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Healthy Raw Cacao Energy Bites

Having a serious sweet tooth? These raw cacao energy bites will not only satisfy your sugar cravings but also make you fit, happy and healty. While typical sweets, candies and chocolates are extremely unhealthy these superfood energy bites are one of the healthiest desserts you can eat. Grab this recipe and enjoy yourself in healty and delicious way!

Double Chocolate Superfood Cookie Dough

If you find difficult to satisfy your sugar cravings this recipe for delicious double chocolate superfood cookie dough is fr you. This raw cacao dessert is not only extremely deliscious and also insanely healthy. And the best part is that you can it this dessert even raw!

Healthy Pavlova with Mascarpone Cream & Fresh Fruits Recipe

This delicious recipe for healthy pavlova cake will completely satisfy your sweet tooth. Because dessert is the best meal of the day.

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