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Healthy Lifestyle Is Easy

Scrolling through social media profiles of top heathy lifestyle gurus, icons, influencers, mentors trainers one might have the impression that living a healthy lifestyle has to be expensive. Because if you want to be healthy you need to go organic to eat clean, buy an expensive gym membership, use pricey skincare products and of course, drink ozonated water from a reputable supplier. And as we know, costs a lot of money.

Oh, I almost forgot, the most important part. To perform better at the gym you will probably need insanely expensive Yoga pants because affordable yoga pants are surely not as good as the expensive versions, right? Well, not really, at least not in my opinion.

Of course, you can spend as much money as you want on making your life healthier but without the right attitude, mindset and strategy it will be hard to achieve desired results. So don’t fell for the “healthy = expensive” type of thinking because it will only make everything much more complicated than it ever needs to be.

Instead, start with small changes that can improve the quality of your life immediately and live a healthier life on your terms. And if you need a plan for healthy living, you can get all the tools to make it happen with the Healthy Lifestyle Bundle! This curated collection of 43 resources will help you:

  • create the perfect sleep environment and restore healthy sleep
  • increase energy & mental clarity by learning to heal your brain
  • gently ease your body into a balanced hormonal state with lifestyle changes
  • plus, so much more!

And best of all, you can get the entire package for just $37! But before you make any decision, read my review and then you can decide! 

PS. Don’t forget to GET your FREE Worksheets (you will find them below)! 

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2021

What’s in the Bundle?

The bundle consists of 43 resources divided into several more specific topics:

  • Conscious Eating
  • Real Food & Healthy Nutrition 
  • Holistic Lifestyle
  • Natural Treatments (Hypothyroidism & Adrenal Dysfunction)
  • Special Diets (Keto, Dairy-Free, Gluten-free, Anti-Inflammatory, Weight Loss)
  • Self-Care & Wellness

Bundle Products List

  1. Healthy Eating & Nutrition (10 resources worth $420.91)
  2. Home & Family (5 resources worth $173.80)
  3. Natural Health (8 resources worth $212.90)
  4. Special Diets & Allergies (10 resources worth $323.44)
  5. Wellness & Self Care (10 resources worth $787.30)

What Types Of Products are in the Bundle?

  • 20 eBooks
  • 18 eCourses
  • 5 workbooks & printables

What is the Cost of the Bundle?

The bundle of 43 resources costs $37. There is an additional option for cheat sheets, which are abbreviated notes versions of the materials. It’s $47 with the cheat sheets included.

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2021

13 High- Quality BONUSES In The Bundle

  1. *EARLY BIRD* Glow Pure Radiance Serum (½ oz) from Orglamix worth $32

Clean, Consciously Crafted Cosmetics + Organic Skincare.

  1. 3 Months Access: Mindful Success Membership from Coffee.Yoga.Life worth $72

Coffee.Yoga.Life. was created with the purpose of helping women be happy with who they are, to better understand what makes them happy, and to take care of themselves for themselves. Coffee.Yoga.Life. helps high-achieving millennial women redefine what success means to them and create realistic action plans to being more fulfilled in life and work. Plus, mindfulness and self-care are always a focus to make sure you enjoy your journey!

  1. Rose Facial Toner from Puro Co. worth $18

Puro Company specializes in unique aromatherapy blends, artisan soap and skincare products. Every product is handcrafted and formulated by Kristyn Bango, a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Herbalist, and Dietary Supplement specialist to provide holistic tools to compliment overall wellbeing and success.

  1. One free month in the Vibrant Mom Life Membership worth $57

Catherine Wilde is the Founder of Soul Care Mom. She is passionate about helping moms get out of burnout and and create space to nourish their souls so they can be the moms they’ve always dreamed of being. Catherine believes that you can feel calm and find your unshakable confidence as a mom when you first care for yourself.

  1. 1 free month of the Easy Keto App by Wholesome Yum worth $14.99

Get a free month of custom keto meal plans with the Easy Keto App, including delicious recipes, customizable plan (choose what you like!), automatic grocery list done for you, automatic macro tracking, and more. Your meal plan will sync across Apple and Android phones and tablets, your computer, and even has a printable option!

  1. 2 Week Supply of Probiotics from Just Thrive Probiotics worth $25

Just Thrive is a natural health supplement company with a focus on gut health and immune support. Their signature product is a powerful spore-based probiotic which survives the digestive process 100% alive and also produces antioxidants in the gut. Just Thrive conducts research and clinical trials, and only brings products to the market that are needed. Just Thrive encourages customers to take control of their health by empowering them with knowledge, information and products that make a difference.

  1. Pur-Defense Hand Sanitizer from Purity Woods worth $22

Purity Woods is America’s #1 source for highly effective, USDA Certified Organic skincare products, including those that most powerfully combat the appearance of “old-looking” skin. That means no toxins, no “organic poser” products, and only products made from nature’s premiere ingredients. As you’ll soon experience, that makes all the difference.

  1. Beesilk Lotion Bar & Natural Lip Balm from MadeOn Skincare worth $19

MadeOn Skin Care is dedicated to helping people fix their dry skin and mild eczema naturally. Made with few ingredients, they only use the necessary ingredients needed to get the job done. As a family-run business since 2009, you can count on personalized care to keep your family’s skin smooth and problem-free.

  1. FREE Essential Oils Trio (10 ml of Lavender, Peppermint (Piperita), Eucalyptus) from VINEVIDA worth $16.85

VINEVIDA is a wholesale essential oil company based in Hallandale Beach, FL. VINEVIDA’s goal is to sell the highest quality essential, carrier, and absolute oils at the most competitive rates in the industry. To do this, VINEVIDA ensures that its supply chain cuts out all middlemen while sourcing from the best possible regions all over the world and testing in the United States.

  1. $20 discount code from Balance One Supplements worth $20

Balance One Supplements is a family-owned business that makes premium health supplements for gut health and more. Products in this promotion include our highly-rated time-release Probiotic, Liver Support, Turmeric, and CandAssist formulas. All supplements are manufactured in the US, free from common allergens, vegan, and non-GMO. Learn more at

  1. Free Washing Machine Cleaner from MyGreenFills worth $18

MyGreenFills is an eco-friendly company in the USA that makes non-toxic, laundry, and cleaning products shipped to homes in the United States and Canada.

  1. FREE Reusable Straw Travel Bundle from Strawesome worth $16.85

The world is plagued with plastic debris and toxins in the oceans and water ways, on and in the soil of the land, and in the bodies of animals and humans. It is a major problem. Rather than just give up and “deal with it”, Strawesome was born to do something about it. For over 10 years, Strawesome’s mission has been to provide the world’s most artistic, eco-friendly, and health-conscious drinking straw. Combined with a lifetime warranty and great customer service, there’s every reason to join the Strawesome movement and eliminate the need for single-use plastic drinking straws.

  1. $15 discount code from Trilight Health worth $15

TriLight Health has specialized in great tasting, alcohol and sugar free, liquid herbal formulas for pregnancy, children and the family for over 25 years. The exclusive 3 Stage Liquid Light Process is what makes the formulas Fast Acting and Effective for Adults, but Taste so good that Children Love them!*

FREE eBook

If you haven’t downloaded your copy of Consistent Healthy Living: 34 Tips from Real People with Real Challenges, March 1st is your last chance!

You won’t want to miss it, and here’s why…

Inside this free eBook, you’ll learn 34 tips for healthy living from real health bloggers that you can apply to your own life.

Grab your copy of the eBook and prepare to be inspired!

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Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2021

FREE Webinar

Want to help your kids make healthy choices over their entire lifetime? Katie Kimball, founder of Kitchen Stewardship, and Ultimate Bundles are co-hosting a webinar called How to Train your Kids’ Brains for a Lifetime of Natural Living. Now you can take these practical strategies and apply them to your life. Learn more and register here: HERE 

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2021

Refund Policy

This is a strange, uncertain time, and I’m glad Ultimate Bundles offers a 30-day happiness guarantee. You can try the bundle out for a month and if you don’t like the bundle if you need your money back, or for any reason, just email their customer happiness team within 30 days for a full refund.

Pros Of The Bundle

  1. High-quality products covering lots of information on healthy lifestyle
  2. Health and nutrition tips that are actually evidence-based
  3. Plenty of tutorials, healthy eating plans, science-based natural treatment plans
  4. Quality-price ratio (Price $37 for 43 resources worth $1900+ exact TBA)

Download Your FREE Printable Self-Care Worksheets!

Cons Of The Bundle

  1. Some of the content may not apply to you (ex. Hypothyroidism, Weight Loss)
  2. Having 43 resources to read can be overwhelming

My Top 7 Recommended Products in the Bundle

  1. Mystery Symptom Master Class by Holly Bertone (eCourse) – worth $247.00
    In this course, you will go from feeling like you will never be healthy again to empower yourself with the knowledge to embark on a healing journey of exploring the root causes of your chronic illness and mystery symptoms.
  2. Guide to Alternative Sweeteners by Alyssa Rimmer (eBook) – worth $9.99
    A guide to show you how to use alternative sweeteners in your cooking and baking!
  3. Macros Simplified by Taylor Kiser (eCourse) – worth $37.97
    Everything you need to know the learn how to track macros and get the body you want.
  4. The Conscious Eating Collection by Jenny Berk (eCourse) – worth $97.00
    In this cozy online retreat, we’ll be going deep into topics such as cooking and meal prep skills, mindful and intuitive eating, eating for certain medical and dietary needs, and learning to eat with joy, purpose, and intention.
  5. Fight Inflammation The Natural Way by Kelli Becton (eBook) worth $9.99
    Take control of your health and regain quality of life by reducing inflammation in your body using natural remedies and products.
  6. 3 Day Complete Weight Loss System by Sara Borgstede (Workbook) – worth $8.48
    Gives you a delicious meal plan, shopping list, and cookbook to drop pounds quickly and safely in just 3 days.
  7. Basic Keto Cookbook Bundle by Dr. David Jockers (eBook) worth $27.00
    A sneak peek of 127 fat-burning keto recipes that taste great and are easy to make!
Countdown Timer

Who Do I Recommend this Bundle for?

  • If you’re interested in holistic health & natural remedies
  • If you want to level up your nutrition but don’t know where to start
  • If you want to develop and maintain healthy lifestyle habits
  • If you’re interested in special diets supported by science
  • If you’re trying to save time for healthy meal planning


Who Don’t I Recommend this Bundle for?

  • You don’t think you’ll use the products
  • You don’t want to spend $37 on 58 products worth $1474.64

Healthy Lifestyle On A Budget

Living a healthy lifestyle does not have to be complicated or costly. In fact, with a bit of strategic planning and a willingness to live a healthier lifestyle you can make the whole process of becoming a healthier version of yourself quite simple, extremely affordable and pretty fun. It all depends on you and the decision you make today.

A healthy Lifestyle on a budget is within easy reach, all you need to do is to plan your spendings, set an effective budget, save money on a regular basis and develop self-discipline habit. To help you with that, I’ve created a 30-pages Financial Planner Kit that you can get below. 

Get Your Financial Planner Here

What's Included In The Financial Planner

Evaluate Your Current Financial Situation:
Yearly Overview
Yearly Expense Tracker
Net Worth Worksheet

Budgeting & Finance Planning:
Monthly Budget with Categories
Monthly Budget Planner
Monthly Budget Planner with Savings & Debt Goals
Subscription Reminder
Password Keeper

Manage Your Spending:
No Spend Challenge
Expense Tracker
Grocery Shopping List

Set Finance Goals & Challenge Yourself:
Emergency Fund
Top Savings Goals
Savings Tracker
Finance Goals
Savings Goal Tracker Jar

All the Trackers:
Debt Payment Tracker
Savings Tracker
Bill Tracker
Account Tracker
Yearly Expense tracker

Calendars to Track Your Finances:
Monthly Finance Tracker
Monthly Expense Tracker

Comes in A5, A4, and US Letter sizes

Grab Your Free Printable Workbooks

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  1. 12 Daily Habits For A Healthy, Positive And Balanced Life here
  2. 9 Healthy Living Habits That Will Improve Your Life Immediately here
  3. How To Become Mentally Strong Within 1 Month: 30-Day Mental Wellness Challenge That Will Help You Build Resilience, Boost Mood, And Strengthen Your Mental Health here
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  6. Perfect Morning Routine to Reduce Stress & Anxiety here
  7. The Ultimate Guide For Setting & Reaching Your Goals here
  8. 10 powerful habits to boost your confidence here

Stay positive, be mindful and unlock a healthy lifestyle! 

xo Kate

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