How To Be The Main Character of Your Life: 10 Simple Steps.


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You Create Your Own Story

  • Tired of comparing yourself to others?
  • Dreaming about taking control of your life?
  • Struggling to get rid of imposter syndrome for good?
  • Trying to find a way to take back control of your own life? 
  • Feeling the need to finally become the main character of your life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then continue to read this post to find out 10 powerful ways to take your power back and become the main character in your own life story!

Create A Crystal Clear Life Vision

The first thing to do when becoming the main character in your life is to become crystal clear with your vision, life goals, intentions, and strategy. 

Here’s how you can easily do it:

1. create a crystal clear VISION

To establish a clear vision that will inspire you to take massive action on your goals you need to become 100% honest with yourself about where you are and get crystal clear on where you want to be. Because only by defining precisely your transformation starting point along with the specific result you want to achieve you will be able to find the pathway to success.

2. set crystal clear OUTCOME(s)

Once you get remarkably clear on your vision, it’s time to set the right goals that will help you to close the GAP between your current state (your STATUS QUO) and the desired state (your future self) so that you can turn your crystal clear vision into your new reality. 

  • Figure out what are results you want to get within a particular area of your life you are about to upgrade.
  • Get highly specific about what your outcome(s) looks like.

For example, if you want to read more, don’t just write a goal: READ MORE

Be incredibly, insanely, extremely highly SPECIFIC and set a goal: READ ONE non-fiction book a week. And then create your booklist.

If you want to improve your physical performance, don’t limit yourself to set a goal: MORE PHYSICAL ACTIVITY.

Instead, choose the type of physical activity that you want to start or continue to practice, define a crystal clear and measurable outcome and create a time slot for practicing it in your calendar.

3. set powerful INTENTIONS (behind your goals)

An intention is your conscious “WHY”, your motive for action, a true reason why you want to achieve a specific goal. You need THIS “WHY” to be able to push through mental and physical obstacles when they occur. And we all know that sooner or later some challenges will appear. But when it happens you will be prepared and equipped with INTENTIONS - your MOTIVE for action and the reason WHY you want to achieve your goals.  

4. develop a bulletproof STRATEGY

When creating a strategy for achieving your goals don’t master the art of making things much more complex than they ever need to be. Instead, opt for a simple and practical strategy that will help you avoid confusion, unnecessary complexity, and chaos. And that “magic trio” can ruin even the best idea making finishing the project extremely hard if not impossible.

Simplicity is the key to success in

  • creating an effective action plan
  • developing bulletproof strategy
  • developing laser-like focus

There are many different ways to achieve a certain goal. They differ in the level of

  • complexity 
  • difficulty
  • duration
  • excitement
  • clarity

The strategy you need to develop should be SIMPLE (but not easy), PRACTICAL (but not tedious), and EXCITING (irreverent).

The Laws of Goal Setting Universe” Workbook: The Formula For Success In Setting & Achieving Goals” is a 100-page workbook designed to help you create a crystal clear vision of your future, set the right goals (in alignment with your vision and purpose), create a successful mindset, and develop smart tactics (habits, routines, rituals) that will help you achieve your objectives faster and more easily.

What’s Included:

  • 8-step formula for success in setting and achieving goals
  • 10-step process
  • The magic 4 formula of gaining clarity in setting the right goals
  • 6 laws of Goal Setting Universe
  • Goal Setting Motto
  • Strategic planning process
  • Specific (goal setting related) knowledge
  • Powerful (and simple) tips to developing a successful mindset
  • Creative & Inspiring exercises to develop a crystal clear vision of your (ideal) future
  • Step by step guide to set the right (SMART) goals
  • A simple strategy to create an effective (and highly personalized) action plan
  • Tools for designing your own schedule, rock your to-do list and create an ideal daily routine
  • Time Management Tips (The Eisenhower Box, The Pareto Principle worksheets included)
  • Yearly, Monthly & Weekly Goal Setting (+ Goal Progress Index)
  • SMART goals checklist
  • Mind Mapping for SMART goal setting
  • Checklists
  • Celebration challenges
  • Creative Worksheets
  • The wheel Of life & fulfillment scale
  • Flow State Rituals
  • Professional Skills Development Tracker
  • Powerful Habit Trackers

Define Your WHY

Simon Sinek in his book titled „Start With Why” talks about how important is to define your „Why” – your life purpose before you take action. He clarifies that only when we think, act and communicate with the outside world from our „Why” we are capable of unlocking our full potential, setting achievable goals that align with our values and inspiring positive change in others.

By defining your why and clarifying your life purpose you get a powerful tool to connect with your intuition, pursue ambitious goals, face life challenges and create opportunities for personal and professional growth. But more importantly, you finally have a compelling reason to get out of bed even on those days when you have zero motivation in doing it.

So, if you’re trying to become the main character in your life start with defining your WHY. 

Need some help? Here are 5 self-reflective questions that should help you identify your WHY:

• What’s the purpose of my existence?
• What makes me come alive?
• What motivates me to get out of bed in the morning?
• What’s the reason why I do what I do?
• What is my biggest source of inspiration?

Start Being Honest With Yourself

Most people when asked about the quality they admire the most in others, say honesty and authenticity. No one likes to be tricked, played, or lied to. When we discover someone we care about isn’t who we think they are, we want nothing to do with that person ever again.

So, if honesty and sincerity tend to be our biggest praises,

  • Why it is so hard to be honest with ourselves?
  • Why are we always deluding ourselves?
  • Are we afraid of learning the truth about ourselves?

Is it because internal transparency could threaten our ego foundation? Finding out some uncomfortable truth about ourselves could easily alter or even completely destroy who we imagine ourselves to be? And that’s scary. But at the same time knowing who you truly are, discovering your life purpose, and choosing your core values is the only way to reach your full potential, live a meaningful life, and fulfill your destiny. 

So stop running away from who you really are and begin that long journey into yourself.

  • Let go of who do you think you are to become your authentic self.
  • Let go of what society wants you to be to become who you really are.
  • Embrace your true beauty (internal and external).
  • Live your truth and the impossible will be possible.

Use Social Media Wisely

Social media is a powerful tool that can be used for either accelerating your personal growth or self-sabotaging your success. There is literally no middle ground here. Because let’s face it, the way you use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, or any other platform available in 2021 determines how you feel about yourself and how you perceive your current life situation. 

Simply put, if you’re addicted to mindlessly scrolling social media platforms to keep up with other people’s lives, choices, or drama you’re most likely feel like you are less than others. Social media accounts represent only a small piece of someone’s life documented in usually carefully selected and heavily photoshopped photos. Instagram glam has nothing to do with real life. And life is not a vibe. Nobody is always happy and nobody looks good all the time. Most people only want to show the good stuff making their lives appear picture-perfect. Even if you are fully aware of that you still fall into the comparison trap. 

The only healthy way to use social media is to connect with like-minded people, build your tribe, create new life opportunities, spread awareness on an important issue, get inspired, gain a new perspective on something you thought you had already figured out, learn new skills or just have fun you will accelerate your personal growth and success.

So the choice seems pretty clear here. You need to stop mindlessly scrolling through social media profiles comparing yourself to others and wondering why everyone’s living their best life, except you because you’re only hurting your health and self-sabotaging your own happiness. Instead, choose to focus on positive, inspiring, and motivating content. Be aware of what you feed your mind because your future depends on it. 

Set Clear Personal Boundaries

  • Do you feel emotionally drained after hanging out with friends?
  • Are you actively avoiding having lunch with your coworkers?
  • Struggling to come up with a good excuse for not attending a family gathering?

Well, if you answered „Yes” to any of these questions, you should know that you’re not the only one. Actually, I have an overwhelming feeling that a large majority of the population can relate to that. 

So what’s the difference between those who are immune to immune to negativity and those who let negative energy affect them? Emotional intelligence? The level of empathy? Attitude? Self-esteem?

Well, each of these answers could be correct. But, probably the most powerful way to become immune to negative people is to set clear personal boundaries.

Personal boundaries are the limits and rules we set for ourselves not only within our relationships but also with complete strangers that we encounter on the street. 

Personal boundaries help us to:

  • Protect our inner integrity
  • Protect our energy
  • Promote self-respect
  • Separate our own experience from someone else’s
  • Be in control of our own lives
  • Define our own limits
  • Make people understand how we want to be treated by them

Tips to set clear personal boundaries:

  1. Know your limits
  2. Be assertive
  3. Stay true to your core values 
  4. Protect your personals space
  5. Listen to your gut instinct (ALWAYS)
  6. Learn to say NO (If it feels like a NO, it’s a NO)

What You Focus On You Create

You become what you focus on. The things, people, situations, words, opinions of others, newspaper headlines, Tv news, social media content, someone else’s drama, or even some random comment from some random person you probably won’t meet again can become your reality… but only if you let it.

What you focus on you create. What do I mean? It’s because of this: what you pay attention to affects your later thoughts, your later feelings, and your later behaviors. In other words, you act based on how you feel and you feel based on how you think, or more precisely, what thought you choose to think. Because believe it or not, but you can decide what to think and what to avoid. You truly control the narrative on every single level even if you’re not aware of that.

So if you don’t want to live a negative life, you should avoid negative information, toxic people, other people’s drama, self-limiting beliefs, bulls*it thoughts that can only make you feel awful, powerless, and hopeless.

Stay out of things that do not concern you. Don’t waste your time, energy, and attention on things or people that do not bring value to your life. Instead redirect your focus on yourself, on your top priorities, and on what’s the most valuable in YOUR life.

  • create a list of things you CAN CONTROL and focus on them
  • let go of the things you cannot control
  • study the right type of content that helps you meet your goals
  • unsubscribe and unfollow the people who don’t bring value into your life

Be Present

Which psychological time zone do you live in currently - the past, present, or future? Are you still analyzing your past trying to figure out what was your biggest mistake so far? Or maybe you’re so worried about the future that you can’t take a step forward.

I’m not going to lie, staying in these two psychological time zones seems to be very tempting. But the undeniable truth is, that choosing to live in the present moment seems to be the best option available. WHY? Well, probably because the present moment is the ONLY one that truly exists. 

Because you can ONLY live NOW, you can ONLY take action on your goals NOW, the only moment you can make a life decision is NOW, you can mindfully respond to the situation you’re in ONLY when you’re in that particular situation, you can create your own happiness NOW and probably the most important thing you can do ONLY in the present moment is to take a deep breath. 

Life is NOW, not yesterday, not tomorrow. You are safe in the NOW, because NOW it’s the only moment you have full control over. The past is history, the future is unknown so why even bother. You cannot change the past, nor you can control the future. That is why you should focus on living in the present moment. Live happens to you NOW and it’s your responsibility, right, or privilege (call it as you want) to make the most of your current situation and make every second of your life count! Don’t miss that opportunity.  

Choose The Best Version Of Your Life

You have the ability to change your current reality, become an improved version of yourself, and make your dreams come true but first, you need to stop focusing on others, stop fueling your FOMO (the fear of missing out), embrace JOMO (joy of missing out)  and stop self-sabotaging your success.

You choose the life you want to live, you select the version of yourself you want to be, you decide what type of energy you want to radiate, you attract your tribe, you know what’s best for you and what doesn’t serve you. You choose your life in every single moment. SELECT the version of yourself and the reality you want to live and act accordingly. Don’t waste your time, energy, or money to attract people, situations, or things you don’t want to have in your life. 


  • 7 Steps to Success In Figuring our Your DREAM LIFE
  • Self-Reflection & Self-Discovery Questions
  • Dream Life Motto
  • Tools for figuring out and designing your dream life
  • The Wheel Of Life Worksheet (questions, diagram & fulfillment scale)
  • Goal & Intention Setting Worksheet
  • Wants, Needs & Desires Worksheet
  • Happiness & Unhappiness List
  • An Anti-Vision Worksheet
  • List Of Things You Don’t Want In Life Examples & Worksheet
  • Tips To Create An Inspiring Vision Of Your Future
  • An Inspiring Vision Board
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Hacks To Boost Your Daily Happiness
  • The Description Of Your Future Worksheet
  • A Letter To Your Future Self Worksheet
  • Your Source of Inspiration Worksheet
  • Focus List Worksheet
  • Tips To Live An Intentional Life
  • Successful Goal Setting Method
  • Positive & Negative Habits Worksheet
  • Healthy Habit Trackers
  • Skills & Abilities Tracker
  • 30-day Dream Life Challenge
  • Bucket List Of Experiences Worksheet
  • Creative Worksheets

Venture Deep Outside Your Comfort Zone

Life is more than survival. Life is a fascinating experiment and can be a true adventure. But to make the most of this incredible journey you need to be willing to take (a calculated) risk, constantly expand your comfort zone and become comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

The more you put yourself in challenging but healthy situations, the more you grow personally and professionally which translates into a higher chance of success. So don’t settle for mediocrity only because you like to feel safe and secure in everyday life. This kind of mindset is a guarantee of boredom and prescription to feeling stuck in life.

If you want to avoid falling in with the average and ordinariness of day-to-day life, you have to be willing to go above and beyond. You are here (on the planet Earth) to accelerate your growth and achieve spectacular success. You are here to experiment, push your boundaries, expand your comfort zone, face your fears and expand your comfort zone so that you can achieve the desired level of success in both your professional and personal life. That’s why I highly recommend you venture deep outside your comfort zone. Because “Life always begins with one step outside of your comfort zone.”

  • think about all these things that you’ve always wanted to do but you were too afraid of even trying
  • write everything down
  • create your discomfort list (activities between comfort zone and panic zone)
  • create an action plan to conquer your fears (one at a time)
  • schedule and organize your so-called “discomfort challenges”
  • challenge yourself and get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable
  • track your progress
  • celebrate both small achievements and big victories 

Finding something important and meaningful in your life is perhaps the most productive use of your time and energy. Because if you don’t find that meaningful something, your fucks will be given to meaningless and frivolous causes. - The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, Chapter 1

Mark Manson Tweet

Stop Giving A Fuck

Giving a f*ck is the type of paying attention to people, things, situations or even some random comment from some random person you probably won’t meet again that determines what you think, how you feel, and what you do with your life. In other words, you become what you give a f*ck about, as deviant as that might sound.

The truth is, we place far too much emphasis on things that only don’t matter but also don’t add any real value to our lives. that’s a big waste of time, energy, and focus, don’t you think? Life is too short and far too precious to care about the things that really don’t matter. So, instead of giving away your personal power, focus on creating the life you truly want to live. Be the creator of your reality and make every second count. 

Just in case, below you will find a list of the things you should STOP giving a f*ck about ASAP:

  1. What if’s - You can’t change your past BUT you can learn from it.
  2. All the should’s that makes you unhappy
  3. Society’s “Perfection” Standards - Stop pursuing someone else’s dreams and perfection that doesn’t exist.
  4. Current beauty and fashion standards
  5. Past mistakes - You can’t change the actual events themselves, but you can look at them from a different perspective and try to turn them into your advantage. Besides failures and mistakes are the best teachers! 
  6. Not having everything figured out 
  7. Social labels and categories  - You should only pay attention to labels on food and cosmetic products.
  8. Pleasing others - Being a people-pleaser is an act of self-sabotage.
  9. The opinion of others -Worrying too much about what other people think will make you paranoid.
  10. Being judged by others Everybody judges everybody… so what?!
  11. Other people’s approval - you don’t need to satisfy other people’s expectations.
  12. Not being perfect -“Perfection is the illusion of a mind trying to control itself.”
  13. Not being enough - First of all, you’re enough and secondly, you can always improve.
  14. Being nice all the time - Being likable is not always under your control. 
  15. Always following the rules - “But we’re never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy”
  16. Portraying yourself just one certain way.
  17. Gossip - it’s toxic, damaging and time-wasting
  18. People who bring negativity into your live
  19. Negative headlines that make you anxious and afraid of getting out of the house - Bad news dominates headlines because negative messages get much more attention than the positive ones.
  20. 100% clean eating diet - The world’s not going to end is you eat something that is not 100% organic, locally sourced, non-GMO, free of antibiotics, hormones, and additives every once in a while. 
  21. Picture Perfect life created on Social Media - #reallife happens when you put your phone down
  22. Material wealth and possessions - Happiness and life satisfaction come from experiences, not material things.
  23. Things that you cannot control, fix or change - Accept it, free yourself from emotional garbage and move on.

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Stay positive

Be Mindful

Set your priorities straight

and regain control of your time!

xo Kate

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