Free “Procrastination Killer” Workbook That Will Help You Overcome Procrastination Habit And Maximize Your Productivity Levels.

procrastination killer workbook

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procrastination killer workbook

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Table of Contents

1st Question: Are Your Struggling With:

  • Time Management
  • Poor Focus
  • Low Energy Levels

If your answer is YES, then you’ve come to the right place BECAUSE I already have the perfect solution and it’s called The Procrastination Killer

It’s a FREE printable workbook that will help you to ditch the procrastination habit and make your productivity skyrocket!

This FREE Workbook Will Help You To:

  1. understand the difference between procrastination and laziness
  2. understand the difference between being a procrastinator and procrastinating
  3. discover the hidden cost of procrastination
  4. discover the main sources of procrastination
  5. identify what is the root cause of procrastination
  6. learn how to successfully deals with distractions and time wasters
  7. how to create motivation for taking action
  8. increase self-awareness
  9. hold yourself accountable
  10. make a self-contract & focus on reward
  11. take back control of your time and life
  12. overcome procrastination once and for all

It’s TIME to ditch the procrastination habit, maximize your productivity levels, increase your mental focus and start achieving your goals!


2nd Question: Do You Want To Learn How To

  • DESIGN your IDEAL workday
  • DOUBLE your PRODUCTIVITY while working from home
  • Stay MOTIVATED and ORGANIZED to get at least twice the amount of work done than you do right now
  • EXTRACT 2x the VALUE from every hour you work so that you can shorten your workday by 3-4 hours
  • RECLAIM your work-life balance and made working from home actually work for you and your family
  • DESIGN your ideal work environment to maximize your productivity and keeps you motivated and inspired

If your answer is yes, then you will love my 4-step formula for successful remote work!

4-Step Formula for Successful Remote Work

If you’re new to the work-from-home lifestyle you may need or want some practical know-how and proven tips and tricks that would save you a lot of time and energy making your everyday life much more productive, balanced, and enjoyable.

And if you’ve been working from home, at home, or homeschooling your kids for some time now you know that being open to testing new strategies and trying new (and different) game plan is always a good idea and incredible opportunity to uplevel your life and upgrade your results.

To help you with that I’ve created a 53-pages WORKBOOK

“Work from Home Workbook: Successful Planner for Productivity & Balance”

that guides you step by step on how to use this 4-step formula for successful remote working

that you can GET HERE:

In This Workbook You Will Find
  • Tips for Working from Home Effectively
  • Tips To Stay Organized & Motivated
  • Work from Home Motto
  • Tools for designing your own schedule, rock your to-do list, and create an ideal daily routine
  • Time Management Tips (The Eisenhower Box, The Pareto Principle worksheets included)
  • Yearly, Monthly & Weekly Goal Setting (+ Goal Progress Index)
  • Yearly, Monthly, Weekly Planner
  • Daily Plan & Schedule
  • Monthly & Weekly Organizer
  • Time blocking method schedule
  • Daily Routines for Successful Entrepreneurs
  • Work Task Checklists
  • Powerful Work-Breaks Planner & Checklist
  • Yearly, Monthly, Weekly Project Planner
  • Creative Worksheets
  • Password Keeper
  • Healthy Meal Planner
  • Flow State & Mindful Motivation Checklist
  • Professional Skills Development Tracker
  • Healthy Habit Trackers


3rd Question: Do You Want More Freebies?

Grab Your Free Printable Workbooks

Stay positive

Be Mindful


unlock your productivity potential!

xo Kate

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