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Build A Successful Brand

Wow! Create. Launch. Convert. – Ultimate Bundle’s brand new content creator’s bundle – is being snatched up like crazy by people who are serious about growing their side hustles!

I told you about everything that’s inside, but I kinda brushed over one of my favorite parts of the bundle…


The bonuses make it even easier to start (or grow) your business, side hustle, or blog because you can get free advice and extended trials to technology that will help you save money – while making money. And I like that ;).

In addition to the 41 resources in this bundle, you also get bonuses worth more than $200 to help you and your business succeed.

Here’s just a handful of the bonuses you get:

  • Social Bee is a social media management tool that enables posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and Google My Business – all from one place. You can get a 30-day extended trial, followed by a 50% discount for 3 months.(Value $150)
  • SaneBox automagically gets your email under control and filters out all the messages that don’t need your focus. You can get a $25 credit to try it out!(Value $25)
  • Site Consulting Services is for YOU to learn, build, and grow your online presence and business. Some of the services they offer are 1:1 site and/or video coaching, small group mastermind, online membership classes, and more! (Value $25)

I haven’t told you about all the bonuses, but altogether the bonuses are worth over $200! See why I was just a little excited? 😉

And there’s one more thing…

If you buy a bundle before tonight’s early bird bonus deadline, you’ll also get 90 days of access to Create + Co-Work with Mim Jenkinson for free. (Value $97!)

You can pick and choose which bonus offers you want to redeem, and since the offers are digital, you don’t even have to cover shipping costs!

When you add in the extra early bird bonus by buying today, it’s just that much easier to justify spending money to start your side hustle… TODAY!

Countdown Timer

Check out all the bonuses and resources included in Create. Launch. Convert. here

P.S. Don’t miss your early bird bonus worth $97. Buy before midnight tonight!

And if you’re still indecisive, whether to buy Create, Launch, Convert Bundle or not, here is the list of products, so that you know exactly what you’re paying for!

Bundle Product List

  1. Blog Content (12 resources worth $916.00)
  2. Content Calendars (3 resources worth $91.00)
  3. Email Content & Marketing (7 resources worth $571.00)
  4. Product Creation (9 resources worth $1032.50)
  5. Social Media Content (6 resources worth $393.00)
  6. Video Content (4 resources worth $155.97)
  7. Bonuses worth $247

Types Of Products

  1. 2 eBooks
  2. 32 eCourses
  3. 1 Printable
  4. 6 Templates

Cost Of The Bundle

The bundle of 41 products (worth $2945.47) costs $97.
There is an additional option for cheat sheets, which are abbreviated notes versions of the materials. It is $147.00 with the cheat sheets included.

Blog Content (12 resources worth $916.00)

1. $1K Blogger by Lidiya Kesarovska (eCourse) $67.00 

Learn how to build a blog that earns you $1,000/month in passive income (while working a full-time job).

2. 5-Day Content Challenge by Stacey Ogden (eCourse) $37.00

Create 6 months worth of blog, podcast, and video show content ideas in just 5 days.

3. 5-Day AI Writing Challenge by Suzi Whitford (eCourse) $47.00

Learn how to leverage artificial intelligence to create higher-quality content, faster!

4. 7 Traffic Generating Blog Post Templates by Lena Gott (eCourse) $39.00

Templates of the top 7 types of blog posts that have helped me bring in over 23 Million page views.

5. Amazon Affiliate Affluence by Dale Persons (eBook) $27.00

An ebook designed to help bloggers crack the code on the Amazon affiliate program and make more money from their blogs.

6. Closing the Gap: Using Your Content to get Your Readers Ready to Buy! by Bevin Farrand (eCourse) $97.00

This powerful workshop will teach you how to take your readers on a journey to Closing the Gap between where your readers are now…and where they need to be in order to buy.

7. Copyright Notice and Infringement Template Pack: Protect your content legally in less than 5 minutes by Lucrezia Iapichino (eCourse) $97.00

Protect The Usage Of Your Copyrighted Content with This Comprehensive Infringement Notice Template Pack.

8. Course Creator Website Canva Template by Prachi Gupta (Template) $54.00

This template is perfect for anyone who wants to sell their online course or digital product. Whether you’re a course creator, coach, social media manager, or service provider, this template will work for you.

9. Guest Blogger Agreement Template by Amira Irfan (Template) $100.00

Use this contract template when working with guest bloggers so that both parties are protected from any kind of legal trouble such as copyright violations. It includes the rights and responsibilities for each party as well as your guest post guidelines.

10. Lightning Fast Content Creation by Sadie Smiley (eCourse) $127.00

Learn how to write blog posts… FAST!

11. Niche Site Seller’s Starter Kit by Chelsea Clarke (eCourse) $197.00

Discover exactly how to prime and position your niche site so that you can SELL it!

12. The Crystal Clear Avatar Roadmap - Clarify Exactly Who Your People Are In ONE HOUR by Frances Vidakovic (eCourse) $27.00

Clarify Exactly Who Your People Are In ONE HOUR

Content Calendars (3 resources worth $91.00)

1. Content Plan + Content Calendar Bundle by Mim Jenkinson (eCourse) $37.00

A 30-day content plan and calendar for content creators, bloggers who want to monetize and online business owners.

2. Health and Food Awareness Dates Calendar by Leesa Klich (Template) $27.00

Ever get stuck on what to post for your health or food blog, vlog, podcast, or social media?

3. The Simplified Content Roadmap by Tascha Goovaerts (eCourse) $27.00

My signature method that will teach you how to create killer content the smart, stress-free, and easy way, so you can focus more on what you do best.

Email Content & Marketing (7 resources worth $571.00)

1. Bob Bly’s Best-Kept Copywriting Secrets by Bob Bly (eBook) $29.00

17 battle-tested shortcuts and proven persuasion methods that can help you write stronger copy and generate more leads, orders, and revenues.

2. Done-For-You Brand Templates by Lucy Reyes (eCourse) $17.00

7 done-for-you customizable brand board templates for any niche to easily maintain a cohesive brand and avoid confusion with an inconsistent blog design. Bonus video lessons included.

3. Email List Booster Toolbox by Monica Froese (eCourse) $97.00

A robust set of strategy and tools to help you quickly and easily grow your email list.

4. Email Marketing Amplifier (Create Freebies and Amplify Them On Social In Ten Minutes or Less) by Lesley Clavijo (eCourse) $37.00

Create freebies and amplify them on social media in ten minutes or less. Grow your email list in less time than it takes you to get through the Starbucks drive-thru! 

5. High Converting Sales Email Series by Rachel Ngom (eCourse) $97.00

The exact email series that makes Rachel an extra $2,000/month WITHOUT doing anything extra!

6. Organic Sales Starter Kit by Alison Reeves (eCourse) $197.00

Start getting sales - even without an audience or email list.

7. Promo Prep Course: How to Warm Up Your Audience and Prepare for a Winning Promotion by Matt McWilliams (eCourse) $97.00

The 8-Part Affiliate Promo Prep course will help you get ready to double or triple your commissions in your next affiliate promotion!

Product Creation (9 resources worth $1032.50)

1. 6 Week Recipe to Creating Digital Products…that anyone can follow by Kerry Beck (eCourse) $97.00

Discover how to make sales day-in and day-out by creating your own digital products.

2. Course In A Box by Cousett Hoover (eCourse) $350.00

Online courses offer a great way for businesses to share their expertise with their audience.

3. Create Printables in Affinity Publisher Quick Start by Kim & Jeremy Calderon (eCourse) $67.00

Learn how to create your own printables using an affordable, professional graphic design software.

4. Digital Course Creation Workbook by Lynette Chandler (Printable) $19.50

The step-by-step help you need to stay on track creating your online course.

5. eBook Creator Canva Template Pack by Lisa Hebert (Template) $27.00

Create a stunning professionally designed eBook in less time with these eBook Creator Templates.

6. Ecourse Workbook and lead Magnet Canva Template Toolkit by Faith Ola (Template) $40.00

An eBook and workbook creator for bloggers, coaches and small business owners.

7. How To Create & Monetize A Membership Site by Jessie Festa (eCourse) $74.00

Learn how to create, launch and grow a successful membership site as a blogger!

8. Product Creation & Presentation Toolkit: Create high-quality printables using Canva and PowerPoint and package them like a professional! by Faith Lee (Template) $97.00

Step by step course on creating high quality printable products using commercial use PowerPoint and Canva Templates with practical tips on packaging to boost your product sales!

9. Sell Printables on Shopify Mini-Course by Gold City Ventures (eCourse) $47.00

Learn exactly how to set up your Shopify store and sell printables.

Social Media Content (6 resources worth $393.00)

1. Grow your Group by Sandra De Freitas (eCourse) $37.00

Fill your Facebook™ group full of highly engaged, perfect prospects … then monetize & enjoy the community you’ve built.

2. Insta-Launch: How to Quickly and Easily Get Your First (or Next) 1,000 Followers on Instagram by Kim Walsh Phillips (eCourse) $197.00

How to get thousands of Instagram followers without spending a fortune on advertising.

3. Lightroom Tricks Library by Kimmie Conner (eCourse) $58.00

A Lightroom editing master class - teaching you everything from Lightroom basics to advanced editing techniques to take your photos to the next level.

4. Pinterest Title Traffic Hacks for Bloggers by Carly Campbell (eCourse) $27.00

7 crazy easy tricks to increase your traffic from Pinterest… just by changing how you write headlines.

5. Social Hype Kit by Kate Danielle (eCourse) $37.00

Show up confidently on social media with branded graphics so you can build brand awareness with over 70 Canva templates.

6. The Idea Pin Framework: How to Create Idea Pins for YOUR Business by Kate Ahl of Simple Pin Media (eCourse) $37.00 

A simple no-fluff, all-action, workshop to help get you started creating Idea Pins that work for YOUR biz.

Video Content (4 resources worth $155.97)

1. 2022 Lifestyle YouTube Channel Kit by Gawoon Chung (Template) $12.00

A stylish YouTube branding kit for content creators and vloggers in the lifestyle niche!

2. Generate Revenue Using YouTube by Mike Cee (eCourse) $49.97

This product will walk you step by step in building a YouTube Channel the right way. 

3. YouTube Keyword Hotspots: Uncover Hidden Keywords for more Organic Traffic by Meredith Marsh (eCourse) $47.00

Discover 12+ hiding spots for high-ranking YouTube keywords to grow your channel and build a profitable online business–even as a side-business!

4. Learn to Love the Camera Masterclass: Inside Info from Professional Broadcasting by Abigail King (eCourse) $47.00

Learn the secrets that pro broadcasters know.

Are you ready to grow your side hustle but don’t have a ton of time and money to do it? Matt McWilliams is presenting a free webinar called How to Grow Your Side Hustle Income with Affiliate Marketing where you will learn how to use affiliate marketing while avoiding all the common mistakes. Register for the free webinar here

    1. *Early Bird*

      90-day Trial to Create + Co-Work with Mim Jenkinson - Love from Mim Pty Ltd worth $97.00

      Mim Jenkinson is an online business coach and mentor with extensive experience in creating and marketing digital products, courses, memberships, printables and more.

      She’s a planning and planner sticker obsessed mother of two who enjoys working from home and Mim has created a multi-6-figure a year business that easily fits around her family life. Mim has taught and mentored over 3000 people to have success with their hobbies, blogs and businesses.

    2. $25 Credit - SaneBox worth $25.00

      SaneBox automagically gets your email under control and filters out all the messages that don’t need your focus. And you don’t even have to switch email apps, because it works in concert with whichever email client you already use.

    3. 1 Month Membership - Site Consulting Services worth $25.00

      Site Consulting Services is for YOU to learn, build, and grow your online presence and business. Some of the services we offer are blog handygirl, 1:1 site and/or video coaching, small group mastermind, online membership classes, Site Consulting Services can help you and your needs. What are you waiting for? Get support and help today!

    4. Social Media Snapshot - Jamie Palmer worth $47.00

      JLP Consulting provides business design, human design and marketing strategy to help entrepreneurs who want to bring more joy into their business, create more freedom and ultimately make a bigger impact in the world.

    5. 30-day extended trial, followed by a 50% discount for 3 months - Social Bee worth $150.00

      SocialBee is a social media management tool that enables posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and Google My Business - all from one place.

      With SocialBee you can customize your posts for each platform, repost/ expire posts, set a posting calendar, use its Canva integration, analyze your content, track your links and much more.

"The Laws Of Goal Setting Universe: The Formula For Success In Setting & Achieving Goals" Workbook

“The Laws of Goal Setting Universe” Workbook: The Formula For Success In Setting & Achieving Goals” is a 100-page workbook designed to help you create a crystal clear vision of your future, set the right goals (in alignment with your vision and purpose), create a successful mindset, and develop smart tactics (habits, routines, rituals) that will help you achieve your objectives faster and more easily.

Grab Your Free Printable Workbooks

Stay positive

Be Mindful


Take your Brand to the Next Level!

xo Kate

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