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Hey, I’m glad you found your way here! I’m Kate! I created Holistic life by Kate to help you balance productivity & happiness, boost your motivation for success, achieve your goals faster and make hard work fun so that you can stress less and enjoy your life more

I’m particularly interested in talking about a mindful approach to daily life and a growth mindset that is essential for reaching success.

We are the creators of our reality. What we think, say and do on a daily basis manifest in our daily lives. We create our success. We create our happiness. We create balance.

The power to create a successful, happy & fulfilling life is in YOUR hands!

On this platform, you will find all the resources that you need to:

→ develop a holistic approach to a meaningful life

→ live a more intentional life

→ balance productivity & happiness

→ unlock your true potential

→ master your self-discipline

→ boost your growth-oriented mindset

→ find your purpose & sense of meaning

→ make yourself your #1 priority

→ create a healthy work-life balance

→ live in the present moment

→ create powerful routines and successful habits

Success ✯ Happiness ✯ Balance

Personal Finance

Balance Your Mind

Balance Your Body

Balance Your Soul

"Progress equals Happiness"

Tony Robbins



Unlock Your True Potential

"Decision Making" - A Tool For Success

Do you often find yourself paralyzed in the face of big decisions? Do you want to improve your decision-making process so that you can be sure that you’re choosing the best option available?

Essentialism - The Key To Success

We live in the Burnout Hustle Culture where if you’re not pushing yourself to your maximum limits you will likely be replaced by someone more productive, competitive and committed to achieving goals…

mindful eating

Harness The Power Of All Day Productivity





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