How To Cultivate A Sustainable Lifestyle & Have Fun: 9 Simple Ways.


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Sustainability Is The New Trend

Join this trend by making your life more sustainable, fun and meaningful! And if you need some guidance, here are the top 9 ways to reach that!

protect the planet

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protect the planet

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“The Earth is what we all have in common.”

—Wendell Berry Tweet

1. Live A More Holistic Lifestyle

holistic lifestyle

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holistic lifestyle

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Living a holistic lifestyle not only benefits your overall health creating a strong mind, body and spirit connection but also supports the planet’s natural environment. And the best things is that you can easily upgrade your life to reach a more holistic, balanced and fulfilling life! And to help you with that here are the top 15 ways to achieve that:

  1. Nourish yourself from the inside out
  2. Sneak Superfoods into your diet
  3. If you take supplements, buy only the highest quality health food supplements
  4. Find time to relax and distress - 7 types of rest 
  5. Engage in Mindfulness-based practices 
  6. Practice meditation
  7. Try holistic, natural remedies for common health issues
  8. Manage your stress levels
  9. Switch to a natural skincare routine
  10. DIY natural, non-toxic home cleaning products
  11. Live a more active lifestyle
  12. Connect with nature & get Vitamin D from sunlight
  13. Start a small garden
  14. Cook delicious meals at home
  15. Create a healthy & solid work-life balance

2. Be Intentional With Your Shopping

be intentional with your shopping

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be intentional with your shopping

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Ecommerce took consumerism to the next level. Everything you want, need and desire is just one click away. And if you use your credit card when shopping online, the whole buying experience is simple, convenient and almost stress-free. 

However, the convenience of not having to leave your home to do all your shopping and paying with a credit card has its cost dangers. Because if you’re not careful with your money you can easily fall into a compulsive shopping trap. And the worst part is, it’s easier than you think. That’s why so many people are struggling with debt. 

To avoid deadly spending traps you need to be more intentional with your shopping, draw a clear line between wants and needs simplify your spending. Otherwise, escaping excessive consumerism will become impossible. 

  1. Simplify your financial life and be intentional with your shopping
  2. Buy fair trade products - search for the Fairtrade mark on the packaging of products you buy
  3. Buty second-hand
  4. Look for Eco-Friendly Brands
  5. Switch to sustainable fashion brand
  6. Adopt Quality over Quantity mindset

3. Create An Eco-Friendly Household

eco-friendly house

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eco-friendly house

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Most household cleaners that you can find on supermarket shelves are not only very expensive but also extremely toxic. Thus if you are concerned about your health and the planet’s you should start making natural cleaning products ASAP! Not only it will help you to reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals at home but also you will save a significant amount of money. ‘Cause, let’s be honest, industrial cleaning products are pretty expensive. 

DIY-ing home & kitchen cleaning products is easy, safe, simple and fun. Everyone can do it! And the best is, that you don’t have to make different types of products. You can easily make an all-purpose non-toxic cleaner with only 4 extremely cheap and natural ingredients. That’s exactly what I did following the recipes & uses I mention below.

  1. Buy or DIY only natural, non-toxic cleaning products
  2. Buy safe, organic and non-toxic candles
  3. Switch to bamboo products
  4. Reduce your plastic use (learn about 7 dangers of plastic)

How To DIY Natural Household Cleaners

4. DIY Edible Skincare Products

homemade natural and organic skincare products

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homemade natural and organic skincare products

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Most people are fully aware that a lot of ingredients in beauty and personal care products are dangerous chemicals and cancer-causing toxins we should never ever put on your skin. It is for that reason that, natural and organic skincare brands have become so popular in recent years.

People want to know not only what are the ingredients of the cosmetic products they apply to their skin but also how these products are being manufactured. This is really good news especially considering how unethical some big-name beauty brands are. 

We should have in mind that just because we see products of famous beauty brands on the shelves it does not mean that it’s totally safe for your health and wellbeing. Nor it means that the way they manufacture their products is ethical or sustainable. That is why we should always use organic and natural skincare that is not only good for our health but also for the environment.

I deliberately used the word “use” instead of “buy” because I love the idea of DIY your own natural, organic and non-toxic skincare products. Actually, it’s a habit of mine. More or less every month I turn my kitchen into a chemistry lab to create my skincare products so pure that you can eat them! If you’re interested in doing the same, I wrote a whole article on natural, organic and EDIBLE cosmetic products that you can read here.

5. Grow Your Own Food

Did this past year leave you rethinking access to staples like… the food you eat?

I’ve always enjoyed gardening as a way to unplug and relax. But growing my own food now also brings a sense of security.

So I’ve been working on brushing up on some old skills and developing new ones — all to help me destress and rely less on outsourcing my food!

You can imagine, I was so excited to see this new collection of resources from the best home gardeners around.

Ultimate Bundles has been curating bundles since 2012, but 2020 was their first bundle ever focused on gardening, homesteading, and sustainable living. And this year, they’re back with a whole new collection to meet you wherever you are in your gardening journey and help you have your best gardening year (or rock your first year)!

It’s called the Gardening & Sustainable Living Bundle. And it teaches you to do exactly what it’s called. 😉

Inside you’ll find eBooks and eCourses that teach you how to:

  • Grow delicious vegetables (even if you’re short on space)
  • Preserve food with canning, dehydrating & fermenting
  • Plan your garden so you don’t waste a square inch
  • Homestead like it’s your job (seriously, you can make money from it)
  • And even raise your own chickens!
  • And much more!

When you buy the Gardening & Sustainable Living Bundle, you’ll get access to:

  • 12 eBooks
  • 7 eCourses
  • 6 printables & planners
  • And 7 BONUSES

Best of all, you can get the entire package for just $24.97.

7. Reduce Your Waste

Let’s be honest, for most people a zero-waste lifestyle is not possible unless you enjoy a very privileged status. If that’s not the case, creating no waste as an individual remains an impossible ideal. But at the same time, it doesn’t mean that we cannot reduce waste in our homes. We can and we SHOULD.

By reducing waste you not only protect the environment but also save a significant amount of money. And that’s what I call a win-win situation. 

So how can we easily reduce our waste? 

  1. Embrace low waste mindset
  2. Extend the life of your clothing
  3. Sell used clothing, accessories, furniture or kithcen utensils (sell your clutter online or have a garage sale)
  4. Buy foods in bulk
  5. Prepare your meals and snacks at home
  6. Try recipes cooked with leftovers
  7. Learn to repair rather than discard
  8. Switch to reusable items
  9. Cancel unnecessary mail (oh, it’s so satisfying!)
  10. Freeze foods especially veggies and fruits (for future meals or smoothies!)

8. Treat The Environment With Respect

We Are Guests On Planet Earth. It’s not our propriety. We cannot do with it whatever we want. And more importantly, we cannot “migrate” to other planets, at least not now because we don’t have the technology to do that. (or maybe we have but it’s hidden from us, ordinary mortals :))

But even if we had… it doesn’t mean that we can treat our planet like a garbage can. And that’s unfortunately what SOME people do on a daily basis, otherwise, there wouldn’t be garbage freaking everywhere. And the excuse that there are not enough trash cans is just ridiculous. 

Treating our environment with respect and maintaining the cleanliness of the surroundings is is all our responsibility. We owe it to ourselves and future generations. 

So what are fun, creative, simple and money-saving ways to treat the environment with respect? Here are the top 10:

  1. Invest in the Rocketbook Everlast to reduce paper use
  2. Switch to e-billing to save money (yes, you pay for paper bills)      
  3. Buy Fair Trade Products (especially chocolate!)
  4. Make homemade, healthy and delicious desserts to reduce plastic use
  5. Go on a hike or bike trip with your friends
  6. Plant a tree (or more trees!)
  7. Get rid of weeds the natural way
  8. Recycle and reuse to help save the environment at home
  9. Shop secondhand
  10. DIY reusable shopping bags

9. Don't Toss It, Fix It.

Have you ever fixed something yourself? If yes, you know how amazing that feels. Being able to repair something when’s broken rather than discard it is something to be proud of. Especially in today’s hyper-fast and a hyper-modern world where the “throwaway” concept of living is proliferating. People throw gently-used items away to make space for the new ones. When something breaks down most people relace it instead of trying to repair it. That’s a “luxury” previous generations couldn’t afford.

Economic prosperity made us forget how important being resourceful, self-sufficient and handy truly is. But then 2020 happened and changed our thinking 180 degrees. Being stuck at home and not being able to spend money as usual made people rethink their money habits. Throwing away gently-used things or broken things gone out of style, whilst fixing, repairing and giving used objects second life became trendy. And you should join the trend! 

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Stay positive

Be Mindful

and make a sustainable lifestyle fun!

xo Kate

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