How To Upgrade Your Life For Maximum Results & Happiness

simple ways to upgrade your life


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Be The Creator Of Your Life

  1. You want to upgrade your life and improve the quality of your everyday existence but you don’t know where to start? 
  2. You dream about living your life by design, not by default but you lack an effective strategy?
  3. Lack of clarity on your vision blocks your progress?

If your answer is YES to at least any (or all) of these questions, then continue to read this post because I am sharing the ultimate formula to upgrade your life. Success is guaranteed!

This Post Will Help You To

  1. Unlock the power of self-reflection
  2. Upgrade the results in each area of your life
  3. Uplevel your mindset for maximum results
  4. Remove the mental blocks that prevent you from succeeding
  5. Address and remove self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  6. Upgrade your life for maximum results and happiness

Start With A Life Audit

The first step in the process of upgrading your life for maximum results and happiness is to perform a mindful life audit. The goal of this self-reflective practice is to eliminate the external noise and calm your busy mind so that you can focus on yourself and identify your current level in life and career.

Conducting a life audit will help you to truly understand who you are, how you feel about your present situation and how strong is your feeling of dissatisfaction so you can identify the areas of your life that need a boost. And given the kind of world we live in – busy, noisy and extremely chaotic, sitting in silence with yourself and reflecting on your present self is exactly what you need before you make life-changing decisions.

To make the most of your life audit you need to be 100% honest with yourself, pay attention to your feelings and listen carefully to your inner voice. So prepare yourself for an intimate conversation with yourself, get a pen and paper and ask yourself questions that will help you to delve deeper into knowing yourself. 

Areas of Life to Consider

  • Daily Life (habits, rituals, daily routines)
  • Physical Health (nutrition, workout routine, quality rest)
  • Mental Health (mindset, mental focus)
  • Spirituality (connection with your higher self, understanding that you are part of something bigger)
  • Personal Growth (education, personal development, self-improvement goals)
  • Environment / Personal Space (comfortable and safe home, resources)
  • Relationships (relationships bond)
  • Wealth & Finance (relationship with money, financial situation, financial habits)
  • Career / Job (satisfaction with work, responsibilities, projects)
  • Digital Space (technology usage, social media, online persona)
  • Fun & Adventure (“me time”, Hobbies & Fun)

Questions To Ask Yourself

  1. What are the areas of life I want to upgrade and why? (my sense of dissatisfaction)
  2. What is the reason why I want to improve myself? (my motive for action)
  3. What do I want to achieve in the areas of life I want to upgrade? (specific outcomes)
  4. How do I want to feel in the areas of life I want to upgrade? (feelings I want to experience)
  5. What kind of people, things and experiences do I want to attract? (be the energy you want to attract)

Sense Of Dissatisfaction

The next step in the process of upgrading your life is to identify what are the areas of your life you’re not thriving in, explore factors affecting your life dissatisfaction and recognize what are the things you can do immediately to improve the quality of your life.  

A healthy sense of dissatisfaction - the one that motivates you to work hard to achieve your goals, can be a trigger to challenge the status quo successfully so that you can focus on your own self-improvement. 

Use your sense of dissatisfaction to determine what particularly in your life at this moment is not lightening you up and in which area you know you really want to improve. Identify the distance between where you are in that particular area and where you want to be. 

Questions To Ask Yourself

  1. In which area of my life I am not thriving?
  2. What is the exact reason why I am not thriving in this particular area(s)?
  3. What can I do to upgrade the results in this particular sphere(s) of my life?
  4. What can I start or stop doing immediately to improve this particular area(s) of my life today
  5. What is the thing or activity I should continue doing to feel more in control in this particular area(s) of my life?

Develop A Clear Vision

After successfully identifying the factors that affect your life dissatisfaction and choosing the area(s) of life you want to upgrade, it’s time to set a vision of your future. An inspiring and captivating image of your future self will help you to create a clear sense of purpose, increase your motivation for higher performance and boost your inspiration to take action.

When setting a vision for your life start with a big picture of what do you want to achieve, who do you you want to become and how do you want to feel within a particular area of life you want to improve. Be specific and make your ideas as clear as possible.

To establish a clear vision that will inspire you to take massive action on your goals you need to become 100% honest with yourself about where you are and get crystal clear on where you want to be. Because only by defining precisely your transformation starting point along with the specific result you want to achieve you will be able to find the pathway to success.

create a vision board for ultimate source of inspiration and motivation

Create A Vision Board (Optional)

Vision board or dream board as some people like to call it is a powerful tool you can use to visualize your future self, narrow down your desires and maintain your focus on specific goals.  It’s your piece of art, your inspiration, and the manifestation of your dream future!

  • Find capturing images and inspirational quotes that you will add to your vision board to make your motivation flow effortlessly every single time you look at your vision board
  • Be selective on what you want to put on your vision board (it should create focus, not chaos and disorientation)

Define Clear And Measurable Outcomes

Once you get really clear on your vision, it’s time to set appropriate goals that will help you to turn your vision into reality. Figure out what are results you want to get within a particular area of your life you are about to upgrade. Get highly specific about what your outcome(s) looks like.

For example, if you want to read more, don’t just write a goal: READ MORE

Be incredibly, insanely, extremely highly SPECIFIC and set a goal: READ ONE non-fiction book a week. And then create your booklist.

If you want to improve your physical performance, don’t limit yourself to set a goal: MORE PHYSICAL ACTIVITY.

Instead, choose the type of physical activity that you want to start or continue to practice, define a crystal clear and measurable outcome and create a time slot for practicing it in your calendar.

Set SMART Goals

S - specific

M - measurable

A - achievable

R - relevant

T - time-bound

Create (A Simple) Strategy

As human beings, we have the tendency to overthink and overanalyze everything to the smallest details hoping that it will make things easier. But it’s exactly the opposite. Only by simplifying and prioritizing your tasks, activities, and ideas, you will boost your self-confidence, develop laser-like focus and increase your chances of success in achieving your goals.

So when creating a strategy for your goals don’t master the art of making things much more complex than they ever need to be. Instead, opt for a simple strategy to avoid unnecessary complexity and redirect focus on what you want to achieve.

Figure Out Action Steps

The next step in the process of upgrading your life is to figure out action steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals. Because before putting yourself in motion you need to know exactly what, when, and how to do to get closer to achieving your goals. Otherwise, you will end up feeling confused and overwhelmed with endless options. 

So next step in the process of achieving your goals is to create a core action list to close the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be in the near future. From my experience, I can tell you that one of the best ways to approach big yearly goals is to break them into small manageable goals with nine-monthly, six-monthly, quarterly, monthly, and weekly deadlines. Feel free to use this approach and grab your free worksheets to create your plan of action.

Grab Your FREE Worksheets

Organize Your Life Around Your Goals

Many times we see only the result of someone’s work. What we don’t see is the process of achieving a goal, which can give the impression that big achievements happen overnight. Which is simply untrue.

Success is never a coincidence but the result of hard work, continuous effort, enormous sacrifice, persistence and unwavering self-belief in one’s ability to achieve their goal. So, if you want to be successful you need to organize your daily life around your goals. And what better way to do that than by creating a daily routine, powerful habits and rituals?

Daily routine, rituals and powerful habits will not only keep you on track with your goals but also will create momentum in your day. Not to mention that a well-planned and organized day will save you time, energy, stress and in most cases also money.

Routine creates consistency and consistency is the key to success in turning your dream into reality. Without conscious and constant effort nothing great will be achieved. Every single day you should do something, small or big that will get you one step closer to your goal, track your progress and celebrate small wins daily.  

Create A Favorable Environment

The environment you’re in can either support or sabotage your success in achieving goals. You may not be aware of that but the energy you surround yourself, the people you spend your time with, the content you consume on a daily basis, your habits, your thoughts, the tone of your inner dialogue – everything affects your chances of succeeding in life.

For this reason, if you want to become successful in achieving your goals and take your life to the next level you need to become aware of what energy you surround yourself with.  A positive environment and optimistic people will bring the best in you making the process of upgrading your life way easier and much more pleasurable. They will inspire you, push you to become a better person, give you hope and empower you to succeed.

While negative environment and toxic people will sabotage your success, steal your happiness and distract you from achieving your goals.

Surround yourself with positive energy and create a supportive environment to achieve your goals. Find your tribe, your people with whom you connect, share your joys and sorrow, celebrate your achievements and grow. Get rid of negativity, make small changes in your environment (if needed) and your chances of achieving your goals will skyrocket!

Take Action

Even the most brilliant idea is worthless unless you act on it. Why? Because no matter how much you want it, there is absolutely no way your dream will magically come true without you taking action. Only by doing what you believe in and actively pursuing your dreams, you can get the desired results.

We tend to give too much attention to planning and organizing everything to the smallest detail before we take any action on our goals. We want to have everything figure out to the nth degree before we even think about taking the first step in achieving our dreams.

“If you wait for everything to be perfect before taking action on your dream, you’ll never take the first step.” Because perfection does not exist. The world is perfectly imperfect, so are we. So if you wait for everything to be perfect it’s really just a waste of time. Not to mention that, the more we wait with taking action, the more reasons for not doing it we find.

Taking action is really not that hard as we think even if our brain is trying to convince us otherwise. But the human brain is designed to keep us (humans) safe and keep our cortisol levels down. It doesn’t know the difference between challenging yourself to reach your goals and putting yourself in dangerous situations. But your conscious self knows the difference. 

Action is the remedy for the fear of failure and self-doubt. You need to prove to yourself (and others) that you can achieve your goals and the only way to do that is to take intentional action. So instead of waiting for everything to be perfectly planned, organized and scheduled, take action. Every single day you do something, small or big, spectacular or simple that will get you one step closer to your goal, track your progress and celebrate small wins daily.  

Figure Out Your Accountability Style

Holding yourself accountable is more than just being responsible for your actions and the consequences they have - it means being proactive (actively creating your life) and taking action before you feel like it. Because waiting for motivation to strike you before you put yourself in motion leads to procrastination. And procrastination is the thief of time.

Feeling insanely motivated and inspired before you take action is wonderful, but extremely rare. Especially when it comes to long-term goals that you have to work towards during a long period of time.

Motivation is a just feeling, and like any other feeling, it comes and goes when you least expect it. That is why you should not rely on motivation when working towards your goal.

There is this huge misconception that motivation is required to succeed, which is not true. What is really required to be successful in achieving goals is consistency in action. Because you achieve your goals through habitual action. Only working consistently towards a goal will make you achieve it in time.

So instead of relying on motivation to reach your goals, figure out what you have to do to hold yourself accountable for the choices you make and the consequences they bring. Manage yourself and commit to daily work to reach your goals.

7 Ways To Hold Yourself Accountable

  1. Find accountability buddy
  2. Create a system of rewards and consequences
  3. Create a personal mission statement 
  4. Review your performance daily
  5. Ask for feedback from someone you can trust (friend, family member, colleague)
  6. Journal your progress
  7. Create a favorable environment 

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Stay positive

Be mindful

and upgrade your life!

xo Kate

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