From Chaotic Environment To Successful Life - Hit The Reset Button, Change Your Entire Life And Reinvent Yourself.

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Reset Your Present Life

Get Unstuck & Reinvent Yourself

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"Acceptance doesn't mean resignation; it means understanding that something is what it is and that there's got to be a way through it."

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From Chaotic Environment To Successful Life

With the Coronavirus outbreak now pandemic, the world became extremely chaotic, uncertain and almost unreal. I don’t know about you but I feel like I’m living in a movie or a dream. Although I am not sure what kind of movie or dream is it. .. kind of reminds me of Matrix… but I’m not a film expert.

But if you ask if there will be a happy ending, I do believe that it all depends on each and every one of us. Even if it’s hard to predict what is going to happen next it does not mean that we should just sit here and do nothing. Why? Well, that would be a terrible waste of time, energy and potential.

A much better solution would be to use these less-than-perfect circumstances to hit the reset button, reprioritize your life, let go of the things that no longer serve you, set new life goals and START FRESH. It’s a new beginning for all of us. It’s time to accept the situation as it is, let go of the things that we cannot control and move towards taking as many constructive actions as possible to make the best of these less-than-perfect circumstances and start planning for a successful future. It’s time for a change!

Change is terrifying but exciting at the same time because it opens new opportunities. Without it, you would likely remain in the same place for your entire life. There would not any self-improvement and personal growth. Change is a sign of life! 

“The best way to predict your future is to create it not from the known, but from the unknown. When you get uncomfortable in the place of the unknown – that's where the magic happens.”

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The New Beginning

We didn’t ask for this CHANGE. We didn’t expect it. It was forced upon us. We can fight it, or embrace it. The first option will lead you nowhere because if you resist change you will get stuck in a situation you don’t want to be and you will get more and more frustrated. If you choose the second option, instead, you will create your own opportunity to succeed in life. That’s why I choose the second option. I choose to accept the situation as it is, embrace change that was suddenly forced upon me and focus on re-creating my life with purpose. If you want to do the same, here is my 3-step method to hit the reset button, create a clear vision for the future and start fresh.  Let the transformation begin!

Transform Your Life Today For Bright Future

create a vision board for your future life

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create a vision board that actually works

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Benefits Of Hitting The Reset Button

  1. Regain Mental Focus
  2. Re-prioritize Your Life
  3. Set Appropriate Goals
  4. Eliminate Time Wasters And External Distraction
  5. Get Rid Of Unhealthy Habits/Addictions
  6. Let Go Of The Things That You Cannot Control
  7. Embrace The Chaos 
  8. Adapt To The New Circumstances And Make The Most Of Them
  9. Cut Out Non-Essential Things That Don’t Bring You Much Joy Anyway
  10. Finish Things That Are Worth It And Let Go Of The Things That Aren’t

3-Step Process Of Reinventing Yourself

1. STEP I: Reset


Before you hit the reset button on your present life you need to reflect on your current situation, reevaluate your present life and start figuring out where you want to go. You need to know where you headed before you embark on your journey. Otherwise, you will be running in circles, wasting your time and energy without achieving anything. And that’s the opposite of your intentions, right?

Practising self-reflection will help you to become aware of the current version of yourself, determine the level of success that you achieve and take the right actions to make good progress in your immediate future to feed your life purpose.

So take time to delve deeper into yourself and explore your consciousness. Identify what are your own wants, beliefs, and values. Ask yourself what does your future self look like. Write everything down and give yourself time to think about it.  Be patient, don’t rush things. Listen to your inner voice, your instinct knows everything. 

💠 What my future self looks like?

💠 What would my future self say to me?

💠 What values do I want to embody?

💠 How do I want to feel?

💠 How do I want to present myself to the world?

💠 How do I want to live my life experience?

💠 What do I wish to contribute?

Hit The Reset Button On Your Life

If you want to reinvent yourself and transform your entire life you need to address every single area of your daily life. There is no room in life transformation for half measures. You need to reflect on your life and identify what works and what doesn’t work for you. It’s the only way to change your life for the better. you will path your path to self-growth.

Address Every Area Of Your Life

💠 Mental Wellbeing (Healthy Mindset, Mental Focus)

💠 Physical Health (healthy nutrition, workout routine, quality rest)

💠 Spirituality (Personal Growth, Self-Improvement)

💠 Environment / Personal Space (Comfortable and Safe Home)

💠 Relationships (Deepen Your Relationships Bond)

💠 Finances (Budgeting, Financial Goals, Saving Money, Emergency Fund)

💠 Career (Satisfaction With Work)

💠 Recreation (Quality “me time”, Hobbies & Fun)

Grab Your Free Printable Wheel Of Life

control your mindset

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2. STEP: Refocus

Create A Clear Vision And Visualise Your Future Self

Everything begins with clarity of vision. Having a clear vision is crucial for success in both professional and personal life. You need to identify your destination first to be able to choose the right path. Otherwise, you will be going in circles with no purpose. Your vision is your life guidance, a life compass that will help you to move forward in the right direction. Of course, you don’t need to have everything figured out to the last detail but you should create a clear vision of what you want in life in order to achieve it. Having a clear destination in sigh will help you to avoid confusion and align your goals with your purpose.

In my personal opinion, the best and easiest way to create a clear vision of the short-term and long-term future is to use the scheme of the wheel of life. It will help you to set smart goals to improve in every area of your life. 

💠 Start with the big picture and visualize where do you want to be in the next couple of months

💠 Create a clear vision for what you want to achieve in the short-term and long-term future

💠 Set Your SMART Goals

💠 Brake your big goals into small achievable steps 

💠 Plan out how do you want to improve in both your professional and personal life and start working on yourself.

💠 Organize your life around your goals by creating an effective action plan

Download Your FREE Printable Successful Goal Achievement Worksheets!

Identify Your New Goals

Now that you have a clear vision of your future self you can set your goals. I am sure you’ve already done that at the beginning of the year before the Coronavirus outbreak. Well, which of us haven’t done that. But hey just because some of our goals have to wait for the pandemic to end it doesn not mean that we should passively wait. Furthemore, when you feel that everything is falling apart around you, it means that it’s time to make a BIG, scary and EXCITING change! So take a deep breath, accept the situation as it is, embrace the change and start creating your future self right now! Stop drifiting in Pandemic chaos and start designing your future. Set new SMART goals for every area of your life and create an action plan to make them happen! Start before you’re ready!

Set Smart Goals For Your Future Self

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound

3. STEP III: Restart

Create An Action Plan

They say that a positive attitude is everything in achieving goals but there is no way you will make your dreams come true sitting and thinking intensely about it. No matter how much you want it there is no way your goals will magically appear without you moving in the right direction. In other words, you have to start living the life you want to live in. Try to do anything, small or big that will get you one step closer to your goal. The more action you take the more you will be living the life you want to live.

So, think about your goal and about specific actions you have to take to achieve this goal. Then, break down your large, clear and well-defined goal into small, actionable chunks, specific action steps that will lead you to your main goal. Write everything down and notice how ticking off the things you did makes you happy, satisfied and proud of yourself and your accomplishments.

  1. Develop a specific action plan towards your goals
  2. Create a priority list
  3. Put yourself in motion and get inspired by your own actions
  4. Adopt anti-procrastination strategies and boost your productivity levels (post about how to become a highly productive person HERE)
  5. Use The Pareto Principle (According to the Pareto Principle, 20% of your work produces 80% of the result. Which means that if you manage to identify that 20% correctly you will spend more time doing the right things that will produce the greatest outcome.)
  6. Unlock your creative potential (The best way to do it is through observation, connecting with nature, interacting with others and fueling your passion. Personally, I like to train my creative mind through journaling and communicating with my inner child because I really believe that our inner child is our source of creativity and infinite potential.)
  7. Manage your time wisely and efficiently (Be productive NOT Busy) - focus on making steps to move forward with your goals

Take Action And Practice Being Your Future Self

While a positive mental attitude is a crucial ingredient that you need to add to your life blueprint you need to add a specific action to make it happen. Both mentality and action are two sides of the same coin: “the life of the coin of your dreams.” Yeap, this one. So there is no way your goals will magically appear without you moving in the right direction. You just have to do the things you want to do. In other words, you have to start living the life you want to live in. Try to do anything, small or big that will get you one step closer to your goal. Start where you can start but start now. Remember that the more action you take the more you will be living the life you want to live. Stop waiting for the perfect moment. Use these less-than-perfect circumstances to reinvent yourself. Your future is of your own creation! Keep your head up! You got this!


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Stay Positive

Be Mindful

Hit The Reset Button

and Reinvent Yourself!

xo Kate

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