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Table of Contents <h3>Are You Struggling To…</h3> <ul><li>rest</li><li>relax</li><li>recharge your batteries</li><li>build a strong relationship with yourself</li><li>give yourself the love that you need & truly deserve</li><li>change the tone of your inner voice to a more positive one</li><li>set powerful intentions that will motivate you to become the best version of yourself</li></ul> If your…

12 Mini Routines (Systems) To Improve Your Life Satisfaction, Boost Your Health & Accelerate Your Growth.

“We are, all of us, creatures of habit, and when the seeming necessity for schooling ourselves in new ways ceases to exist, we fall naturally and easily into the manner and customs which long usage has implanted ineradicably within us.” 

This famous quote by Edgar Rice Burroughs perfectly illustrates that what we practice we become. And if we want to become successful and live our best life we need to master successful habits and stay away from those that block our progress. That’s why in today’s post I’m sharing with you 12 powerful mini-routines that have the potential to drastically change your life, accelerate your success and boost your daily happiness!

How To Deal With Insomnia: 7 Mistakes That Kept Me Awake At Night And How I Fixed Them.

If you have ever struggled with insomnia you know how exhausting, frustrating and depressing sleep deprivation really is. Being unable to fall asleep or stay asleep makes you question yourself and your ability to control your own life. You feel powerless, hopeless and desperate to try anything and everything to beat insomnia. So you spend a lot of money on sleep supplements, self-massage tools, bed linen, fancy pillows, expensive lightning or even new bed hoping that these products will solve your sleeping problems.

How To Figure Out What You Want In Life: 12 Simple Exercises.

In a world full of endless options, figuring out what you want in life seems to be a mission impossible. But everything changes when you have the right tools aka exercises to make that happen. So if you’ve been struggling to figure out what you want in life, what do you want to achieve and how do you want to feel, then continue reading this post to find your answers. 

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