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It's Time To Become A Healthier Version Of You!

Scrolling through social media profiles of fitness gurus can give you the idea that living a healthy lifestyle is about spending hours of training at the gym and eating a calorie-restricted diet. Well, that’s probably the biggest misconception about health and wellness.

Although good nutrition and workout routine can easily improve your health and wellbeing it does not mean that you need to put your blood, sweat, and tears in the gym or eat in a calorie deficit.

What you need instead is to plan, schedule, and organize your life around SMART healthy lifestyle goals, develop positive healthy habits, and learn to make easy-to-manage healthy choices.

And to help you with that I created “The Ultimate Healthy Lifestyle Planner” that will help you to become a HEALTHIER version of YOU!

This 70 pages planner will help you to set SMART healthy lifestyle goals, develop a powerful self-care routine, plan your workouts and physical activity, develop healthy eating habits, track your progress towards your goals, plan delicious and nutritious meals and get the sleep you really need, and so much more!

Download Includes:

– 70 PAGES The Ultimate Healthy Lifestyle Planner

– Your purchase includes A4, A5, and Letter size planners.


• 1 PDF in A4 size
• 1 PDF in A5 size
• 1 PDF in US Letter size

– Bonus Gift (The Procrastination Killer Workbook)

What's Included In This Workbook:

– 6 Keys To A Healthy Lifestyle
– Healthy Lifestyle Yearly Plan
– Monthly Planner
– Yearly Health Priorities
– Yearly Goals For Healthy Living
– 3 Weekly Health Goal Planner
– Healthy Lifestyle Monthly Goals
– Monthly Planner
– Healthy Lifestyle Weekly Planner
– Weekly “Me Time” Planner
– Healthy Lifestyle Daily Planner
– Daily Self-Care Planner
– Prioritized Daily To-Do List
– Healthy Weekly Routine
– Healthy Life Project Planner
– Healthy Life Goal Planner
– Health Goal Tracker
– Fitness Goals
– Fitness Planner
– Self-Care Goal Tracker
– Self-Care Planner
– Healthy Eating Goals
– Physical Activity Tracker
– Healthy Meal Planner
– Workweek Meal Plan
– Mindful Eating
– Grocery List
– Weekly Check-In
– Daily Check-In
– Daily Journal
– Mental Health Check-In
– Emotional Check In
– Medication Tracker
– Daily Gratitude
– Self Assessment
– Thought Reflection
– Self-Care Goals
– Good Habits To Develop Worksheet
– Bad Habits To Overcome Worksheet
– Healthy Habit Tracker
– Healthy Eating Habit Tracker
– Self-Care Six Section Triangular Chart
– Self-Care Activities Tracker
– Self-Care Checklist
– Sleep Tracker
– Mood Tracker
– Physical Activity Tracker
– Workout Log
– Workout Tracker
– Workout Planner
– Body Measurement
– Weight Tracker
– 12 Week Fitness Challenge
– My Daily Reflection
– Relaxation Planner
– Weekly Intentions
– 5 dimensions of Self-Care Planner
– Achievement Of My Health Goals
– Monthly Mindfulness Moments Planner
– Favorite Breakfast Recipe
– Favorite Lunch Recipe
– Favorite Dinner Recipe
– Favorite Supper Recipe
– 30-Day Low-Carb Challenge
– The “No Eating Out For A Month” Challenge
– Morning Reflection
– Evening Reflection
– Emotional Journal
– Food Journal
– Notes

The Planner Is Divided In Topics:

healthy lifestyle trackers
healthy lifestyle goal palnners and trackers
healthy lifestyle planners
healthy eating worksheets
self-care worksheets

So, Are You Ready To:

  • set healthy lifestyle goals that you will actually achieve
  • develop a powerful self-care routine
  • meet your fitness goals
  • develop healthy eating habits
  • practice mindfulness on a daily basis
  • start journaling
  • check in on your mental & emotional health
  • track your progress towards your goals
  • get the sleep you truly need and deserve
  • create a healthy balance in life
  • develop a healthy & balanced daily routine
  • plan & organize a healthy year
  • become a healthier version of yourself

If you answered YES to any of these questions you will absolutely love “The Ultimate Healthy Lifestyle Planner!

Grab Your Free Printable Workbooks

Stay positive

Be Mindful


start living a healthier life today!

xo Kate

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