How To Set New Year’s Goals That You Will Actually Achieve In 2022.

how to set and achieve goals in 2022


Make Your New Year Magical

with New Year Goals

Table of Contents

Goals Annouce Change

There is something magical about setting new goals in life. It’s probably the fact that goals announce a change, a personal transformation. Because whether you’re chasing a new direction in life or making only a small adjustment to your current lifestyle you’re going to transform and grow from this experience. 

Goals make life more challenging, meaningful, and more satisfying. They fuel your ambition, boost your motivation and define your personal values. Not only because they give you a long-term vision but also because they help you to reach your full potential and pull your resources to make the most of your life.

When setting goals you take control of your life and embrace the creator within you - the creator of your own existence. And what better moment to take your power back and set new life-changing goals than the end of the year, right?

So the real question is:

Are you ready to set effective (SMART) New Year’s Goals for 2022?

If your answer is yes, then continue to read this post to discover how to set the right goals for the upcoming year. 

1. Create A Crystal Clear Vision Of Your Life

To establish a clear vision that will inspire you to take massive action on your goals you need to become 100% honest with yourself about where you are and get crystal clear on where you want to be. Because only by defining precisely your transformation starting point along with the specific result you want to achieve you will be able to find the pathway to success.

Remember that you are THE CREATOR OF YOUR OWN LIFE.

No matter what your current situation is don NOT give up on your dreams. You have the power to consciously design your life. You are the one who can create your one reality, your opportunities, and your options in life. All you need to do is to use the power of your thoughts, words, and actions to create your ideal scenario and then turn it into your highly personalized reality.

When setting a vision for your life start with a big picture of what do you want to achieve, what do you want to become and how do you want to feel within a particular area of life you want to improve. Be specific and make your ideas as clear as possible.

  1. Describe in detail your current version of yourself
  2. Focus on every area of your life (health, relationships, career, personal finance, creativity,
  3. personal growth, enjoyment, home, spirituality) and ask yourself what do you want to fix, improve or change.
  4. Envision your ideal (but realistic) scenario in every area of your life.
  5. Figure out what do you want to achieve by the end of the next year
  6. Ask yourself how do you want to feel and what mental state you want to achieve within the next couple of months.
  7. Create a bucket list of things you want to experience within the next couple of months.
  8. Close your eyes and visualize your future version of yourself.
  9. Then open your eyes and take notes. Write down your thoughts and ideas

2. Create An Anti-Vision

The purpose of creating an anti-vision is to figure out what you don’t want in life so you can narrow down the possibilities by exclusion and identify risk and potential problems before they affect you.

Although this may sound contradictory, realizing what you don’t want can be the quickest way to get clarity on your vision and goals. It happens because we tend to make decisions based on how others expect us to perform in life. We base our life on other people’s expectations instead of living in alignment with our life purpose.

We copy the choices of others to get the same results as them. We act according to prevailing social standards and attitudes even if it leads to a simple mediocre life. And saddest of all, we give up on our dreams because others don’t believe in them. Creating an anti-vision for your life is an antidote to all of that.

The world is filled with endless possibilities, and you possess the ability to choose those that fit your personality and the kind of life you want to lead. “The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” So don’t follow others’ paths to success, pave your own path.

Create an ANTI vision for your life including every aspect of it. Set your ANTI goals for every area of your life. Figure out WHAT you DON’T want to achieve and WHY you DON’T want certain results. Narrow down the possibilities that the modern world offers you so you can determine what you really want in life and start making YOUR dreams come true.

Do You Want To Achieve Your Goals Faster?

  1. Are you struggling with:
  • creating a clear vision of your future
  • setting the right goals
  • setting powerful intentions behind your goals
  • setting precise deadlines

2. Are you failing in taking daily action to achieve your goals?

3. Are you confusing strategy with planning?

4. Are you trying to stick to your daily routine but it’s not happening?

5. Are you struggling to motivate yourself to work hard to be successful towards your goals?

If your answer is YES on  at least one of these questions, then you will love

The Laws Of Goal Setting Universe: The Formula For Success In Setting & Achieving Goals” 

that guides you step by step on how to use the 8-step formula for becoming Crystal-Clear on what you want and how to get it.

“The Laws of Goal Setting Universe” Workbook: The Formula For Success In Setting & Achieving Goals” is a 100-page workbook designed to help you create a crystal clear vision of your future, set the right goals (in alignment with your vision and purpose), create a successful mindset, and develop smart tactics (habits, routines, rituals) that will help you achieve your objectives faster and more easily.

Become A Goal Achiever Workbook

Mind Map Of This Workbook

3. Describe Your Current & Future Self

The next step in setting SMART goals that align with your vision is to describe your current self and future self. 

The purpose of this step is to:

  • increase your self-awareness
  • define precisely your transformation starting point along with the specific result you want to achieve
  • identify the sense of dissatisfaction that can be a great motivator and powerful source of inspiration for change
  • create an emotional connection with your future self
  • identifying the gap between current and desired results within different areas of your life

4. Think About The Values You Want To Embody

When defining the values you want to embody in 2022, start with a big picture of who do you want to become, how do you want to feel and how do you want to present yourself to the world in the next 12 months. Be very specific and make your ideas as clear as possible. And if you need some help to visualize your future self, here are 12 questions that will help you to do that:

  1. What my future self looks like?
  2. What would my future self say to me?
  3. What values do I want to embody?
  4. How do I want to show up in the world?
  5. How do I want to feel?
  6. What do I want to experience?
  7. How do I want to make a living? (do I want to change my job?)
  8. What kind of people do I want in my inner circle?
  9. What do I wish to contribute?
  10. What can I offer to others?
  11. What would make me feel the happiest?
  12. What (10) worlds would describe best my future self? 

5. Set SMART Goals

Once you get remarkably clear on your vision, it’s time to set the right goals that will help you to close the GAP between your current state (your STATUS QUO) and the desired state (your future self) so that you can turn your crystal clear vision into your new reality.

When setting SMART goals for 2022 be extremely specific with what you want to achieve and how do you want to feel so that you avoid confusion and time-wasting.

  • Think about what do you want to achieve and how do you want to feel in the next 12 months within every area of your life
  • Set SMART ( specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound) goals
  • Break down each of your goals into small manageable steps (tasks)
  • Set realistic deadlines for each step (task)
  • Schedule & Calendar each step so that you know what to do and in what order
  • Celebrating every step, every victory toward your goal(s)

6. Set Powerful Intentions Behind Your Goals

An intention is your conscious “WHY”, the meaning behind your goal, your motive for taking direct action to attain the desired result. You need this “WHY” to be able to push through different challenges when they arise. Because the truth is, and we all know it, that sooner or later you will have to face some challenges in order to achieve your goal. And when it happens you will be prepared and well-equipped with INTENTION - your MOTIVE for action, your reason “WHY” not to give up.

Having a clear reason behind your goal(s) will help you to stay motivated, face challenges with courage, and maintain continuity of work, regardless of external circumstances. And only by staying consistent you can meet your most important goals and realize your dreams.

  1. Identifying the exact reason why you want to achieve a specific goal (a particular result of your daily actions)
  2. Start with the feeling or state you want to achieve once a specific goal is accomplished
  3. Think about how achieving a specific goal will change your life (your current version of yourself)
  4. Write your thoughts down on a piece of paper
create a vision board for ultimate source of inspiration and motivation

7. Create An Inspiring Vision Board

A Vision Board is a visual collage of images that represents your goals and dreams that you’re aiming to turn into reality. This piece of art is a powerful tool that you can use to visualize your future self, narrow down your desires, and maintain your focus on specific goals. 

When creating an inspiring vision board for 2022 you can start with a big picture of what do you want to achieve, who do you want to become and how do you want to feel within a particular area of life within the next year. Be specific and make your ideas as clear as possible.

  1. Define your purpose
  2. Discern your intentions
  3. Dream big but keep it realistic - set challenging BUT achievable goals!
  4. Set specific SMART goals for personal growth (self-improvement goals are the key to unlocking your full potential by giving you a real possibility to evolve in a better version of yourself and align your life with your core values)
  5. Be selective on what you want to put on your vision board (it should create focus, not chaos and disorientation)
  6. Find capturing images and inspirational quotes that you will add to your vision board to make your motivation flow effortlessly every single time you look at your vision board (do your research using the internet, find images and words that perfectly illustrate your short-term future, print them out and stick them onto your vision board)
  7. Start creating your highly personalized vision board that will create excitement and enthusiasm every single time you will see it 
  8. Place your vision board somewhere that you can see it (my vision board is above your desk)
  9. Set the right mindset (Be your own cheerleader, not your worst critic)

8. How To Expand Your Mind

Once you’ve set your new year’s goals think about the books, music, podcasts, or courses that will inspire you on your journey to success. Search for resources that will make the biggest difference towards these goals. Look for positive inspiration and motivation to take massive action towards your goals even in those days when you’re not feeling it. 

New ideas, different points of view, new perspectives on creativity will give you the opportunity to take a fresh look at your journey to your best self. Not to mention that expanding your knowledge will open the door to a brighter future. 

In a state of flow, however, maintaining focused attention on these absorbing activities requires no exertion of self-control, thereby freeing resources to be directed to the task at hand.

- Daniel Kahneman Tweet

9. Build Momentum For Change

Momentum is an incredible thing. It is this magic moment when you obtain absolute focus, increase your sense of clarity, and tap into your true potential for better results. Momentum enables you to overcome the fear of failure, take intentional action and achieve your most important life goals. It is exactly what you need to go after the life you want. By building momentum you get a unique tool to turn your dreams into reality and become the best version of yourself. 

Over the years through working on different projects I learned that one of the best and easiest ways to build momentum is to start before you’re ready, start before the fear of failure kills the creativity. Instead, build momentum by consciously and deliberately putting yourself in motion. Make the first step in the right direction, achieve this heavy sense of concentration, make your motivation flow effortlessly and start creating real results. 

Stop negotiating with yourself, instead, eliminate all external and internal distractions, put the right kind of music (I usually listen to mindfulness music for deep focus and concentration with binaural beats), and start working towards achieving your goals. Enter into that hypnotic state where creativity flows effortlessly and achieve what you thought was impossible. 

10. Organize Your Life Around Your Goals

Many times we see only the result of someone’s work. What we don’t see is the process of achieving a goal, which can give the impression that big achievements happen overnight. Which is simply untrue.

Success is never a coincidence but the result of hard work, continuous effort, enormous sacrifice, persistence, and unwavering self-belief in one’s ability to achieve their goal. So, if you want to be successful you need to organize your daily life around your goals. And what better way to do that than by creating a daily routine, powerful habits, and rituals?

Daily routine, rituals, and powerful habits will not only keep you on track with your goals but also will create momentum in your day. Not to mention that a well-planned and organized day will save you time, energy, stress, and in most cases also money.

Routine creates consistency and consistency is the key to success in turning your dream into reality. Without conscious and constant effort nothing great will be achieved. Every single day you should do something, small or big that will get you one step closer to your goal, track your progress, and celebrate small wins daily.  

Posts On Powerful Routines

11. Create A Favorable Environment

The environment you’re in can either support or sabotage your success in achieving goals. You may not be aware of that but the energy you surround yourself, the people you spend your time with, the content you consume on a daily basis, your habits, your thoughts, the tone of your inner dialogue – everything affects your chances of succeeding in life.

For this reason, if you want to become successful in achieving your goals and take your life to the next level you need to become aware of what energy you surround yourself with. A positive environment and optimistic people will bring the best in you making the process of upgrading your life way easier and much more pleasurable. They will inspire you, push you to become a better person, give you hope, and empower you to succeed. While negative environment and toxic people will sabotage your success, steal your happiness, and distract you from achieving your goals.

Surround yourself with positive energy and create a supportive environment to achieve your goals. Find your tribe, your people with whom you connect, share your joys and sorrow, celebrate your achievements and grow. Get rid of negativity, make small changes in your environment (if needed) and your chances of achieving your goals will skyrocket!

  1. Find your tribe (online world included)
  2. Follow the right people on social media
  3. Control your focus (focus on your top priorities and the things that add real value to your life)
  4. Search for positive inspiration
  5. Stay away from negativity
  6. Detox your wellbeing
  7. Go on a strict mental diet for better results
  8. Stop giving a f*ck about the things that do not matter
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Stay Positive

Be Mindful

and set the right goals for 2022!

xoxo Kate

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