9 Healthy Living Habits That Will Improve Your Life Immediately.

9 healthy living habits that will improve your life immediately


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Balance Is The Key To A Healthy Life

Scrolling through social media profiles of fitness guru can give you the idea that living a healthy lifestyle is about spending hours of training at the gym and eating a calorie-restricted diet. Well, that’s probably the biggest misconception about health and wellness.
Although good nutrition and workout routine can easily improve your health and wellbeing it does not mean that you need to put your blood, sweat and tears in the gym or eat in a calorie deficit. What you need instead is a healthy balance. Balance is the key to a long, healthy and happy life.
To create that balance you need to develop positive healthy habits and learn to make easy-to-manage healthy choices. And to help you with that today I’m sharing with you top 9 healthy living habits that will change your life for the better immediately. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

balance is the key to a healthy life

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1. Train Your Brain Muscle

Everything starts in your head. Being pessimistic, obsessing over worst-case scenarios and fueling negative self-talk it’s kind of easy especially when things don’t go according to plan and everything seems to be falling apart. At the same time staying positive, not looking for excuses and finding opportunity in difficult times seems to be a real challenge that only the bravest can take.

But is this really that hard to build strong mental health? Is positive mental attitude innate or can it be acquired? Can we train our brains like any other muscle? If you ask me, not only do I believe that building strong mental health is quite simple, I also think that a positive mental attitude is a skill that requires training and practice. Oh, um, gosh, I almost forgot about the third questions! Of course, I think that the brain is like a muscle. So if you want to grow that muscle and make it stronger you should train it every single day. 

And to help you with that, I wrote a post about training your brain muscle that you can read here. Prepare yourself for 30-day mental wellness challenge that will help you to build resilience, boost mood and improve your mental health.

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My Favourite Resources From This Bundle

  1. Cancer and EMF Radiation: How to Protect Yourself from the Silent Carcinogen of Electropollution by Brandon LaGreca (eBook)
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  2. 7 Day Sugar Detox by Kalee Sorey Dillard (eBook)
    A guide that includes tips for grocery shopping, tricks to getting the best results and your meal plan! 
  3. Naturally Healthy Hormones:  A Guide to Seasonal Herbal Support for Women by Caitlin Frazier & Meagan Visser (eBook)
    A guide to herbal hormonal support for women throughout various seasons of life.
  4. Medicinal Body Care by Stacy Karen (eBook)
    Learn to soothe aches and pains and treat cuts, scrapes, and bites with simple DIY home remedies. 
  5. Seven Secrets to a Healthy Mind: For Mental Health, Wellbeing & Resilience by Dr. Tom Nehmy (eCourse)
    Learn the secrets to having a healthy mind and building your personal effectiveness.
  6. Mindfulness for the Chronic Life: How Mindfulness and Meditation Can Help Manage Chronic Pain, Fatigue, Insomnia, Anxiety and Overwhelm by Melissa Reynolds (eCourse)
    This course teaches you practical, actionable ways to reap the benefits of mindfulness and meditation in your chronic life

2. Nourish Yourself From The Inside Out

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle you need to start paying attention to what you put into your body. In other words, you should eat a healthy diet and start training your brain to see food as fuel not a source of reward or even worse, as a punishment. Eating healthy, nutrient-dense food on a daily basis is crucial for building and maintaining good health. 

In today’s world, people seem to place so much emphasis on counting calories instead of focusing on the quality of the calories they’re putting into their bodies. But the truth is, not all calories are created equal. Sounds odd, but it’s true. 

Nutritious calories from nutrient-dense foods fuel your body, boost your energy levels and help you to achieve optimal health while empty calories from junk and highly processed food not only do not provide health benefits but also can actually cause serious damage to your brain and body. That’s why you should stay away from junk and highly processed food. Start fueling your body properly for better performance and stronger mental health. Trust me you will not regret it!

12 Simple Ways To Start Eating Healthy

  1. Start Clean Eating
  2. Grow your own food 
  3. Discover the benefits of Mindful Eating HERE.
  4. Read Nutritional Facts Labels before putting food product into your shopping cart
  5. Avoid Frankenstein foods (Stay Away from GMO’s)
  6. Buy “real food” items (Avoid highly processed and packed with harmful chemicals “ready to eat” food products)
  7. Stay away from sodas and sugary drinks that provide only empty calories
  8. Having a serious sweet tooth? Opt for healthy options (my favourite is dark chocolate and low carb homemade cheesecake)
  9. Incorporate Superfoods into your diet 
  10. Make a clean eating grocery list and stick to it (Plan your meals in advance to prevent wasting food)
  11. Prepare your meal at home with fresh, high-quality food products (dedicate 30 minutes on a Sunday to prepare meals or partial components of meals)
  12. Buy local and seasonal food to supports the local economy

Grow Your Own Food

3. Use Natural And Organic Skin Care Products

Most of the people are fully aware that a lot of ingredients in beauty and personal care products are dangerous chemicals and cancer-causing toxins we should never ever put on your skin. It is for that reason that, natural and organic skincare brands have become so popular in recent years. People want to know not only what are the ingredients of the cosmetic products they apply to their skin but also how these products are being manufactured. This is really good news especially considering how unethical some big-name beauty brands are. 

We should have in mind that just because we see products of famous beauty brands on the shelves it does not mean that it’s totally safe for your health and wellbeing. Nor it means that the way they manufacture their products is ethical or sustainable. That is why we should always use organic and natural skincare that is not only good for our health but also for the environment.

I deliberately used the word “use” instead of “buy” because I love the idea of DIY your own natural, organic and non-toxic skincare products. Actually, it’s a habit of mine. More or less every month I turn my kitchen into a chemistry lab to create my skincare products so pure that you can eat them! If you’re interested in doing the same, I wrote a whole article on natural, organic and EDIBLE cosmetic products that you can read here.

“The great secret of human life and inspiration is becoming a master of thought, action, health, and spirituality. How do we accomplish this? By overcoming your indulgence and bad habits through dedication and self-control. By feeling the light that flows forever from your heart. By having so much faith that you have no fear.”

Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, NP Tweet

4. Boost Your Immune System

“I truly believe my purpose on this planet is to clean our environment and assist in the rise of consciousness so we can all live in a future filled with light, love, health, and happiness. The philosophy I follow is full body cleansing, clean, organic food, water, air, exercise, and nutritional supplementation.”

John Doe Tweet

When it comes to health supplements I always recommend products manufactured by Global Healing Center. I am doing it for three reasons. First, Global Healing Center, located in Houston, TX, United States, produces and sells nutritional supplements that are made from organic and wildcrafted ingredients. Second, it is a company that uses ONLY environmentally friendly and chemical-free building materials. And third, I myself use their vitamins and dietary supplements to improve my overall health.

I am a strong advocate for getting your nutrients through a healthy and balanced diet. However, it’s not a secret that getting all the vitamins and minerals we need from today’s food becomes more and more difficult. Therefore, although I try to eat as healthy as possible I need some supplements such as Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 to correct deficiencies. And as I mentioned above, I always choose high-quality vitamin and minerals manufactured by Global Healing Center.

Having said that, if you’re looking for high-quality supplements to correct your deficiencies or improve your overall health I highly recommend you Global Healing Center. If you are interested in learning more about this company you will find all the information you need here.

Best Immune Boosting Supplement Of 2020

  1. Vitamin C - Plant-Based Vitamin C here
  2. Vitamin D3 - Organic Vegan Vitamin D3 here
  3. Selenium - Vegan Selenium Made From Organic Mustard Seed here
  4. Ginseng - Powerful Herbal Adaptogens for Energy Support here
  5. Oregano Oil - Organic Oregano Oil Blend for Immune System Support & Defense here
  6. Vitamin B12 - Natural Energy Boost in an Organic Vegan Formula here
  7. Turmeric - Organic Turmeric + Black Pepper Raw Herbal Extract here
  8. Omega 3 - Nordic Naturals Omega Focus Cognitive Support here

5. Improve Your Gut Health

We tend to think that our mind and body exist as two separate entities, when in fact they are two parts of an integral whole. That’s why when you are physically ill you feel emotionally drained, and when you suffer from mental health problems you start noticing physical symptoms in a short time. In other words, mental health affects your physical health and vice versa. 

Indeed, a good example of the mind-body interconnection and interdependence is the exact nature of serotonin - our happy hormone. 

According to Elaine Hsiao, a researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles (USA) that studies serotonin in the context of the brain-gut connection, the feel-good hormone is made both in the digestive tract and the brain. Points out, however, that, the vast majority of serotonin is produced in the gut. That is why if you want to increase serotonin naturally you should focus on improving your gut bacteria. Your gut health is the key to a healthy and happy life.

Natural Ways To Improve Your Gut Bacteria

  1. Prioritize your health and wellbeing
  2. Reduce your exposure to environmental toxins
  3. Avoid overmedicating (avoid especially antibiotics if it’s not necessary)
  4. Heal your leaky gut (There is a lot of research showing that auto-immune diseases are caused by leaky gut)
  5. Nourish yourself with healthy food
  6. Drink plenty of clean water
  7. Take probiotics and eat fermented foods that promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut
  8. Use supplement wisely - choose only high-quality supplements that your body needs
  9. Try intermittent fasting
  10. Cut down on sugar and sweeteners
  11. Avoid processed and GMOs foods
  12. Manage your stress levels
  13. Get quality sleep on a regular basis
  14. Exercise every day (and take at least those mythical 10000 steps a day)
  15. Avoid Alcohol 
  16. Quit Smoking
  17. Have a pet (there is a lot of research about how having a pet strengthen our immune system!)

Best Books On Brain-Gut Connection

  1. The Mind-Gut Connection: How the Hidden Conversation Within Our Bodies Impacts Our Mood, Our Choices, and Our Overall Health by Emeran Mayer Amazon US / Amazon UK
  2. 10% Human: How Your Body’s Microbes Hold the Key to Health and Happiness by Alanna Collen Amazon US / Amazon UK
  3. The Human Superorganism: How the Microbiome Is Revolutionizing the Pursuit of a Healthy Life by Rodney Dietert Amazon US / Amazon UK
  4. Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain for Life by David Perlmutter Amazon US / Amazon UK
  5. Missing Microbes: How the Overuse of Antibiotics Is Fueling Our Modern Plagues by MD Blaser, Martin J. Amazon US / Amazon UK
Regular physical activity improves health and wellbeing

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Regular physical activity improves health and wellbeing

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6. Get Active

You want to know the easiest way to boost your happy hormones and create your own joy? It’s called: regular physical activity! 

So tell me, what’s your excuse for not working out? Are you too tired? You can’t afford a gym membership? Your favourite gym is closed due to Coronavirus Pandemia? You’re struggle with motivation? Or maybe you’re too busy to work out? Well, whatever your excuse is, it’s ONLY an excuse, not an actual obstacle. 

It’s not a secret that a sedentary lifestyle is literally killing us. No matter how much you want to believe this, human beings are not designed to sit in front of the computer all day long.

Scientific research shows that physical inactivity is a leading cause of many chronic or even terminal diseases. So why risk so much? You don’t want to be sick, right? So, get your butt off the couch and engage in some physical activity. (I am going to do the same thing because I’ve been sitting in front of the computer for hours now.) It’s time to get sweaty!

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7. Adopt Healthy Sleep Habits

We all know that getting quality sleep on a regular basis is crucial for maintaining good health, and yet we continue to sacrifice our sleep to accomplish more during our workday. But the truth is, reducing your sleep hours to get more things done, just does the opposite. Because no matter how hard you try you cannot be highly productive, mentally focused and motivated to work hard towards your goals if you are sleep deprived. It just doesn’t work that way. Not to mention maintaining good health. Getting quality sleep on a regular basis plays a critical role in staying healthy, building a strong immune system and enjoying life. 

According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per night to feel well-rested and maintain good health. So if you have trouble sleeping on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to address this problem. Perhaps all you need is to create a healthy night routine. Whether it is the case, improving your sleep habits is always a good idea. If you are interested in doing so, I wrote a couple of articles on this topic. Here they are: 

Posts On Healthy Sleep Habits

  1. The Ultimate Night Routine For Better Sleep And More Productive Mornings + free printables and checklists for organizing your evenings here
  2. In Search Of Sleep – Get a Good Night’s Sleep with this Healthy & Productive Night Routine + lots of freebies & Ultimate Bundles here
  3. How I Deal With Insomnia. 10 Proven Tips To Get Quality Sleep Again. here

Best Sleep & Relaxation Apps Of 2020

  1. Headspace Meditations, Mindfulness & Sleep (Android iOS)
  2. Calm Meditation and Sleep Stories (Android / iOS)
  3. Aura: Sleep & Mindfulness (Android / iOS)
  4. 10% Happier: Meditation & Sleep (Android / iOS)
  5. The Mindfulness App: relax, calm, focus and sleep
    (Android / iOS
  6. Insight Timer - Meditation for Sleep & Anxiety (Android / iOS)
  7. Smiling Mind Meditation for all ages (iOSAndroid)

8. Boost Your Financial Health

Most people are completely unaware that their financial situation directly impacts their physical health and mental wellbeing. They think that they can live a healthy, happy and balanced life without taking good care of their finances. So instead of setting smart financial goals, creating an emergency fund and save for the future the mindlessly use multiple credit cards without even realizing how much money they actually spend. That’s completely insane!

Whether we like it or not, money affects the most important things in life. They say that you cannot buy happiness and I completely agree with that. But the truth is, it’s impossible to be happy, healthy and stress-free is you cannot pay for your basic needs. Money is not a goal BUT it is definitely a powerful tool if you use it wisely. If you ask me, I do think that reaching financial stability and being debt-free is the most liberating feeling in the world. And no, you don’t need to earn tons of money to achieve that state. What you need instead is to take better care of your financial health. And to help you with that I am sharing with you my absolutely favourite financial apps, tools and tips! Here they are:

Best Financial Apps Of 2020

  1. Qapital here - Banking designed with your goals in mind
  2. Wally here - professional expense report app
  3. Mint here - saving and budgeting app
  4. Digit here - saving app    
  5. Every Dollar here - budget tool and expense tracker      
  6. Acorns here - saving and budgeting app
  7. You Need a Budget here - create a budget within your actual income
  8. Prism Bills&Money here - organizing and paying bills app
  9. Bill Watch here - managing, organizing and reminding bills payment app
  10. Albert here - saving, budgeting and paying a debt app
  11. Tycoon here - Freelancers app
  12. Personal Capital here - investment optimization app 
  13. PocketGuard here - extra money spending app here - categorizes and organizes your expenses, monthly bills, and subscriptions

Master Your Money Mini Bundle For $19.99!

This collection of 10 eBooks, 3 Printables, 6 eCourses, and 3 Videos will help you to:

  1. Improve your financial health
  2. Develop financial stability
  3. Create an effective budget
  4. Create an emergency fund
  5. Pay off debt
  6. Pay your student loans faster
  7. Cut back on spending and live a more frugal lifestyle
  8. Become a conscious customer
  9. Learn to use money as a tool to achieve your life goals 

Best Post On Financial Health

9. Create A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Last but not least tip to start living a healthy lifestyle is to create a solid work-life balance. Seemingly simple, actually it is one of the most difficult things to achieve.

I used to think that my days are too short to get things done and to be able to finish my work I had to sacrifice my sleep every single night. And I did it. I lived that way for years until I reached the point of burnout and I couldn’t deal with extreme tiredness anymore. I knew that I had to figure out a way to increase my productivity levels without sacrificing my sleep. And I did!

After having tested out many approaches, methods, and strategies I’ve finally found the way to get things done, work on a side project, relax, recharge my batteries and get 8 hours of sleep a day. Do you want to know how I achieve that? Read this post about 3 x 8 rule that changed my life for the better!

Grab Your Free Printable Workbook

DOWNLOAD Your Work-Life Balance Workbook FOR FREE and Start Living Your Best Life!

Best Posts About Achieving Goals:

  1. Maximize Your Productivity: 6-Step Method To Get More Things Done In Less Time. HERE
  2. Perfect Morning Routine to Reduce Stress & Anxiety HERE 
  3. The Ultimate Guide For Setting & Reaching Your Goals HERE
  4. 6 Self-Improvement Habits To Adopt in 2020 HERE
  5. Get into the Habit of Being Seriously Organized in 2020. HERE
  6. 8 Simple Steps to Set Yourself Up for a Successful 2020 HERE
  7. Powerful and smart ways to manage your time efficiently and effectively HERE
  8. 5 steps to success in achieving your goals HERE
  9. The ultimate way to overcome procrastination and become a highly productive person HERE
  10. The science of motivation HERE
  11. 10 powerful habits to boost your confidence HERE

Stay positive

Be Mindful


Start Living A Healthy Lifestyle

xo Kate

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