Improve Your Brain Power: 10 Simple Ways To Boost Your Memory, Increase Your Mental Focus and Keep Your Mind Sharp.

simple ways to increase your power

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simple ways to increase your power

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Table of Contents

How To Stimulate Your Brain

Today I want to share with you my 10 simple, powerful and fun ways to stimulate your brain for better focus, concentration, and productivity. Why? Because it’s time to optimize our multifunctional computers aka BRAIN for better performance!

10 Powerful Brain-Boosting Ways That Will Help You To:

💠 Maximize your brain’s potential

💠 Boost your mental clarity

💠 Train your memory

💠 Improve your mental skills

💠 Boost your critical thinking

💠 Boost your mental performance

💠 Improve your problem-solving skills

💠 Stimulate your concentration

💠 Challenge your logic

💠 Boost your creative thinking

💠 Train your mind to be present

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. Get Active

It is scientifically proven that regular workouts do wander to our physical and mental health. And yet we still tend to spend such long periods in a sedentary position coming up with a billion different excuses to justify our inactive lifestyle. For some of us taking 10000 steps a day is a real challenge. We are slowly morphing into homo computerus and this is not good news. Look, I know that most of us have to work in front of a computer all day, getting our groceries on foot is not always an option, going for a walk when the weather is awful is not a pleasant experience and finding motivation to workout alone can be hard but still living a sedentary lifestyle is a health risk. But the truth is, physical inactivity makes us unproductive, unmotivated, anxious, depressed, obese and just sick. While regular exercise reduces stress, promotes better sleep, activates your happy hormones, boosts physical and mental energy, keeps your mind sharp and boost your mental performance. Need I say more? So instead of looking for an excuse to skip your workout think how great you will feel afterward and hit the gym, go for a walk or do a full-body workout at home. 

💠 Exercise at least 30 minutes daily - You don’t have to do a 60 min cardio or HIIT workout if don’t feel this, choose the type of workout you love doing, don’t force yourself. Working out shouldn’t be a punishment but part of self-care and everyday routine. So, stay active, do some stretch and or go for a long walk

💠 Take long walks - take at least 10 000 steps per day 

💠 Practice yoga, pilates or do some simple stretches as a part of your morning routine (simple stretch will improve your posture, keep you grounded, boost your happy hormones and set your mood for the whole day) 

2. Improve Your Mental Health

If you want to boost your mental performance, improve your mental skills and increase your concentration you need to look after your mental health. Most people focus on improving their physical health completely forgetting about their mental and emotional wellbeing. So they invest in a gym membership, fitness equipment, costly yoga mat, nutrition books, clean eating meal plan thinking that a healthy body is all they need to reach their goals. But the truth is you cannot have a healthy body without a healthy mind and vice versa. Mental and physical health are fundamentally linked and should be valued and take care of equally. If you want to transform your life, boost your mental powers, tap into your full potential and gain the most of this crazy journey we call life you need to focus on your mental wellbeing. And if you think that building strong mental health requires a massive amount of time, seeing a therapist or reading really hard books that’s not true. You can strengthen your mental health, improve your mental skills, boost your mood and increase your focus by doing quick and simple exercises.

💠 Stop procrastinating here and Get Seriously organized here

💠 Incorporate a digital detox into your daily routine - switch off, focus on the present moment and work towards your goals

💠 Practice mental self-care 

💠 Manage and reduce stress

💠 Clean out your mental clutter (journal, engage in physical activity, meditate)

💠 Challenge your negative thinking and negative self-talk here

💠Learn how to deal with intrusive thoughts here

💠 Keep Journaling     

💠 Celebrate your achievements (Celebrating achievements is crucial for your success because it boosts your confidence, increases your self-esteem and activates happy chemicals in your brain!)

💠Get quality rest (Dedicate 7-8 hours a day for a quality rest. Don’t sacrifice your sleep to accomplish more work in a day because it won’t make you any more productive. Not to mention that compromising sleep will negatively affect your mental and physical performance. So make sure you get enough sleep every single day.)

Best Apps To De-stress & Relax

  1. SuperBetter (Android / iOS)
  2. Shine - Motivational texts (Android / iOS)
  3. Pocket Yoga (Android / iOS)
  4. Calm Meditation and Sleep Stories (Android; iOS)
  5. Happify: for Stress & Worry (iOS and Android)
  6. Happier (iOS)
  7. Headspace (Android; iOS)
  8. Breathe2Relax (Android; iOS)
  9. Anxiety Reliever (Android; iOS)
  10. Self-help for Anxiety Management (iOS)
  11. Sanvello (Android; iOS)
  12. SAM App (Android; iOS)
  13. What’s Up? - A Mental Health App (iOS and Android)
  14. Self-help for Anxiety Management (iOS and Android)
  15. Smiling Mind Meditation for all ages (iOS and Android)

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3. Nourish Your Body With Healthy Food

Nourish your brain health through a diet. 

  1. Follow a whole-food, unprocessed diet
  2. Discover the benefits of mindful eating here.
  3. Eat foods high in antioxidants (blueberries, goji berries, raspberries, pecans, oranges, broccoli, alfalfa sprouts, beans, beets, fatty fish AND dark chocolate!!!)
  4. Incorporate brain-boosting superfoods into your diet
  5. Try brain-boosting herbs and spices to support cognitive health (Turmeric, Ashwagandha, Ginseng, Lemon Balm, Tulsi, Gotu Kola)
  6. Reduce your sugar intake 
  7. Read Nutritional Facts Labels before buying food products
  8. Avoid Frankenstein foods (Stay Away from GMO’s)
  9. Prepare your meal at home with fresh, high-quality food products 

Best Clean Eating & Shopping Apps

  1. Fooducate - eat better  - Nutrition & Diet Tracker iOS / Android 
  2. Shopwell here - your pocket-sized nutritionist and grocery food scanner
  3. True Food Kitchen - clean eating app here
  4. Nutrifix - Find Healthy Food here
  5. Meal IQ - “Intelligent Meal Planning & Shopping” here
  6. SideChef: Recipes+Meal Planner - healthy eating habits app iOS / Android 

Download Your FREE Printable Clean Eating Worksheets

4. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the art of paying attention and living in the present moment without the need to create a perfect experience. It’s about taking advantage of the current situation, observing and getting inspired by what is happening “here & now”. That’s why mindful people listen attentively, observe carefully, make conscious decisions, embrace the current experience and develop the ability to find beauty in little things. Live is here and now, that’s why dwelling in the past and worrying about the future is counterproductive, demotivating and uninspiring. So if you want to increase your concentration, boost your focus and develop an acute sense of observation I highly recommend you to start practising mindfulness on a daily basis. Train your brain to be fully present. Be in the moment and make the most of every minute of your life. 

💠 Focus on the present moment. Guide your life with mindfulness and create your own momentum.

💠 Try Guided Mindfulness Meditation (guided meditations are fun and easy to follow!)

💠 Use Positive Affirmations to boost your mental power, self-esteem, and self-worth (try “I AM” positive affirmations guided meditation!) 

💠 Practice Gratitude (Start a Gratitude Jar - Every day write down what you are grateful for and add these “Gratitude Notes” to your gratitude jar.)

💠 Practice Self- Compassion - treat yourself like you treat people you truly love. Build a strong and healthy relationship with yourself (there is only one person you will spend whole life with and that person is YOU.)

💠 Practice self-care for a healthy and balanced life

💠 Feed your passion and unlock your creative potential

💠 Connect With Nature - contact with nature is highly beneficial to our physical and mental health, it keeps us healthy, grounded and relaxed. So stop hiding in your home. Instead, get outside and connect with nature. Get some natural vitamin D from sunshine and boost your happy hormones.  

DOWNLOAD Your SELF-CARE Workbook FOR FREE and Start Practicing Daily Self-Care for Healthy, happy & Fulfilling Life!

Download Your FREE Printable Self-Care Worksheets!

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5. Create Space for Ease and Clarity

Overthinking creates stress, anxiety, negative energy, mental tension, and exhaustion and we all know how these ingredients ruin the taste of our everyday lives. So instead of wasting your time and energy on unnecessary non-critical decisions focus your mental energy on your main goals and top priorities. Stop overthinking,  overanalyzing and overcomplicating every single aspect of your life because it makes your current reality much more complex than it ever needs to be. Instead, create convenience and simplicity over your goals and actions for a happier and more fulfilling life. Remember that perfection does not exist and you can create an amazing outcome without knowing exactly what you want to achieve. You don’t need to have everything figured out now; you can change directions at any time. So put yourself in motion, get inspired, take advantage of unexpected opportunities when they present themselves and accelerate your personal growth. 

💠 Eliminate distractions & time-wasters here

💠 Eliminate all non-critical decisions

💠 Declutter your external personal space 

💠 Practice being decisive

💠 Increase your assertiveness

Grab Your Free Checklist!

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6. Explore The Benefits Of Brain Exercises

Stimulate your brain, improve your memory, increase your mental focus, boost your creativity and nourish your inner child with fun, challenging and unforgettable mind games!

💠 Chess

💠 Sudoku (free Sudoku online here or here)

💠 Crossword puzzles (free Crossword puzzles online here, here or here)   

💠 Jigsaw puzzles (free online Jigsaw puzzle here or here)

💠 Lumosity - free brain training and mental fitness game website here

💠 Happy Neuron - free brain training website with fun & challenging games and activities here

💠 Braingle - free brain teasers, riddles, quizes, trivia, logic problems, and mind puzzles website here

💠 Rebus Puzzles - here or here

7. Self-Educate

Another great way to boost your mental powers is to dedicate some time to self-education. Investing in self-education it’s the best investment you can make because your whole future depends on it. We tend to think that there will be plenty of time for that but the time is now. If you want to succeed you need to invest in your self-development and personal growth right now. The power of the mind is limitless and if you think otherwise, then you’re must be setting your own limitations in our mind. It’s your low self-esteem and lack of confidence that make you believe in this bulls*t. The truth is that you’re worth more than you think and your experience is far richer than you can ever imagine. You’re definitely capable of so much more than you even realize. BUT to be able to reach your full potential you need to invest in your personal growth and self-development otherwise you will be wasting your time and energy doing the wrong things. It’s time to evict your self-limiting beliefs from your mind and commit to conscious growth. Put all your mental performance into something productive, creative and inspiring. Use your concentration to explore your personal growth. Practice being curious, cultivate the growth mindset and train your brain to get smarter every day!

💠 Work on side projects

💠 Start side hustle

  1. Etsy here
  2. Poshmark here
  3. People per hour here
  4. Fiverr here
  5. Amazon - declutter and sell on Amazon 
  6. eBay - declutter and sell the things you don’t need on eBay

💠 Practice self-reflection

💠 Feed your passion

💠 Listen to music - listen to 14 Hz beta waves, binaural beats music to boost your focus, memory, and concentration

💠 Get inspired - You can find an incredible source of inspiration literally everywhere you just have to adopt a hunter-gatherer behavior and observe your surroundings. Don’t wait for inspiration but find it yourself by reading self-help books, blogs, and articles or just listen to your favorite music.

Best Books for Self-Education & Self-Improvement

  1. Atomic Habits: The life-changing million-copy bestseller by James Clear  AMAZON US / AMAZON UK
  2. I Like Myself! by Karen Beaumont AMAZON UK / AMAZON US
  3. Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman AMAZON UK / AMAZON US
  4. HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Managing Yourself by Harvard Business Review AMAZON UK / AMAZON US
  5. Mastery: The Keys to Success And Long-Term Fulfillment by George Burr Leonard AMAZON UK / AMAZON US
  6. The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are
    by Brene Brown AMAZON UK / AMAZON US
  7. The Effective Executive by Peter Ferdinand Drucker AMAZON UK / AMAZON US
  8. Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek AMAZON UK / AMAZON US
  9. Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life by Nir Eyal AMAZON US / AMAZON UK
  10. The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure by Grant Cardone  AMAZON US / AMAZON UK
  11. How to Be Yourself: Quiet Your Inner Critic and Rise Above Social Anxiety by Ellen Hendriksen AMAZON US / AMAZON UK
  12. Words That Change Minds: The 14 Patterns for Mastering the Language of Influence by Shelle Rose Charvet  AMAZON US / AMAZON UK

8. Cultivate A Beginner's Mind

This famous Socratic paradox is a starting point in acquiring knowledge. Most people‘s deepest fear is to admit that they don’t know something as if possessing all the knowledge of the universe was possible. And just like we all know that it’s impossible we shouldn’t be afraid of saying “I don’t know”. It’s actually a very humble thing to do and an incredible opportunity to explore, experience and learn something new. So instead of being afraid of not knowing something cultivate a Beginner’s Mind. Practice being curious, be open to new experiences, ask questions, observe, take notes and fuel your desire for new information. Every day you have an incredible opportunity to learn something new and use it to fuel your personal growth. Curiosity is the basis of true learning and self-improvement. 

💠 Cultivate growth mindset

💠 Commit to a conscious growth

💠 Be open-minded and shape your perspective

9. Master Single Tasking

It’s a high time to rid ourselves of this misconception about multitasking. Although we can focus on two or more activities at the same time, it is impossible to concentrate on two completely different tasks simultaneously. Just think about it. You probably snack while binge eating Netflix or listen to music while washing the dishes because it makes it less boring and more entertaining, right? But as much as doing all of these things don’t require your full and undivided attention you’ve probably noticed that if you pay more attention to eating than watching you easily miss important details and quickly lose track of what is actually happening in the movie. And we are talking here about the simplest activities.

Although divided attention can be improved with practice it is still not possible for the human brain to process more that one task at a time. Multitasking is incredibly overrated and has nothing to do with productivity. Furthermore, doing more than one thing at a time actually decreases your productivity and kill your focus. So instead of managing it all, focus on only one task at a time and you will be surprised how quickly and easily you will accomplish that.

10. Brain Boosting Supplements & Superfoods

Some people claim that superfoods are a myth and the term itself was invented for marketing purposes only. Others who have already incorporated various superfoods into their diet swear by the health benefits of this type of food. Regardless of why this term was introduced into mainstream language, there is no doubt that the nutritional value of food and the impact of its constituents on your body vary with each food product. Furthermore, there are many brain-boosting superfoods and supplements out there you can add to your daily diet to improve your brain health, improve your mental skills and boost your mood. 

Best Brain Boosting Foods To Add To Your Healthy Diet

Boost your healthy diet with some delicious superfoods! 

💠 Avocado

💠 Egg yolks

💠 Wild Salmon

💠 Bone Broth

💠 Raw Organic Coconut Oil

💠 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

💠 Blueberries

💠 Beets

💠 Green, leafy vegetables

💠 Broccoli

💠 Beans

💠 Sesame seeds

💠 Activated walnuts

💠 Turmeric

💠 Rosemary

💠 Dark chocolate!

Best Brain-Boosting Supplements Of 2020

Here are my absolutely favorite, high-quality vitamins and minerals I take every single day to boost my brain health and keep my mind sharp. 

💠 Omega-3 fatty acid Amazon UK here / Amazon US here

💠 B 12 Vegan safe formula here

💠 Biotin here

💠 D 3 here

💠 Turmeric here

💠 Lithium Orotate here

💠 MCT oil here

💠 Coenzyme Q10 here

💠 Magnesium here

💠 Zinc here

💠 Moringa here

💠 Ginkgo Biloba

💠 Rhodiola Rosea

💠 Bacopa Monnieri

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Stay positive

Be Mindful

and train your brain for maximum performance!

xo Kate

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