Brew coffee
  2. Combine all ingredients in a blender.
  3. Blend until smooth and frothy.
  4. Drink immediately!

Exciting Morning Self-Care Ideas

  1. Start the day with a positive morning ritual
  2. Set 3 positive affirmations for the day
  3. Listen to energetic music and dance like there’s nobody watching
  4. Practice positive imagery
  5. Take time to do belly breathing exercises
  6. Get active and coax your body into making more endorphins 
  7. Do a guided meditation for positive energy
  8. Make time for your hobby (even 10 minutes can make a huge difference!)
  9. Challenge your negative thinking and self-limiting beliefs
  10. Spend quality “me time” (post on how to make the most of “me time” HERE)

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focus on your health and wellbeing

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focus on your health and wellbeing

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" data-lazy-sizes="(max-width: 1140px) 100vw, 1140px" srcset=""/>

7. Nourish Your Soul

After waking up your body and mind it’s finally time to nourish our soul. In my personal opinion, the best way to do that is to engage in an activity that will make you feel alive. I am thinking here about something that you love doing and you know it will put you in a positive headspace.

So if the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is reading the news with terrible and depressing headlines you should probably avoid that unless you want to feel depressed, anxious and just awful. Instead, develop a positive morning ritual that will help you start your day in a positive way. It can be anything but it has to be something that inspires you, motivates you and makes you feel good about yourself. In other words, you should choose an activity that will nourish your soul.

For me it’s journaling, practising gratitude or dancing like nobody’s watching. These are 3 things that I do every single morning to feed my soul (and nourish my inner child). Need more ideas? Here they are!

  1. Try Guided Mindfulness Meditation
  2. Use Positive Affirmations to boost your mental power, self-esteem, and self-worth (try “I AM” positive affirmations guided meditation!) 
  3. Practice Gratitude (Start a Gratitude Jar - Every day write down what you are grateful for and add these “Gratitude Notes” to your gratitude jar.)
  4. Feed your passion and unlock your creative potential
  5. Connect With Nature - contact with nature is highly beneficial to our physical and mental health, it keeps us healthy, grounded and relaxed. So stop hiding in your home. Instead, get outside and connect with nature. Get some natural vitamin D from sunshine and boost your happy hormones.  

8. Set Powerful Intentions

We tend to put all our energy and mental focus into a setting and achieving our goals while we completely forget to set our intentions. Seems odd considering the fact that goals and intentions are interconnected. They support, strengthen and reinforce each other. 

It happens because a goal is a destination, an external achievement while an intention is a journey toward a goal determined by your inner world. 

An intention is a motive behind your goal. For instance, your goal may be to earn more money but the reason for this may be to impress your friends or to support your spouse who has some financial problems. So, an intention is your consciousness “why”. It is the real reason why you want to achieve something. Is the quality of consciousness and motivation which is going to determine the effect that occurs.

Furthermore, an intention is a reflection of your internal world, your inner energy, your life force flowing through your body. Once you learn to master it you will be able to achieve personal fulfilment and create a prospering life. 

That’s why every single night before going to bed you should not only plan out your next day but also set your intentions that will create extra motivation to start your day fresh and full of positive energy.

Need some guidance? Ask yourself how do you want to feel in the morning, through the day and in the evening before going to bed. Think about three adjectives that could describe each of these mental/physical states and write them down. For instance, you may want to feel productive in the morning, active during the day and nourished in the evening. So you may write down three words: 

  • productive
  • active 
  • nourished

Then connect your current self with your future (tomorrow) self through visualisation and ask yourself what do you need to do during the next day in order to experience these 3 feelings and set appropriate goals for your intentions. For instance, if you want to feel productive in the early morning you should set your MITs and do your best to knock these out first. And if you want to feel active in the afternoon maybe you could schedule an afternoon gym session or go for a walk. So as you can see it’s quite simple and fun! 

set powerful intentions

" data-image-caption="

set powerful intentions

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" data-lazy-sizes="(max-width: 1140px) 100vw, 1140px" srcset=""/>

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Stay Positive

Be Mindful

Stay Safe And Take Care Of Yourself

xo Kate

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4 thoughts on “How I Became A Morning Person: From Night Own To An Early Bird In 8 Simple Steps.

  1. I like the points to help change routine. I used some of these. The most important for me was going to bed earlier than I used to and remaining consistent in it, then having a morning schedule as you mentioned on the goals. I plan what I need to do from when I wake up varying from day to day but a typical day has a 30 mins slot for meditation and prayer, 1 hr to work on my goal for the week either blog post, book writing or editing, emails, editing etc then 1 hr workout and 1 hr breakfast and preparing to leave the house. Doing this over time adds hours to your days and value in your day which compounded over a period of a few months is astonishing. The growth and peace that comes with is is beyond describing. The only uphill task is begining and maintaining

    1. „The growth and peace that comes with it are beyond describing.” – beautifully said, Kevin!!
      I can totally relate to that!
      Keeping a healthy routine during difficult times is not only important but absolutely necessary. Because when the world is in chaos you need to focus on creating more structure in your daily life. Otherwise, it’s easy to feel hopeless, helpless and completely out of control.
      Structure, routine and healthy habits are is vital to our health and overall wellbeing. And going to bed at the same time every night and waking at the same time every day (weekends included) is probably the most important part of daily routine.
      And yes, adding mediation and prayer to my daily routine was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
      Take care and have a wonderful week! 😊😊

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