It’s Time To Go On A Strict Mental Diet: 10 Ways To Create The Life You Want To Live.

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strict mental diet

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Table of Contents

Become Who You Were Born To Be

Everything starts in your head no matter where you are. Your mental wellbeing is far more important than you can even imagine. A good mental state allows you to make good choices, stay focused on your top priorities, face and overcome challenges in life with confidence or even find more enjoyment in your everyday life. Therefore it is vital that you take care of your mental wellbeing, and of of the best ways to do that is to go on A STRICT MENTAL DIET. 

The purpose of mental dieting is to boost your confidence, increase your mental focus, accomplish your most important goals faster, overcome your mental blocks, build psychological resilience, accelerate your success, improve your relationships with others and strengthen the most relationship in your life - your self-relationship. 

If you’re interested in taking control of your mindset, transforming your life, and becoming who you were born to be, a strict mental diet will help you to achieve these goals. 

So the real question is, are you ready to go on a strict mental diet? 

If your answer is yes, then continue to read this post to discover 10 simple hacks to boost your mental wellbeing by going on a strict mental diet. 

Benefits Of Strict Mental Diet

  1. Strenghtening your self
  2. Developing powerful mindset
  3. Feeding your mind with valuable content
  4. Improving your mental focus
  5. Unlocking your full potential
  6. Booting your creative potential
  7. Developing positive thinking patterns
  8. Taking advantage of your current situation
  9. Achieving your most important goals
  10. Living your best life

1. Be Aware Of Your Meaning-Making Process

We create meaning. Yet nothing has meaning alone. We create meaning and we bring it to life using the power of our words, thoughts, and actions. Things are just ordinary items and people are some random human beings until we decide to assign them a specific meaning which then serves us for a different purpose.

This meaning-making process serves us to create our own landscape of meanings which is then used as a tool to navigate life, face everyday challenges and avoid drowning in our existential nightmare - the uncertainty.

Going further, we create meaning behind our current situation. This means that we truly control the narrative on every single level even if we’re not aware of that. That is why it is important that you focus on cultivating a positive mindset, developing a positive vocabulary, and imagining the best-case scenario for all situations you’re in. It’s the only way to create the life you truly want to live. 

You are fully capable of creating your own happiness. So stop limiting yourself, your vocabulary, and your own creativity. Get rid of negativity, avoid creating negative meaning behind your current situation, people you know, or hypothetical future situations, and focus on creating powerful meaning behind everything and everyone that brings real value into your life. That’s all that matters.

2. Treat Yourself The Best Way Possible

Let’s talk about only one person you spend your whole life with, and that is yourself. If you’re not treating yourself the best way possible you’re missing the opportunity to enjoy the best (possible) relationship in your life. 

Because whatever you’re current narrative is and what you think about yourself you are fully capable of achieving your goals and creating the life you truly want to live. However, there’s a trick, you will not achieve any of these things if you continue to be your worst critic. This toxic self-criticism robs you of mental strength. 

Only by becoming a friend to yourself and treating yourself the best way possible (as someone you truly love), you’re able to unlock your true potential, unleash your creative genius and tap into your true authenticity - these three things are the main components of your (present & future) success.

So instead of beating yourself up for every single (tiny) mistake, you’ve made focus on building a strong relationship with yourself. Become your favorite person and the best version of yourself NOW, not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow but NOW. If you want to achieve your goals you need to show up for yourself. Do some stretching exercises for better flexibility and become your biggest cheerleader!

3. Control Your Focus

You become what you focus on. The people, things, social situations, words, opinions of others, newspaper headlines, Tv news, social media content, someone else’s drama, or even some random comment from a complete stranger eventually become your reality.

What you pay attention to affects your later thoughts, your feelings, and your behaviors. In other words, you act based on how you feel and you feel based on how you think, or more precisely, what thought you choose to think. Because believe it or not, you can always decide what thought you want to feed and what you prefer to abandon. You truly control the narrative on every single level, even if you’re doing this unconsciously.

Thus, if you want to live your best life, you should avoid (or REDUCE) negative information, toxic people, other people’s drama, self-limiting beliefs, bulls*it thoughts that can only make you feel awful, powerless, and hopeless.

As Tony Robbins says, where focus goes energy flows. In other words, if you want to become the best version of yourself and turn your dreams into reality you need to control your focus. 

So the real question is what kind of reality do you want to create for yourself: a positive or negative one?

Because if you want to create a positive reality for yourself you should focus on positive things and stay away from broadly defined negativity. However, if you prefer to live in the constant negativity you should do the exact opposite which is consuming negative/toxic content and actively avoiding positive inspiration.

Stay out of things that do not concern you. Don’t waste your time, energy, and attention on things or people that do not bring value to your life. Instead redirect your focus on yourself, on your top priorities, and on what’s the most valuable in YOUR life.

  • create your focus list
  • study the right type of content that helps you meet your goals
  • go on a strict content diet (consciously choose to “consume” positive content and avoid negativity)
  • unsubscribe and unfollow the people who don’t bring value into your life

4. Build Momentum

Momentum is an incredible thing. It is this magic moment when you obtain absolute focus, increase your sense of clarity, and tap into your true potential for better results. Momentum enables you to overcome the fear of failure, take intentional action and achieve your most important life goals. It is exactly what you need to go after the life you want. By building momentum you get a unique tool to turn your dreams into reality and become the best version of yourself. 

Over the years through working on different projects I learned that one of the best and easiest ways to build momentum is to start before you’re ready, start before the fear of failure kills the creativity. Instead, build momentum by consciously and deliberately putting yourself in motion. Make the first step in the right direction, achieve this heavy sense of concentration, make your motivation flow effortlessly and start creating real results. 

Stop negotiating with yourself, instead, eliminate all external and internal distractions, put the right kind of music (I usually listen to mindfulness music for deep focus and concentration with binaural beats), and start working towards achieving your goals. Enter into that hypnotic state where creativity flows effortlessly and achieve what you thought was impossible. 

5. Switch Your What If's From Negative To Positive

Another golden rule of strict mental dieting is to switch your What-ifs from negative to positive. This may seem obvious but when it comes to starting new projects, trying new things, and challenging your status quo your brain is doing all it can to make up as many worst-case scenarios as possible. And the funny thing is that it is doing it to protect you from potential risk. 

All of a sudden, at one time, your goals become unattainable, your vision extremely distant and excitement turns into anxiety. And as a result, you get stuck and can’t move forward.

The way to avoid becoming paralyzed by the worst-case scenario and take action on your goals is to realize that the human brain is designed to keep us (humans) safe, comfortable, and relatively bored. Hence, the worst-case scenarios are aimed at stopping us from taking (potentially risky) action. We’re not supposed to take any risk, even a calculated one because that would cause an increase in our cortisol levels and cause a potential danger to our health.

The reason for that is simple: the human brain doesn’t know the difference between challenging yourself to reach your goals and putting yourself in dangerous situations. Fortunately, your conscious self knows that difference. So when your brain tries to stop you from succeeding you need to take charge and make a conscious shift from “what’s the worst that can happen” to “what’s the best that can happen”. In reality, your outcome is almost always somewhere in between.

6. Self-Limiting Beliefs Keep You Stuck

Oftentimes we get a genius idea of our new project, we’re excited about it, we’re ready to take up the challenge, we feel pretty confident about the results and then something (unexpected) happens that completely blocks our progress. That “something” is called: „self-limiting beliefs”.

This term includes self-sabotaging thoughts, fear of failure, fear of success, low self-esteem, bullsh*t excuses, obsession with any type of lack, the worst-case scenario thinking, and of course my favorite opinions of others that we should not give a fuck about but for some reason we still do.

If you want to stop self-sabotaging your success you need to start prioritizing your own environment inside your mind so that you can focus on your goals and blur (almost) everything else that doesn’t serve you. Do not let self-limiting beliefs occupy your mental space and do not let their friends come over.

When you find yourself thinking about what can go wrong and why you’re not good enough to achieve your dreams just stop for a second, take a deep breath, and change the tone of your thoughts from negative to positive. Don’t even try to find the evidence to prove your self-sabotaging thoughts, go straight to positive affirmations. Control your mindset, it’s your most powerful weapon. 

Remind yourself that self-limiting beliefs keeps you stuck in your current state that you don’t like. And best of all, only you can change this. No one will do that for you. Do something every day to crush limiting beliefs (journaling, positive affirmations, positive self-talk) and I can guarantee you that you will see the results

7. Pay Attention To Your Inner Dialogue

There’s no doubt that positive self-talk is a powerful tool for increasing your self-confidence, hacking your happiness, improving your problem-solving skills, and motivating yourself to achieve your goals. So, if you’ve been talking to yourself in a nasty, unpleasant, and unfriendly way, you should work on your inner dialogue making the tone of your inner voice much more pleasant.  

The way you speak to yourself truly matters. Because, first of all, you are listening. Second, you probably believe everything you tell yourself, especially the negative stuff. And finally, you create your own reality with the power of your thoughts, words, and actions which means that if you think, feel, and act in a negative way you create a negative reality for yourself. 

It happens because you think in terms of how you feel and you act based on your current mental state. That’s why when you constantly tell yourself that you can achieve something you probably won’t. But if you reprogram your mind to be positive your chances for success will increase dramatically. And if things don’t go as planned you you’ll find a way through.

Make practicing positive self-talk your daily habit, pay attention to the tone of your inner dialogue and make sure to take 5 to 10 minutes every day to say out loud and write down positive affirmations.

8. Start the Day Strong

The temptation to check your phone first thing in the morning has never been that strong. And if you use your smartphone as an alarm clock you kinda have no choice. Because when the alarm rings you grab your phone to turn it off and then you end up checking your emails, messages, social media profiles, and of course breaking news from the other side of the globe that for some time can make anyone panic even those who are the most resistant to sad and shocking information.

Well, it may not seem like a big deal but by checking your phone when you wake up to catch up with other people’s lives, problems, lifestyle choices, drama, or nonsense you rob yourself of your own creative potential, greater success, and happiness. Not to mention that you give your full attention to people, places, or things that (most likely) don’t concern you.

The magic of the early morning is strong, yet so many people never take advantage of it. The first 20 minutes after you wake up determines whether or not your day will be successful, productive, and exciting. But if you give your full attention to other people’s lives instead of fueling self-focused behaviors you’re missing your chance of reaching your full potential. 

So if you want to set yourself up for a successful day (and LIFE) use your mornings wisely. Start your day on a positive note, do something that feeds your soul and your life purpose. Show up for yourself.

9. End The Day Stronger

Your evening routine is just as important as your morning routine. The way you close your days truly matters because it determines the quality of your sleep and your morning mood. So if you want to sleep better and wake up fresh and ready to go, you should start ending your days strong.

Ending your days strong is a habit of closing your days mindfully and on a high note. It is a simple but extremely powerful practice you can use to increase your self-awareness, reflect on the day’s events and decompress after a long day of work (or school).

Not every day is successful. Some days are just better than others. That’s the fact. But regardless of whether things went according to the plan or not, you want to finish your day in better shape than you’ve started it. The most effective way to do this is to develop a set of nightly practices that help you to relax, unwind and close your day feeling good. So the solution is to develop a powerful night routine that will not only boost your evening mood but also strengthen your self-discipline muscle.

10. Hold Yourself Accountable

There is no self-discipline without a reward and consequences system. And correct me if I am wrong but you need (we all need) to be disciplined if we want to follow the STRICT MENTAL DIET.

This handy discipline tool can help you guide yourself towards making better choices. Because let’s face it, being rewarded for following the rules and mastering positive habits encourage you to keep doing a good job while experiencing consequences for difficult behavior prevent a repeat of the same mistake. So basically, you keep yourself accountable for what you do while you improve your personal development skills.

Without accountability for actions, there can be no progress or achievement. Because if there is nothing or nobody that holds you accountable what’s the point of even getting out of bed? If you carry no responsibility you can just observe how your life is just passing by. But if you are ambitious, you want to take full responsibility for your life because you know that it’s your chance to make the most of this incredible journey.

Responsibility is power. Responsibility is freedom. Responsibility is the key to success. So if you want to enhance your chances for success and stick to your most difficult goals you need to take responsibility for your actions. No more excuses or blaming others for your mistakes. No more minimizing your achievements. It’s time to create a clear system of rewards and consequences!

7 Ways To Hold Yourself Accountable

  1. Find accountability buddy
  2. Create a system of rewards and consequences
  3. Create a personal mission statement 
  4. Review your performance daily
  5. Ask for feedback from someone you can trust (friend, family member, colleague)
  6. Journal your progress
  7. Create a favorable environment 

The Laws of Goal Setting Universe” Workbook: The Formula For Success In Setting & Achieving Goals” is a 100-page workbook designed to help you create a crystal clear vision of your future, set the right goals (in alignment with your vision and purpose), create a successful mindset, and develop smart tactics (habits, routines, rituals) that will help you achieve your objectives faster and more easily.

What's Included:

  • 8-step formula for success in setting and achieving goals
  • 10-step process
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  • Goal Setting Motto
  • Strategic planning process
  • Specific (goal setting related) knowledge
  • Powerful (and simple) tips to developing a successful mindset
  • Creative & Inspiring exercises to develop a crystal clear vision of your (ideal) future
  • Step by step guide to set the right (SMART) goals
  • A simple strategy to create an effective (and highly personalized) action plan
  • Tools for designing your own schedule, rock your to-do list and create an ideal daily routine
  • Time Management Tips (The Eisenhower Box, The Pareto Principle worksheets included)
  • Yearly, Monthly & Weekly Goal Setting (+ Goal Progress Index)
  • SMART goals checklist
  • Mind Mapping for SMART goal setting
  • Checklists
  • Celebration challenges
  • Creative Worksheets
  • The wheel Of life & fulfillment scale
  • Flow State Rituals
  • Professional Skills Development Tracker
  • Powerful Habit Trackers
Grab Your Free Printable Workbook

Stay positive

Be Mindful

and go on a strict mental diet

xo Kate

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